The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 5

Mr. and Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request

Aired Unknown Apr 09, 2006 on HBO

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  • An episode organized by theme

    What makes the Sopranos so consistently different from other TV series is that the best episodes are organized by theme instead of plot. Here the theme concerned the dangers of showing weakness in front of other men and it was echoed over and over in the subplots.

    In Tony’s business, even the appearance of weakness could lead to death, so he does what he has to do, despite recovering from his gunshot wound, to show the others that he’s still the alpha.

    The final scene was an ironic twist on his therapist’s advice. I loved the last shot of Tony sneering proudly at himself in the mirror.
  • A great episode

    Johnny Sack's daughter's wedding. what an amazing episode. We see johnny sack's entire family, the anorexic daughter, the not so anorexic one. The entire seating arrangement discussion in prison was hilarious. THe wedding with finn and meadows looks to each other were priceless. There were some great sopranos-esque laughs, including the girl who was with AJ, "i dont eat fish, the toxins" while she was smoking. and of course, chris's reference to the Godfather movies. What a great example of what a sopranos episode should be like. Its too bad some of them lag behind in quality in the middle, it becomes painful to sit thru an entire 60 mins of a bad tv show.
  • If you are familiar with Chimpanzees and Dominance Theory, you had a ball with this episode.

    "It's a Joke guys" "You betta not say NOTHING SAL!"

    And the veil has been removed...The pot has boiled over...The feces has splattered all over the room after colliding with the fan.

    This episode was pure EXCELLENCE. Everyone who was featured in this episode acted to perfection. Johnny Sac was on his game in this one, as well as Tony. The plot has progressed beautifully and this is the fast track to the end of the season starting now.

    Let's start with the writing. I Love Love Dominance theory, and it was all over this episode. The theme of weakness\power was asserted superbly, as we saw Johnny Sac breakdown when arrested. Tony analyzing the arm strength and sizing up his eventual opponent was perfect! Basically, you pick the biggest, baddest person in the room and you beat the sh*t out of them to further reassure to your subordinates that you are indeed the Alpha Male. You should have had a field day with this episode if you are familiar with Chimpanzees and Jane Goodall's work. Although Tony got the point across, we still see he is not at 100%

    Now onto Vito. He didn't kill himself, as I originally thought he would have. That's why he called Silvio, to see if the word got up to him and Tony yet. It will, and someone's going to pull the trigger next week. Him dancing in that club with that big goofy smile and that hat was a priceless moment. What's interesting is two things:

    1. How will this go over with Phil? He's already lost a brother, now his cousin will have to survive without a husband. As Tony asked, "Who's going to take care of his kids?"

    2. Does Tony defend not whacking Vito? It seems that he's against the move, and his captains are for it. We should see some serious scenes between Tony, Christopher, and Paulie. Plus, it sounds as if even Carmela wants Vito gone.

    This is the beginning of the end, and it will only get better from here on out. 10 out of 10 for a beautifully written episode. Whomever directed this, bring him\her back for the finale.

  • Johnny Sack gets released from prison for a period of 6 hours to attend his daughter\'s wedding, where he asks Tony to whack Rusty Millio. Tony gets a new bodyguard, who he pummels in a rage and Sack gets humiliated in front of fellow mafiosos.

    It seems as though whenever Steve Buscemi directs an episode it\'s something new and different and exciting. This episode is no different. \'Mr. and Mrs. John Sacrimoni\'s Request\' isn\'t the best Sopranos episode, but it\'s one of the most unique and quirky of the season. The mean, nasty, Johnny Sack has requested to be let out of prison for a period of six hours to attend his oldest daughter\'s, Allegra, or how Tony refers to her from the moment she was born \'a 50 lb. bundle of Joy\', wedding. At the wedding things heat up, like Johnny Sack requesting Tony to do a hit on Rusty Millio a.k.a. The Mayor of Munchkin City (played by Four Seasons\' Frankie Vallie). There is gossip around the wedding at Sack and Tony since he just got out of the hospital. Johnny Sack\'s guards get belligerent and take him away early and Sack bursts into tears, stirring up the theory he\'s nothing but a wuss. Tony gets a new bodyguard and beats the crap out of him to prove he isn\'t weak since his accident. I found everything at the wedding quirky, but I felt it didn\'t go into depths with this season\'s main plot-lines, and that kind of frustrated me. The best part about the episode was the ending where Tony, after beating the crap out of his bodyguard, throwing up in Satriale\'s bathroom then staring at himself in the mirror with a fierce look on his face as if he\'s thinking to himself, \"You still got it, you mean son of a b*tch.\" This episode was very entertaining, but not one of the best episodes. My Rating: 8.5/10
  • This was an excellent episode.

