The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 1

Members Only

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 2006 on HBO

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    From the opening seconds - it kicks into gear - a year from where it left off 2 years ago and doesn't miss a signle step all the way to the end - which I WONT REVEAL~what the F*** - TONY GETS SHOT!

    A single vision of Adrianna is no more than just Carmela having dreams about her, but the non-stop action and fueding between Tony and his rivals/fellow "businessmen."

    This episode goes along way to catch up and kick off the 6th season - you just can't wait until the next episode comes along - and it can't come soon enough!

    BRAVO to everyone @ HBO - keep the good work coming!
  • Brillant, Unbelievable, Amazing, Outstanding

    After f**kin turning my head away from dozens of previews and sneak peeks. Finally I see the premiere episode of Season 5 of the Sopranos and I am amazed at the direction. Bobby B havin a kid with crazy Janice, Ginny gaining 200 more pounds, and Vito stickin to his weight loss. I guess after a 2 year wait its something thats expected. As I watched I screamed out the scene in which i thought someone would die, but i swore Eugene would make it in this season. My personal Soprano actor top 3 list goes from Paulie Walnuts, to Johnny Sack, to Uncle Junior. To see my dude Uncle Junior lose his mind and freak out and shoot Tony just sparks everything. What a premiere
  • WOW.

    From the minute the infamous HBO white noise rings through my ears, to the very last image of Tony's face...all I can say is welcome back Sopranos. If some how in the past two years you found ways to suppress your urges for this show, once again you will become addicted. "Members Only" is a perfect primer for the start of season.
  • Finally!

    Finally The Sopranos return!

    Finally The Sopranos have a season premiere that delivers!

    Finally there is something to watch on Sunday nights again!

    With season after season of long breaks, and season after season of disappointing season premieres; The Sopranos delivered with one of it's best episodes in a long time.

    The constant fighting between Carmela and Tony seems to have finally run it's course and the two appear (on the surface) to be a regular Ozzie and Harriet. Which we all know will lead to an epic blow-up at some point.

    2 more FBI informants suddenly are gone from Tony's life without him ever knowing any differently. I must admit it was a bit hard to swallow that both ended up dead on the same episode.

    It also appears that many of the men in Tony's crew have changed. Vito has lost about 250 pounds, Christopher looks to be moving up the ladder, and Paulie and Silvio are... still Paulie and Silvio.

    All in all it was great to see Tony Soprano back on Sunday nights... even if he had a bullet in his stomach!
  • It's back!!

    Thanks to David Chase and company for the extended flashbacks of season 5. Did anyone feel that you missed something in the opening minutes there with the agents in the car??

    Good, if disjointed, episode. Felt like something happened and we just missed it. Like we came in two seconds after the punchline.

    The final few minutes with Uncle Jun\' and Tony did shock me. All thoughts that I had about Uncle Jun’ faking this are gone now. Still, I’m a little up in the air about where we go from here. Nervous would be the best description. I hope we don’t enter into weird dreamlike territory.
  • best season premier yet

    Tony worries about Johnny Sack's upcoming RICO trial and the effect it is having on both the New York and New Jersey families. Junior's dementia continues. Eugene inherits a large sum of money, but can't do what he'd like to with it. Carmela's spec house faces construction problems. Eugene tries to get out of the mob after he gets a bit over 2 million in inheritance and tries to bribe Tony, unfortunately he meets his own demise as when his plea is rejected he gets even more pressure from his wife and family and we learn that the fbi have been trying to get information out of him since Raymond died of a stroke, all this untangles into the most realistic hanging i have ever seen and a sad end for Eugene. Meanwhile Johnny requests Phil to bury the hatchet with Tony over last seasons conflict with Tony B, Phil is doing his best at the moment but Tony i suspect is a bit wary of Phil's backlash if it ever comes, hence the reason why Tony has been more agreeable with Phil on business matters to keep him in check.
  • "Loveliest of lovely things are they, on earth, that soonest pass away.” William Cullen Bryant. Hard to believe that this is the beginning of the final season of the Sopranos, but, boy, what a beginning!

