The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 21

Made in America

Aired Unknown Jun 10, 2007 on HBO

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  • "Not Pew. LE Pew. Pepe le Pew is my name."

    I'm surprised at this epic blunder's 7.7 rating, since it stunk so bad it's a wonder the odor of decay didn't waft out the TV set. His Chaseness blew this like the wind on a not-so-grand scale. It's remarkable how on here the thumbs-down contingent [which I'm] are in such agreement over this televised morass of disjointed continuity, genuine tension [there'd already been many times when Tony was getting up in Paulie's 'other' face and it looked/felt like he wanted to kill him] and a clumsy, graceless end to one of the most absorbing shows on TV - especially the last 20 years. Being of the same frame of mind on so many points good and [mostly] bad, I won't list those other than my lipcurling contempt for that stupid music that underscored The Final Scene, which had as much atmospherics as the national anthem in a strip club. I don't recall offhand if Journey ever did anything I liked, but this one 'ain't' it. I was WTF just through that banal noise, which fit as well as a small peg in a large hole, let alone the Blackout. But after a little thought [and a lot of Curse You David Chase], I thunk up a couple of alternate endings. They keep that hokeyus maximus ending intact [although it'd have been cleaner if it had been the instant Tony got to sit upright] but leave less to the imagination. A few more dollops of detail [and better music] could only have improved the "surprise," yet still leave Questions Unanswered:

    Besides shortening up Miss Meadow's excruciating parking problem, to me having just closeups of the two doors opening - the entrance and the men's room - then a cut to old dude [who just sat upright] then Pull the Plug still keep us hanging like a client of Judge Roy Bean. A little of the "uh oh, who's that?" instead of just . . . nothing. Or, to satisfy the bloodlust of certain devotees [but why some of y'all want to see Tony get whacked, ya sickos?], pop goes the blackout and then after a few seconds' pause, the sound of a single shot [pic of (name your choice)], then 1/2 shots [pic, maybe of 2/3 bagged] then last a bit of a fusillade til the echo fades, credits roll. [It wasn't til after I thought of such sequence, leaving Tony for last as it might be, that I was reminded of the Sharon Tate horror.] I'd line up Miss Janice and them two useless brats I've loathed from jump to be first in that firing line [serving suggestion: instead of Miss Meadow coming through that door, there's a shot on her sprawled on the pavement before it]. And somewhere in there instead of Brat #2's incessant whining - the chief reason he should be in the Top 3 to get it - could've been inserted at least an answer to the Russian question. Most of the other issues noted do need repairing as well - and why not a TWO-hour ending to encompass more "wrapping up?" "Divorce Court" notched 1000 episodes and there was just a regular half-hour, no like special commemorative week of specially spicy cases or some such. Scrooge would be proud. But whether Daveyboy dropped this dud on purpose or not, the sendoffs given to TV shows these days are really mostly laid eggs; they either trip over or choke on their own hype so that the Beeg Finish ain't no such thing. But no resolutions will ever happen, as so many hoped when this Lame-O Supreme-O first stank up the air, and we are left with a lot of what-ifs and a thinned-out supply of daggers from having plunged so many into No Fight For Old D. C.'s back. Well, we shouldn't let the fact that this Jackson Roykirk of the airwaves pushed out an orb instead of putting on a show like "M*A*S*H" - which last days were far worse than The Sopranos, so no excuse there - and continue to savor the pungent flavor of the rest of the Chronicles of Tony. In the, um, end that's what's most important - that only one fraction of the total had so many noses pinched as of over a fresh-turned Pine Barrens stiff. "Bada-Bing!"
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