The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 10

Moe n' Joe

Aired Unknown May 14, 2006 on HBO

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  • Episode shows why Tony is one of greatest characters in TV history.

    Tony goes from the depth of emotion (ridiculing a wounded Bobby) to extreme generousity (getting the house for Janice and Bobby). His sessions with Melfi in this episode are among the best since the early seasons. You never know which Tony you are going to get, but Gandolfini pulls it off without a hitch.
  • Tony and Janice have a word of worlds, why Tony continues to deny his hypocracy to Dr. Melvy

    Tony is full of crap once again as he rips on Janice. Uh they did this one already, how many times have we see Tony whine about Janice? How many times does he point out her flaws while denying his.

    You know why the Sopranos majorly suck this season? It’s obvious. Recycled garbage like this that goes nowhere. Meaningless incidents and storylines (Gay Vito and Bobby being shot near the eye) that don’t impact the other storylines.

    It’s like an episode of the old star trek, the extras and weaker characters die but the major ones are protected. Yes Tony got shot early on but we’ve seen the series go back to the same old. I expected Johnny Sack to get back at Tony but that hasn’t happened. I expected Janice to assume her rightful place and maybe be some sort of Mob queen but the writers have missed the boat it’s not funny. It’s especially to see the biggest crime boss whine and cry about his sister “extorting” him while he was a kid and yet telling his shrink that’s not the *beep* point. Of course it’s the point. Anyways a wasted episode, except Vito coming back to Jersey.
  • The Sopranos: Episode 75: "Moe N' Joe"- Tony shows a lot of his evil side, not caring for people's problems, especially those concerning his wife, daughter and sister. (Spoiler Alert)

    On the previews, I thought that this episode would center around John Sacramoni's RICO trial. He angrily refuses to work with the FBI. Instead of having a trial, John agrees to a plea agreement where the government takes away his assets. He contacts Tony through Anthony Infante, which was humorous knowing that he can't speak in the "language" of the mafia. John's house is sold to Bobby and Janice. John formally admits he was a part of the La Cosa Nostra. John pleads guilty and goes to jail for 15 years. Sad to see him go to jail and knowing that he will be in his golden years when he's released. Tony's mind is off of helping Carmela's house project and tells her to give it up. Tony and Janice talk about the way he treats her and Bobby unfairly after he blames them for his shooting. With Meadow, "Talk to your mother about this sh*t!". Paulie reveals to Tony that he has prostate cancer which is in the early stages and that he will do radiotherapy. Bobby is attacked by a group of young, black people who take his money and one of them tries to shoot him in the head. Thought Bobby was going to die, instead, we see the dumb*ss miss and instead gives Bobby the possibility of losing sight in his right eye. Vito admits to Jim that he really isn't a sports writer, he left his family and had a job as a contractor. Vito moves in with him after declaring their feelings for each other. Vito becomes depressed and starts to miss his life back in New Jersey. He runs away, heading back to New Jersey and crashes into a car. The owner asks to call the police and Vito shoots him in the back of his head and flees while cursing. This episode had a lot of storylines in it. The John Sacramoni plea agreement kind of confused me but I got it the second time I watched the episode. I was satisfied with the beating with Bobby and the murder Vito had committed. Tony not caring about people's problems was humorous to me. This episode showed more Dr. Melfi... and very interesting discussions the two had. A really great third to last episode of the first part of the sixth season.
  • Johnny pleads guilty while Vito finds himself and Bobby nearly looses an eye

    In the weakest episode of the season thus far, stuff happened but not very quickly. The acting was stellar from almost everyone but the story dragged a little. We learn Johnny Sack is going to plead guilty to do 15 years, and everyone is furious! A big no-no he commits which could get him whacked in next week\\\'s episode. Vito tries to make his life work with Johnny Cakes, but misses those short days of doing nothin\\\' in the mafia, and eventually can\\\'t take it anymore and goes back home. What will happen to him? He kills a random guy he crashes into, because the guy wants him to give him his liscense, Vito doesn\\\'t want to call the cops, so the guy takes a bullet in the head and Vito returns to the old swing of things. Janice is **** as usual, and Tony is fed up with her. Bobby is injured in a funny to watch scene where a couple of hooligans beat him up and steal his money. Poor Bacala suffers eye damage. The acting is stellar from Gandolfini and especially Aida Tuturro. Vincent Curatola gives a subtle yet bone-chilling performance once again as the jailed Johnny Sack, but the woman who plays his wife, Ginny, is flat-out terrible. Her acting doesn\\\'t even rival a High School play, and is definetley the down point of the episode if not the season. All in all, it moves slow, and not much is followed up from last week\\\'s brilliant work of art \\\'The Ride\\\'. My Rating: 7/10.
  • Nothing too special this time.