    Among the best of the season openers, this one begins with a montage bringing us up to date on the main characters while a voice-over intones a William S. Burroughs poem on the 7 spirits that leave the body after death- a portentious set-up for what follows. The plot moves along glacially, but one senses this is by design, that the writers are more interested in creating a sense of foreboding than in edge-of-your-seat action. And they succeed. The feeling of dread is palpable by the climax of the episode, which left me nearly as shaken as if it had actually happened to someone I knew. Maybe that's part of the genius of this show, the way that opening the windows on the everyday, even sometimes mundane aspects of the characters' lives slyly insinuates them into the consciousness of the audience. Tony, Carm, A.J., Meadow, Christopher, Sil, Dr. Melfi-the entire cast, have become old friends- people I actually care about. So I eagerly await the "final" chapter of their saga. Guys, I'm with you to the end.
  • This is the reason why you should shell out the jack for HBO and stop wasting time with the networks.

    But let me be the first to say HOLY SH*T!!!!

    Welcome back, Ton', and in a BIG way. Where to start:

    GREAT choice for an opening song. That opening sequence goes up there with Season 2's Sinatra-themed opening. Meadow dancing = GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO.

    The Eugene storyline was well done for one episode. But I'm confused: If Eugene is 47 yrs old now, does that mean he was made in his 40s back in Season 3? That's pretty rare for La Cosa Nostra, but whatever. Nice one-episode arc. Tony skates away and the Feds choke on it again.

    Frank Vincent is doing a helluva job now as Phil. Ditto to Jonny Sac as well. Both are acting superb and making others around them seem relevant.

    AJ's White Stripes hairstyle makes me laugh. Meadow's hairstyle makes me feel other things we won't get into.

    Good to see Christopher with some balls for a change now that he's Cousin #1. Apparently he's been bumped to Capitan, and has a hard-on for Leotardo. Should be interesting.

    Now on to the main event. So it appears that Tony and Carmela are truly happy. When Tony came back from his Japanese solo lunch, Carm was disappointed, but *gasp* they didn't yell or scream at each other. They resolved it lovingly and peacefully. Its good to see, and will add to the drama of the forthcoming hospital scenes. I am praying for a scene with Carmela reaming out Junior. She is the best thing on this show and has been since Season 1, episode 5. That's why she's my sig, baby.

    As far as ranking Season premiers, this one is up there with Season 2 and 4's as tops. It was much better than last season's and Season 1,3. Seriously, we need to take God out of the Bible and replace it with David Chase. I'd be cool with that.

    Big friggin 10\10.
  • The Sopranos: Episode 66: "Members Only"- The twenty two month long wait was worth it. (Spoiler Alert)

    A lot of things happen in the season six premiere of \"The Sopranos\". The episode moves at kind of a fast pace with a lot of storylines. I think Eugene Pontecorvo, a minor character throughout the series, had a interesting storyline where he tries retiring to Florida where Tony declines his retirement request. We later find out that he\'s an informant with the FBI and they tell him to drop Florida also, so later on he hangs himself. Raymond Curto died (that\'s it). He could have at least went out with a bang. Phil Leotardo has a beef with Hesh. I would have liked it if Hesh\\\'s car at least caught on fire or the Phil\'s guys had bats or guns. John Sacramoni is in jail, still giving orders through Phil. I have a feeling that this wasn\'t a \"complete misunderstanding\". Phil might be trying to run things his own way for power over New York. Tony and Carmela going out to a Japanese restaurant multiple times didn\'t really say anything to me only that Tony is 290 pounds. Junior acting crazy and demented is really great acting. The last scene was perfect where Junior thinks Tony is \"Little P*ssy Malenga and shoots him. Very happy to see Tony finally get a taste of a bullet in his fat stomach. The episode looked dark for me. For some reason I thought that there was something missing but I\'m guessing I\'m not used to seeing \"The Sopranos\" on Sunday\'s anymore. This episode is a great premiere to a season where everything looks like it\'s going to move forward smoothly with no problems. I think that the sixth season will the best season, with a lot more to tell. I 100% agree with those peepz who say that the twenty two month long wait was worth it. I look forward to the next episode.
  • They're back

    After 2 years of waiting for the greatest show on television to return it doesn't disappoint, There is a lot of plot development in the first episode and can't wait to see where they will go from here, thank god The Sopranos are back. With 12 episodes to start and 8 more on the way next year it's good to be a Sopranos fan the waiting is always killer. Members only is just another classic in a long line of great shows season after season.
  • Well worth the wait!