    I really like what they started in this episode. Tony is starting to be seen as weak. Having the guys scrape the onions off his sandwhich, getting a new body guard, passing out at the wedding, and then siding with John after he cried! Its all weak. I don\'t really like the way he handled it - beating up his body guard.

    Lots of interesting stuff happened at the wedding. Now that Phil lost some respect for John, I think Phil is going to become a much bigger problem for Tony. Because John is what is protecting Tony from Phil. I also like the way John talked Tony into killing Rusty for him, it'll be interesting to see what happens.
  • Johnny gets out of the can for six hours for his daughters wedding, Tony copes with recovery and slightly different behavior from his crew members, Vito's double-life gets exposed, and Johnny Sac loses face with Phil.

    I really liked this episode. So far into this season something pivitol happens towards the end of each episode to set up a grander scheme for following episodes. Johnny Sac falling apart in front of his soldiers is definitely not going to sit well with his crew. Even though Phil was the most vocal, I know he was not alone in his sentiments to Johnny\'s actions. Through most of the first part of the episode Tony seemed to be in a state of self-pity, even reaching out to his crew during the poker game trying to get some type of sympathy. But there was none coming, as everyone pretty much ignored what he was saying, even implying that he was soft for not wanting to join the game or eat any food. The thing is, he feels that he himself is getting soft, and his beating of his driver was just as much for him as it was for his crew. He had to prove to himself that he was still Mr. Toughguy, which is the only way he knows how to get people to do what he wants. Vito getting outted is also not good for the crew. He\'s the top earner, and if he has to go into hiding to cover up his identity, Tony\'s wallet could take a hit. But I\'m almost sure that Vito will whack the two who saw him before word gets out. He simply has too much to lose.
    I also see something big happing with AJ this season; he has too much potential to follow in his father\'s footsteps. Though this season is far from what I expected, up to this point, it has not disappointed in the slightest!
  • It wasn't bad. However 9.0 is low for my Sopranos standards.

    I don’t know if it was the major anticipation for the sixth season or if it is just my personal high expectations but I feel like I am confused after each episode as to whether I liked it or not. This episode was not that bad at all, but when I realize how short the season is I get this pathetic anxiety almost feeling like after ever episode I am growing closer to losing something I love.

    Every time I watch a new episode it initially seems that its back to the old Sopranos that we know so well, yet like most episodes this season in the last 10 minutes or so there is a revelation in a character or a significant event which takes place I very much enjoy these climatic denouements, but sometimes they are to much of a tease. This is because in the next episode there is a whole new stack of things we have to think about, where will they find the time to wrap all these events up into a nice neat package? The Vito ordeal, Paulie's garbage biz incident, Christopher’s movie, protégé AJ, Johnny in jail, nut job Junior and most importantly Tony's supposed new life views.

    The best part of this episode was the allusion to wedding sequence of The Godfather, Vito at the gay bar and the first thing Tony had to say to Dr. Melfi. Okay I lied those were not the best but they sure were comical. The best part of the episode was Tony trying to reinstate himself as the “alpha male.” I especially loved the John Sacramoni heart warming cry out loud bit, what made it amazing was that I was feeling bad for the guy, then immediately after in the next scene the tough guys are poking fun at the sissy…kind of made me feel like a sissy. Oh and one more thing…event planning, I was wondering when that was going to come back. I can’t wait to see what will become of AJ.

    After reading this you may be shaking your head because you have logical explanations for how things are going to go, however one thing I think we can all agree on is this is like no other season we have ever seen before.
  • "It feels like it was just yesterday that we were attending her baptism"- Carmella "Yeah a beautiful 50 lbs bundle of joy"- Tony

    This was by far the best episode of the season if not the 2nd best. It shows Tony back in business and running things as usual. As well as his focus as to who is looking out for him and only looking out for himself. Though he refers to some of them his friends and some of them as jackals, we can see that he finally sees the truth of what they see of what the ideal qualties are in being a successful boss. Tonys faint definetly made him seem like a weak boss who could be pushed around only until it was overshadowed by Johnny Sachs "boo hooing like a little bitch" if better stated by Phil Lupo. It was only right that Tony mark his spot as the alpha male by kickin the shit out of his new car driver. Vito is finally found out to what he really is and he knows what his future (or lack theirof)will be if exposed by the two guys of being gay. I must say it was a great cliffhanger to have him go to the hotel and ponder whether he should take his life or not. I believe that since he called Sil to find out if he knew about his sexuality, that may be his ticket to track down the two guys and kill them before they spread news. Plus Bravo to one of my favorite actors (johnny Sach) for his performance in crying and showing his complete dire love to his family and wanting to see his daughter all the way through the wedding. You just feel his emotions. Bravo Sopranos, Bravo