The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 7

Luxury Lounge

Aired Unknown Apr 23, 2006 on HBO

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  • Bravada.

    I'm weary of Artie episodes. I wasn't a big fan of "Everybody Hurts" in the 4th season. Although this one was miles better.

    I didn't realize so many people were confused about the Christopher storyline. Basically, the whole point was this is the life that Christopher sacrificed to stay on with Tony. What was running through Christopher's mind in the luxury lounge was how he lost Adriana (the Adriana card, as Tony called it) and didn't go into the Program, when if he did and pursued his movie career, he still would have gotten all the free perks that he risks his life and well being to steal for. But like any good sociopath, he comes crashing back down to what he knows, and that's punching a screen legend in the face. I don't know how David Chase got that one over, but bravo.

    All in all it wasn't the season's strongest, but was worthy of constructing the Christopher-Tony relationship. I could've used more Carmella in this episode, but next week appears to make up for that. I love how Chase is writing in the A.J.\Christopher son parallel. Its working like a charm.

  • Hilarious. Sophisiticated. Quotable. "Hector. And you, mustache!" Amazing to watch.

    I just love when this show is funny. This episode had so many great lines and jokes. Artie Bucco is the regular guy on the show, but he's always hada problem with it. Now he has to accept his life, his wife, his status with Tony. He can't screw his hostess, can't be a criminal and his business got ripped off. I loved his frustration and I love that he stood up for himself. He'll never be Tony though. Tough to accept. Equally, Chrissy wants to be in the movies, but he'll never get what Sir Ben gets. Frustrating. But in the end our guys get something. I loved this episode.
  • Christopher goes to Hollywood with Little Carmine and meets Ben Kingsley. They also beat up Lauren Bacall. Artie and Benny get in a tiff, which leads to Artie beating Benny, and Benny forcing Artie's hand into boiling tomato sauce causing a layer of his s

    The Sopranos go to Hollywood... again! The wiseguys grieve that they haven't been able to track down Vito yet, especially Phil Leotardo who gives a haunting Joe-Pesci-in-GoodFellas-like speech about how he wants to kill Vito. While the family deals with these issues, Tony grants Christopher the permission to travel to Hollywood with Little Carmine to promote their new upcoming movie 'Cleaver' about the mobster killed who comes back to life to reek vengeance on his boss that Christopher violently forced a second-rate screenwriter from his rehab support group to write. They pitch the idea to actor, Sir Ben Kingsley, who they agree was stunning in Sexy Beast (my sentiments exactly) to play the mob boss in the picture. Kingsley isn't interested, but the guys get to meet Lauren Bacall who they later beat up and rob after an awards ceremony to get their hands on her expensive gift basket. Back in New Jersey, Artie Bucco and Benny Fazio get in a tiff, that ends with Benny putting Artie's hand in hot tomato sauce. Also, Tony finally has two Italian guys from Naples whack Rusty Millio (Frankie Valli) in a crafty hit scene that was one of the highest points of the episode. This episode was half-entertaining, half-not. I loved the whole Hollywood thing, but I hated the Artie sub-plot. The last time they did the Artie sub-plot thing was Season 4's horrendous episode 'Everybody Hurts' which was by far the worst episode of the series. Artie is just a character that bothers me because he is so pathetic and stupid, but doesn't exude comedy with this. His scenes were boring, except when Benny burnt the crap out of his hand which resulted in Artie crying like a little baby. This episode was half good, half not-so-good, the second weakest episode of the season thus far. My Rating: 8/10.
  • The Sopranos: Episode 72: "Luxury Lounge"- A silly episode but in a good way that is very funny... especially focusing on Artie Buco. (Spoiler Alert)

    "Luxury Lounge" was one of those episodes I thought was like the comedy of the season. But first, the hit on Rusty Millio is done by two hitmen from Italy. Phil is still angry about Vito being a homosexual but not much Vito in this episode. Christopher and Little Carmine head over to California and meet with Sir Ben Kingsley where they ask him to play in their film. Kingsley refuses their offer. Artie's hostess, Martina, starts hanging around with Benny Fazio. Artie tells her that he can't help speed up her green card process. Artie is visited by investigators, claiming that someone has been stealing credit card numbers from customers. There's a funny scene where Artie and his staff meet and he starts arguing with an employee. After, Artie finds out Martina helped Benny steal the credit card numbers. Artie confronts Benny and they fight... and Artie wins and later, gets his hand burned at the restaurant after hinting about Benny's girlfriend in front of his wife. Tony and Artie's relationship starts to turn bad after Tony suggests that he should take therapy and to "stay in the kitchen" instead of conversing with customers with stupid jokes. "Luxury Lounge" was a funny episode, especially where Artie kills the rabbit eating in his garden. People say "Oh, Artie is a rabbit killer now". I think it is silly in a good way that is very funny.
  • Chris tries to get Ben Kingsley to do his crappy movie idea, while Artie\\\'s new hostess is scamming his restaurant.