    Once again, David Chase has managed to seek our forgiveness.

    The show is electrifying and cutting edge. This might just be the best season so far.

    Uncle Junior is deteriorating, but in a way only the Sopranos can pull off.

    I can't find enough words to describe how dark and moody this episode was, and yet, I find myself aching for the next episode!

  • Leaves hope for the rest of the season.

    I was pleased with the first showing in Season 6. It started off slow, but found it's pace towards the end of the episode. The only problem I'm having is that I feel I've become so distant from these characters. There's little time invested in the episode on any of the character's lives except for brief spots with Carmela and Tony. It came across cold and almost like an hour summation of the year that we missed in the lives of the New Jersey mob. But for what it's worth, it was better than most of the episodes we were given over the past two or three relatively dreadful years.
  • Encore, encore.

    The premier of "Season 6" started off with a bang. If ever a show could've opened its long awaited premier of its new season any better I don't know, but "The Sopranos" has proven once again its worth in awards. First off due to the time in between season 5&6 there was a lot to be anticipated, and a lot to be covered in one episode which they managed to fill in the gaps very well, quickly we were brought up to speed. The surprises revealed were well executed, and the ending was a perfect set up for what's in store. All in all I'd have to put this episode up there as one of their all time best episodes, and one of the best premires. If this is an indication for what the rest of the season will bring us then it shows why it will be missed, as well as should earn itself a few more awards on its way out.

    Peace To All.
  • The Sopranos is back, and proves why it is a television classic.

    It if often funny how critics have to qualify the Sopranos as a "television classic" instead of just a plain classic. The Sopranos is a great film, let alone great tv. There have been bumps along the way - but when the show is clicking it is GOOD.

    Members Only starts off the 6th season with a quiet character piece. This is suprising after all the hype for the show, but shows that Chase will not compromise his integrity or that of the show just for media attention. No big event happens in the first five minutes even if the audience has been led to believe otherwise. The episode expertly lays the groundwork for the rest of the season, and ends with one of the best scenes of the entire show. Uncle Junior and Tony love each other, yet the violence that has given them wealth and power is now ironically leading both to their downfall. Tony will obviously survive, but the suddenness of violence that supposedly fans have grown used to is still as shocking as ever.

    Most critics have praised this seasons first four episodes screened, and a few complained of the slow pacing. I prefer this pacing as long as it continues the Sopranos gift of setting all the pieces in place for all hell to break loose at the end.

  • Outstanding, Tony won the Emmy with the first episode of the box! guarenteed!

    Now I remember why I bought HBO! This episode was off the charts with everything you love about the Sopranos. I, like everyone else knew something big was a brewing...But oh my God! This left me on the edge of my seat for next week
    It is a killer show with killer acting and killer writing. It was fantastic!
  • First class season premiere, although undoubtedly nothing compared to what\'s planned for Season 6! (Spoilers)

    I sat down last night to catch the season premier of Season 6, \"Members Only\". I often find the first episode of Sopranos seasons to be unusual, in the way that they plant the seeds for the plot to thicken as the season develops and give viewers a good look into what\'s to come.

    I loved the familiararity of Tony and the various comments which were exchanged for the benefit of long-term fans \"Nursing home / retirement community\", Johnny Sack was excellent, stuck in jail and even more frustrated and agetated. What I was disapointed with was Gene Pontacorvo, this whole story line seemed very loose and the quality of acting was poor.

    Uncle Junior\'s scene was amazing, truely demonstrating how insane he has become. Clearly Tony will survive this, the episode had a general feel of \"everythings going great\" at the start, judging by the clips on things are due to get a little shaken up as the series progresses.

    For me this episode was excellent, I look forward to viewing episode 2 on Sunday evening.

    A few predictions:

    The death of Gene Pontacorvo will lead to more anguish and panic attacks for Tony, the family will play a more pivital role moving forward, too many seeds were planted (Drug addict son etc).

    Terrorism will strike! The writers have a geniune interest in this, it has been mentioned before. The FBI agents in the story are now working on anti-terrorism projects (or have been). Stay tuned.

    Carmella\'s project will be an absolute disaster (no suprises there).

