The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Mar 26, 2006 on HBO

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  • This was indeed adventurous

    This episode had all of the essentials in terms of acting, character development, supporting actor strength and storyline. This was an adventurous episode and example of a power struggle that must be dealt with immediately now that Tony is back. We now see the inner workings of Vito, Paulie, and Silvio fight for the top or at least for the second position of boss. The dream sequences were just enough to not be considered bore as last weeks which ran for about 30 minutes in total. The end of the dream sequence was especially great with the voice of Paulie raising Tony's blood pressure and coming through in Tonys coma dream as the noisy neighbor. Besides the countless number of symbolic things to name in the episode, the best symbolic part was the return of Tony B encouraging him to step into the lives of his family and to leave his business behind while hearing the faint echos of his voice crying for him to come back. I can go into details of future predictions but that would just kill the surprise of future episodes. Bravo SOPRANOS
  • It's The Sopranos.

    The best part of this episode was the last 10 minutes, namely the appearance of one of my favourite character and basically the whole sequence with him and Tony, not to mention the heart stopping white wash that flooded the screen. So far this season I have experienced more compassion than I ever have for Tony and the family. To say I have "compassion" for a television character really says just how well this episode was put together. I love picking out, interpreting and seeing the symbolism in the coma dream, and I am eager to see how much or if any of what we saw in the dream is foreshadowing events of the future. I just hope Tony's image from past seasons is somewhat preserved given his current state...or at least I hope he is portrayed as one with dignity like he once had.
  • Finally, they had to do it eventually. He doesn't look to good though. I thought the final part of the dream sequence was good. I liked how they were calling him to heaven, but he could hear his kids in the background. Awesome.

    Finally, they had to do it eventually. He doesn't look to good though. I thought the final part of the dream sequence was good. I liked how they were calling him to heaven, but he could hear his kids in the background. Awesome. I thought the dreams were really boring, so I'm glad they ended.
  • The Sopranos are back!

    Finally, the third episode of the sixth series gets us back on track. From the moment Vito handed Paulie a 'job' I knew we were going to get back into the nitty gritty, and we did. I think this episode had it all, I loved the way everything was falling apart without Tony, firstly the arguments over petty business, secondly with Tony's family and Carmella losing it and finally with Chris and the 'film fans' picthing an absolutely rediculess idea (the film).

    I'm glad Tony is out of the coma, the story was losing momentum, athough I did like the 'heaven' scene at the end of Tony's coma, and his children calling him back to Earth.

    There's plenty here to be going on with and frankly, I'm looking forward to it.
  • The dream is over.

    What a great ending to the coma sequence! When Tony goes to the reunion house and his dead cousin turns around I just knew he was about to go into the light & I dont think it was heaven. The kids voices saved him. Well scripted thanks writers. The battle for Tonys job was also good, sometimes funny to....Gotta love Paulie. Im not to sure what will happen with the movie thing but it could also bring a good story line. I did like to see Mrs. S take a stand & start getting tougher. I think we will start to see her take a bigger role in the "Family".
  • This episode makes me want to watch more Sopranos.

    This episode makes me want to watch more Sopranos. You can tell that there is so much being set up for future episodes, characters are being pulled in all different directions. This season is liable to end with some pretty dramatic stuff.

    After that coma dream, don't you think that Tony will be a changed man now. What will he do next? Will he try to go straight? Will he try to rescue Anthony from his sure-fired destiny of a mob life?

    What about the rest of the 'family'? They sense weakness... will they try to push Tony out?
  • What are you doing to Tony Soprano?

    Is it just me, or is seeing Tony look like such a vegetable bad for The Sopranos? One of the many draws to the show has been this larger-than-life character name Anthony Soprano. Even in his weakest moments on the show he some how managed to portray that stoic demeanor that makes him who he is. But, in recent episodes showing him near death in a hospital or barely able to speak really has shown his character in a new light. And more importantly, I think it will be very difficult to forget the images of a fragile Tony Soprano. It appears from upcoming previews that Tony will be somewhat back to his old self barking out orders from his hospital bed. But it may be awhile before viewers forget that a good portion of the first 3 episodes back from a long break shows being shot by his uncle, hooked up to machines in a hospital, having dreams of himself as an “average person, and slouched over in a chair unable to speak.
  • Best of season 3 so far

    Loved this ep. Easily the best so far this season.

    Looks like there's going to be some major changes to the family this year, lots of familiar faces already gone.

    I wondered if the meadow boyfriend / gay captain story was ever gonna lead anywhere - looks like it may now.

    Really looking forward to seeing the family recover now!
  • Not great but not terrible

    Kind of a mixed bag this week; I’m glad that Tony is finally out of the coma and the additional screen time for Paulie Walnuts is great but the stuff with Christopher and Vito and A.J. is just too soap opera like for me. And if I want to be bored like that, I’ll turn on Desperate Housewives.