    Well this was probably the most interesting episode since Tony got shot but paveoff was still b.s.

    Artie\\\'s new hostess who just got here on a visa starts
    to flirt with Benny one of Tony\\\'s thugs.

    Everything is ok until Artie learns that someone in the restaurant has been scamming credit cards. Poor Artie really showed him despite being a friend of Tony his
    breaking point.

    The girl eventually admits to being the scammer and working
    with Benny. Artie confronts Benny who of course being a dishonest mob hit man passes this of as nothing. Artie has
    enough and beats the hell out of him (which I loved).

    The guy later has the nerve to attack Artie in the restaurant. Once again these are the types of episodes that
    show Tony\\\'s poor leadership here. He clearly has no control
    over his own goons.

    Chris tries to pitch a movie idea (with no script) to Ben
    Kingsley. Ben rejects but Chris seeing that Ben gets expensive gifts through his luxury lounge plans on stealing
    some items for himself since he is a failure.

    Tony\\\'s little chat with him again show Tony\\\'s disappoint with him. Why is Chris even alive at this point? Axe him
    and Paulie, they bring nothing to show except stupidity
    which results in laughs but nothing worthwhile.

    An interesting episode though.

  • So far, the best episode of season 6 showed us a new side of Chris Moltisanti. He tried to break into Hollywood and becomes enthralled with a short period he spends with Sir Ben Kingsley, and how obscene the gratuities he receives are...

    So far, the best episode of season 6 showed us a new side of Chris Moltisanti. He tried to break into Hollywood and becomes enthralled with a short period he spends with Sir Ben Kingsley, and how obscene the gratuities he receives are, and ends up punching Lauren Baccall so he can make off with her free stuff.

    It finally seems as though Season 6 is ready to emerge as a meaningful season for The Sopranos. Tony is really starting to step up and return to his leadership role from before being shot.

    This was the first episode of the year that left me really wanting to watch the next episode immediately following it.
  • Chris tries to break into Hollywood Movie making.

    As usual, a great episode. People have to remember, not every episode is going to be an episode in which somebody gets \"whacked\", but all are pretty good. (Except for the \"Dream Episodes\") Although it seems like not much happened, there were lot\'s of great moments. Ben Kingsley (SIR Ben Kingsley)
    really played his *ss-hole Hollywood actor role down to a T.
    VERY authentic, he was uncaring and aloof, only concerned about the free \"perks\" of the job. Very bold of the Soprano writers to take on the tradition of giving the stars all those free perks, to people who are filthy rich anyway. Lauren Bacall was also pretty good, for the short screen time she had. EVERYBODY on the show are very good actors, as if every nuance and word is rehearsed dozens of times to get it perfect. Even small bit parts are well-acted. As usual with the Sopranos, they have proven again to be the best series on TV, if not one of the best in History.
  • Now that some loose ends are tied up, how about we finish off the read of the masterpiece?

    I am easily entertained by violence, depraved comedy, and nudity. This episode did great on all 3. We all read the plot summary, so we know how most of the episode focused on the B-plot characters. Personally, I watch the show for Tony, but the story was still catching.

    This does need mentioning: Tony is getting soft. This punk gangster is ripping off Tony's best friend AND not giving Tony a cut. Benny should be dead or at least beaten up a little. If anything, Benny knows he is messing with Tony's childhood friend, but Tony responds with a smile and a wag of his finger. Tony needs to toughen up.

    If you didn't catch it the first time, turn up the volume when the little kids are fighting; what one of the kids called Vito's son was hilarious. It's like when little kids curse.
  • Another good episode. Certainly there were some dramatic moments.

    As well there was more setup of things to come. With all this setup for things to come you almost expect the whole world to cave in for Tony at the end of this season. From what I have seen so far I am fearful that by the end of the season everything they have been foreshadowing will come true.