    Something big has to happen with Johnny Sack, he\'s a leading figure head in the story. The writers will probably want him out of jail or involved more deeply in the plot.

    Any thoughts?

    Blake Hughes.
  • Not every day a show is able to live up to the hype given to it. Well not every show is Sopranos.

    Funny how I heard all week long that the ending of the episode was going to be shocking. And all week I tried to guess what it could be. Junior dieing was my top choice, even thought A.J. might get it. And that is the great thing about this episode. Usually when your told to expect something good or shocking, the end result usually turns out to be disappointing or not shocking at all because you already guessed what it would be or gotten to hyped up about it that it can't live up to the expectations. Well, I was shocked. And it did live up to the hype. The only thing negative I can say is that it did not exceed the hype, but that's not really a knock against it.
  • Spoiler Free, But Sopranos comes back with a bang, returning to it's roots, and bringing back everyone back to the "family's table".

    Those who know the end of last season, can only imagine where it starts this season and everything expected is placed when the show starts.

    Nine monthes have passed, Janice has a new baby, Uncle Junior is looking for his lost money in the back yard and an associate is thinking about moving to Florida.

    This show doesn't move at the fastest pace but everything feels well done. No one gets magic knowledge of everything that has happened in the pass, Adrianna is still missing in Carmela's mind, Tony and Carmela are still together, with some friction. And the feds are still after Tony. Yet everyone has a full 9 monthes.

    We learn the fate of one old character and one new character in this episode, some random new faces are seen, and Tony as always is stuck in the "crap" section of the business. He has to constantly deal with the squabling as well as the remaining fallout from his Cousin Tony Blundetto.

    Hesh returns in his ever popular advisory position, and has his own story line, which can only add to Tony's problems.

    Yet through it all you're reminded of the past, of Tony's mother, of Uncle Junior's problems, of Tony's dealing. Something feels immediatly familiar from the musical opening reintroducing the characters, reminding us of Season 2's opening.

    In all this is a wonderful way to open the 6th season to remind us of the high points of the series, and slowly wash away some of the less tasteful parts (season four especially).

    But that's not all, everything gets tied up a bit early, and the finale of the episode isn't just amazing, it's incredible, yet believable and leaves us wanting more.

    With over 20 monthes since the last episode, many people are wondering if they will have the old magic, and this answered the question on multiple levels.

    Yes they have found their old formulas, but no, this season will throw in a couple twists even for old fans of the series, and they are going to be faster and tighter twists then the longing questsions in the past and no one knows what's coming up next.
  • The sixth season starts out with a bang -- literally! (spoilers...)

    Wow! Talk about starting the season off with a bang, HOLY SH*T! First of all I've been waiting for 'The Sopranos' to come back for TWO WHOLE YEARS, so last night I was excited as could be. Let me just break it down for you...

    In by far the best season opener of all time, a lot happens. We open up with a music montage of what the crew has been up to for last year and a half. The music I hated, but the recap I liked. AJ has grown long hair, Meadow is strip-teasing her boyfriend Finn and has lost a lot of weight, Janice ha d her and Bobby's baby, Bobby has started to build model trains, Junior is slowly loosing his mind, Christopher is now adjusted to the fact Adriana is gone, Vito Spadafore or Vito the Salami Smoker has lost a whole bunch of weight with his commercial weight loss campaign and Tony and Carmela seem to be happy together. Here is where the action starts...

    Carmela tells Tony she's having dreams about Adriana, which freak Tony out. Long-time informant Raymond Curto dies of a freak heart-attack while informing and Sopranos' soldier Eugene Pontecorvo has inherited $2 Million and wants to retire to Florida, if Tony says it's okay. This episode was more about Eugene Pontecorvo a gangster in the show who has gotten next to nothing screen time. He is having troubles with his wife, his heroin-addicted son, and on top of it all Tony says he can't retire. His wife begins to pressure him, then we find out he's an FBI INFORMANT!!! The pressure gets too much for Eugene and he eventually kills himself. Hesh also gets attacked by low-level thugs who put his Jewish bookie friend in a coma. The episode ends with Tony looking after Junior, when Junior in a whacked state-of-mind comes down the stairs, mistakes Tony for Pussy La Manga, and shoots Tony in the ribcage. The episode ends with Tony bloody and weak reaching for the phone to call 9-1-1. TALK ABOUT A CLIFFHANGER!