    For instance, why are they revisiting the moviemaking stuff again? It wasn’t all that interesting the first time we went down that road back in Season One and this time it sounds painful. Saw meets Godfather II? Mob guys yakking about Freddy and Jason and the merits of a guy coming back to life? Christ, I’ve had nightmares that were more interesting than that. Please stop this story and fast.

    And why can’t someone just take out A.J.? Is there anyone that doesn’t think that he’s going down in a hail of bullets before this season is over? Seriously, no one can be scared of this kid. No one. If he has one more temper tantrum, I suggest we start calling him Meadow too.

    And all this stuff with Vito. What’s it going to take for him to learn that sometimes drawing attention to yourself isn’t the best thing in the world to do? First he tries to muscle in on everything (like Gene’s old territory) and the next he’s stroking Meadow’s fiancé’s hair. Seriously, Vito, keep it up and you’re going to get whacked.

    I was kind of so-so on the Dr. Melfi stuff. To tell you the truth, I was enjoying the break.

    But there were some good things in this episode…

    Silvo taking over the reigns was inspired. Loved the judgement on the can there. Some of my best thinking has come on the can. I do have one question, though. Does he buy those hair helmets wholesale or do they make them up one at a time? I’m not kidding, it looks like it could stop a speeding truck.

    The Paulie stuff was good too. I loved that his pissing and moaning drove Tony to the brink. It’s no easier for us on the outside, Tony.

    Finally, Tony is back from dreamland. How great was it to see Buscemi as the Angel of Death? Now the $64,000 question is…is he happy to be back?
  • Good character development.

    I thought this was a very good episode, because we got to learn a lot about some of the other characters on the show besides Tony.

    I really liked the parts with Paulie and Vito. I love how they don't want to give Carmella the money but then they race to when Tony comes out of his coma. And I think she saw how upset they were about it when they got back in the elevator.

    I like the way they brought everything together with the dream sequence. Dream sequences in the past on this show have made little sense, but this one was good. I am pretty sure that was supposed to be his mother inside the house.
  • Tony awakes from his coma, Paulie and Vito argue about paying tribute to Carmela, Silvio becomes acting boss then suffers from a severe asthma attack, Christopher kidnaps J.T. Nolan and forces him to write a Mafia horror flick and pitch it to Little Carmi

    Wow! Okay, The Sopranos is back in full action! Not the best episode, but has to be one of the most busy. Many things happen, like Tony getting out of his coma, Silvio having an asthma attack (hysterical), and that awesome action sequence where Paulie and his goon shot the sh*t out of those Colombians and the one kicked Paulie in the nuts. I also found that scene with Dr. Melfi and Carmela to be very interesting and added some interesting closure to some conflicting problems Carmela has had during the entire run of the show. Carmela now realizes that by staying with Tony she\'s just as bad as he is and she also realizes that Tony\'s associates don\'t give two craps about here. It was a harsh realization but it was absolutely 100% necessary.

    I also loved the ending where Tony in his coma is forced to choose life or death. I liked Steve Buscemi\'s guest appearance. All in all, it was a \'9\' episode. Let\'s hope next week is as or even more exciting. My Rating: 9/10.
  • Greatness...again.

    There Neantherdals, he woke up. Are you satisfied? The violence should be back in no time. No more of that character development and acting right? Who needs that crap?

    Albeit sarcasm, I found this to be the best episode of the season so far. It had everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

    *The dark humor has returned. Paulie gets the MVP for this episode, as he played his character superbly. His bedside manner was absolutely hilarious, and the parallel with Tony's conscious telling him to shut up was golden. Paulie wakes up Tony...Who'd of thunk it?

    *Silvio finally gets some camera time, and it was great. His built-up aspirations by his wife came crashing down in an asthma attack. He should finally realizes the agita that Tony has to deal with, and why Tony is the right man for the title.

    *Another beautiful acting performance by Edie Falco. Her reaction to A.J., her talk to Melfi about Tony and the power drill, and her ambiguous feelings of love-hate for Tony were perfection. She so far has given the BEST line of the series. After her reaction to Paulie and Vito's package, she tells Tony "I don't know how you deal with it." Awesome. Simply awesome.

    *I love the development of Baccala and Vito. We find out that Vito married into Leotardo's family, and his closet homosexuality will be an interesting catalyst to both families. This deal that Bobby has orchestrated in the next episode brings some serious questions about the future.

    *Good to see the ol' sociopathic, selfish Christopher back. His convo with Tony about owing him was ballsy, and the Mafia movie input session was surreal.

    *And finally, the Man himself played the dream sequence superbly. The dream's parallels were brilliant, and Tony's reaction to them were lifelike and eye-opening. I loved how he was teetering on death, and hearing Meadow's voice. But the BIG question remains: If becoming Kevin Finnerty means death and heaven, does this mean his life as Tony Soprano is Hell?

    10\10. I can't find one damn thing wrong with this show, and I love it.