    I can't believe that Chris is back on the cocaine. What an idiot! I thought it was funny though how he got obsessed with that Luxury Lounge concept. In the end it cost him a working relationship with Ben Kingsley (or as he called him Sir Kingsley). I laughed pretty hard when they mugged Lauren Bacall so they could steal her luxury items and he got a women's watch and a dog carrier (purse). Ha! Ha!

    The restaurant scenes were kind of slow, but there was some buildup of tension between Artie and Benny. Their fight scene was pretty intense. I can't believe that Artie got the best of Benny.

    The killing of Rusty was pretty routine. I am not sure why there was not a hint of any tension or retribution caused by this event. Maybe that is for future episodes. However, don't you think that Phil Leotardo cannot be trusted?

  • The Sopranos have A.D.D.

    What is wrong with The Sopranos? The first major problem I see is watching the show this season makes you feel like you are watching a child with A.D.D. The storylines keep jumping all over the place and nothing seems to be running together at all. Let’s recap all the random storylines that have taken place this season:

    - Tony shot
    - 2 FBI informants die
    - Carmela’s spec house is a disaster
    - Paulie’s mom\aunt
    - Silvio’s asthma
    - Bobby and Janice have a baby
    - Uncle Junior has Alzheimer’s
    - Artie’s restaurant is failing
    - Johnny Sac’s in jail
    - Christopher makes a movie
    - Ben Kingsley
    - Lauren Becall
    - AJ flunks out of school
    - Vito’s gets outed
    - Johnny’s daughter get married
    - Bobby shoots a rapper in the butt for extra money
    - Barone sanitation gets sold
    - Vito and Paulie “support” Carmela
    - Tony proves he’s not weak

    All of this, and I’m sure more I forgot, has been crammed into 7 episodes. And because of all the crazy storylines we have been deprived of some of our favorite characters. Paulie and Silvio have only been in half the episodes. AJ and Meadow are hardly seen anymore. Bobby, Janice and Uncle Junior have had very minor rolls since the season premiere. And not to mention Dr. Melfi has barely been heard from.

    This show has definitely lost it’s edge. And I’ve lost interest in it. The last 3 episodes I actually forgot the show was on. It wasn’t until I realized my Tivo was recording something that I remembered the show was on.
  • Ok, now this is more of the Sopranos we know!!! Look out Chrisy is back on the white pony.

    Finally, the reason we watch the Sopranos. This is probably been one of the best episodes thus far. At least we know from this episode things are going to get more heated. It seems as though Christopher has back slid back into doing drugs and we all know Christoper on drugs means bad decisions. And with bad decisions means more fights and murders between the family and other families. But I would love to see the main characters a little more involved in the fights and murders. You know like tension between Paulie and Tony. I\'m sure that will be an episode to watch.
  • Seems that Artie Bucco grew a couple of Balls and has let his anger take him places he cant control. The mayor of munchkin land is gone. With half of the season done, u can smell the trouble that will arise.

    Who does (stupid) Artie Bucco think he is with this anger problem and his defiance of hearing any form of advice that comes his way to help him cope with his problems. He went off the handle threatening everybody in his path and instead of settling it, he know has a problem with a mobster that wants to put him 6 ft under. It was surprising to see Artie kick some ass instead of receiving the ass kicking. But hopefully Artie knows his boundaries when dealing with monsters in the Mob and knows that Tony will only help him so far. Within this episode we see Tony slowly coming out of his "newfound look on life" and we see that he is slowly awakening from this and will continue business back to what it was before. Chris is out of his mind if he thinks he can possible get into the Hollywood world with getting a movie made while remaining in the Mob. It just doesnt work and his attack on Humprey Bogarts wife will probably show up again during the season. Bravo goes to the writing of having Bogarts wife get mugged, because it doesnt get any lower than that. I couldnt of thought of a better person to mug over something so petty, that would have viewers in awe over it. Definetly the best acted, written, and directed show in the history of TV
  • The plot thickens

    So we all know after watching this last show, that some one is soon to get the WHACK! Of course this may not happen next show, but it will happen. Will it be our old time favorite chef, or the little helper for Christopher? Who knows, but some one is going to meet the worms in the earth. I also appears that the son of the big man, is due to head down that family path. I am convinced that this season is merely a ticking time bomb, and it is about to explode a whole bunch of interesting plot twists.