    When reviewing this episode I gave it an 8.5 and not a 9 or a 9.5 for a reason. Although it's very exciting and well-done, it doesn't give itself a lot room for the season to come. It doesn't really open any new plot points to be expanded on, which is really astray from all the other season openers. You are left to pondered whether Tony died or not (COME ON! HE DIDN'T DIE! THAT WOULD SUCK!) The whole 'Eugene Pontecorvo' story line was good but out of the ordinary. He really didn't have an effect on the show one way or another. It's weird they chose to elaborate on him, a character it seemed nothing ever happened to. It was entertaining and well written, but it left me wanting a little more. Great episode, but I'm almost positive there will be better episodes to come. My Rating: 8.5/10
  • Carmela has a dream with Adriana, starting off the new season. A mobster wants to retire, and Tony won't let him. Uncle Junior has completely lost it and shoots Tony when Tony is there to visit him.

    So far this season seems interesting. A lot happened in this episode. I wonder what will happen with Tony being shot. I know he won't die... yet but if there is a power shuffle with him being in the hospital or something like that maybe?
    Seeing Adriana in Carm's dream was nice. Reminded me how much I miss her character. Meadow and AJ weren't in the episode enough for me. I know they aren't the most invovled in the show but I want to know more. Will AJ follow in the family business for example?
    The sucide hmm I'm not that sure about. I can see why he did it but I also can't. A lot of people in his place would have chosen another option in my opnion, but hey I'm not a writer.
    A good episode, certainly. Worth the wait remains to be seen, but Soprano's always does that so who can blame them? Also we know at the beginning of this season when the final installment of this season is coming, instead of finding out the last episode. And in retrospect January won't seem too far when these episodes are over... or will it?
  • It was OK. Think it needs a couple more episodes to get going.

    It was OK. Think it needs a couple more episodes to get going. Lots of talking, lots of family names that meant something 2 years ago. Lots of storylines that sound like they\'ve been done already. Hanging scene was gratuitous. Unless they come up with great original stuff this season they ought to wrap it up and go out on a good note.
  • WOW the waiting was really worth it.

    Last week I read that apparently The Sopranos was ment to have only 5 seasons but I could have sworn that a couple of years ago I read that it was going to have 6 seasons. Anyway, I am extatic that the show is back. As far as the episode goes it is a nice transition from what happened in Season 5 yet it is new and very much alive. This is a typical Sopranos episode. Oh yeah and Tony get's shot at the end ... can't wait until next week ...
  • BRILLIANT-SMASHING-FANTASTIC-RETURN OF THE SOPRANOS! The show came out swinging, never let down the jab, and scored an incredible KO in the last 3 minutes of the show!

    We all knew someone big was gonna die, but who woulda thought Tony would get shot by a deranged Uncle Junior? Brilliant writing, intense photography, and (as always) Top Notch acting makes "Members Only" instantly a classic. I expected Raymond Curto to get discovered and wacked, thus,his heart attack in the car with the unfortunate Agent Sanseverino and his subsequent funeral with all the wise guys calling him a "Stand Up Guy" was hillariously ironic.
    The Eugene Pontecorvo storyline was sad, and most unexpected, especially of G talking to the Feds. It was a shock seeing him hang himself, but at least we do know this story thread won't take up space in future episodes.
    The spec house story was not believable. An experienced carpenter/contractor would know not to use substandard lumber on such a large and expensive house,especially for his own family, and the storyline takes place 2.5 years after the property was aquired. I can't see the project being so far behind with that kind of money invested.
    Baccalla and Janice look like they are trying to enjoy their lives, didnt see little Bobby and Sofia anywhere.
    Meadow looked Great, AJ looks like he isnt gonna make it through the season.
    Finally, the Big Man himself, in great form, favorite line: "It's a NURSING HOME"
    Tony got the 911 call connected, so they will come and save him even if he couldnt talk on the phone. Tony will be fine, what will happen to poor Uncle June, who knows? I was starting to like ROME better than the SOPRANOS last fall, but all it takes is one fresh SOPRANOS episode, and BADA BING, they are #1 again!