    This was your run of the mill filler episode. Nothing terribly exciting happened but there were a few highlights.

    Poor Bobby. Not only is he stuck with the Janice-Thing as a wife, in this episode the gentle giant gets jumped by a gang of kids who then decide to shoot at him for kicks. Thanksfully their aim is as bad as their fashion sense and Bobby gets to live another day - although possibly blind in one eye or needing a corneal transplant. I just feel so badly for him & his children. I would love to see Janice go down in a hail of gunfire.

    Paulie has cancer. Life just keeps on pooping on Paulie - or at least it does in his mind. Paulie is one of those guys who is never happy unless he is miserable. The source of his misery? His greed - as witnessed in the previous episode. I actually like Paulie though, he reminds me of this old cranky dog that my boyfriends grandparents have - bite your hand off if you try to pet him but if you give him something to chew on first he will be your best friend.

    Vito, Vito, Vito. When he first left New Hampshire I was staring at my television & shaking my head in wonder. Then it dawned on me.... Vito has never done a day of honest hard labor in his life - evident by that squat round body. It would have been a HUGE shock to the system to try & do what \'normal\' folks do in their daily lives. Vito is used to easy money, drinking, good food & a violent lifestyle. To take a middle aged man out of his spoiled enviroment & place him in middle America is equivalent to putting him on Mars... fun to browse through for a while but you\'ll run out of air. This arc has been entertaining for a while but to be honest I am not a big fan of the character in general so I can\'t wait to see if he ends up taking a bullet.

  • What am I looking at? -Johnny Sach ...15 years... youre a young man now.... when you get out youll be 72... you'll be in your Golden years.- Lawyer

    Say it isnt so Johnny Sacks. Say it isnt so. Then again Johnny can do 15 years standing on your head. My favorite character not only decided to give up everything to his wife and children by settling a deal but he also gave up his life as a Boss. By pleading guilty, now noone in both crime families respect him and want him dead. However, on the other front, we do see a new change in Janice\'s attitude.... and in a postive way this time. Positive enough to make Tony realize that he and Janice were alike in certain ways and that he always resented her for petty things. But when he saw the way she treated her children in terms of setting rules to keep them in line, he had to spoil her even more.
    Vito is gone next episode and as much as I hope it isnt so Johnny Sacks is gone too.
  • Another disappointing episode.

    I've been a Sopranos fan since day one and the episodes for this season hasnt reached the expectations of many including myself. Like we all hope, the writters are setting us up for a big finish next sunday with the season finale. Ok, now on with the episode!! Ok, its been confirmed that Vito's gay, now stop boring us with this Vito issue. I think the only action of that episode is when Tony's brother and law got popped. Also, why isnt anyone dying from those gunshots. I mean this guy got popped in the face and didnt seem like he spent an hour in the hosptial. Well, i guess i'll get ready for the next episode cause that was the only action in it.
  • Decent Episode, But Nowhere Near To My Expectations Of The Great Sopranos...

    in general the episode was watchable. it had some interesting topics such as conflict between tony & janice, bobby being jumped by kids, paulie with cancer etc. however as i\'ve mentioned before i believe that the writers have something up their sleeves, which they may be saving for the grand finale. 2days episode has had me sitting here thinking about what the hell to write about, as once again not much has happened.

    the episode shows the short return of vito, some psychological problems with tony & his feelings towards janice, bobby & general life. johnny sack gets 15 years after pleading guilty of being mob related. overalll the episode was disappointing as there was no action apart from bobby being jumped by litle kids. i really hope the writers have some brilliant plans for the finale as i am very much looking forward to it...