The Sopranos

Season 1 Episode 11

Nobody Knows Anything

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1999 on HBO

Episode Recap

The episode begins with the men hanging out in Debbie's mansion where several call girls work. Debbie is giving Paulie a massage and Paulie notes that Debbie has very magical fingers. One of Paulie's regulars walks in and Paulie tells Debbie that the girl should be on the A List. Suddenly, one of the girls runs downstairs and tells Debbie and Paulie that someone is having a heart attack. Paulie and Debbie run upstairs where Tony is watching over Pussy. Pussy is lying on the bed moaning in pain and sweating all over. Debbie tells one of the girls to go get Dr. Mop N Glo. Tony is skeptical, but Debbie assures Tony that he is a real doctor. Dr. Mop N Glo comes in and his name is actually revealed to be Dr. Edelstein. Pussy is finally able to speak and tells everyone that it's not his heart, but actually his back. The men help him down the stairs so they can take care of his back. Makazian comes out of a room and sees what is going on.

Four days later, Pussy, Altieri, and several other men are inside a room playing a game of cards. Altieri asks Pussy how is back is feeling, but before he can respond a knock is heard at the door. It's the FBI and they burst into the room. Altieri tells the agents to relax and states it's a friendly card game. The agent tells Altieri to relax and notes if he was here to break up a card game he would have a doughnut in his mouth. One of the FBI agents takes off the cover of the pool table. Pussy sees the back door and ponders making a run for it. When the agents take off the cover, they find several automatic rifles and machine guns underneath it. Pussy panics and runs out the backdoor. Pussy runs down the street hoping to get away. Back inside, one of the agents pats down Altieri and finds a pistol on him. Pussy is out of breath and wheezing as he runs down the street, but he runs right into the FBI. They place him in handcuffs.

At the Bada Bing, Tony, Paulie, Junior, Christopher, and Curto discuss what happened at the card game. The men realize that Altieri is still in jail and Tony notes that when arrests are made things start to fall apart in the entire operation. Paulie thinks that it was only a potluck raid to show that the FBI is actually doing something worthy in the public's eye. Christopher doesn't understand why Pussy would run and notes that Pussy probably didn't get far in the shape he is in. Pussy arrives at the bar and the men crack a few jokes about his arrest. Tony states that they were trying to figure out who was going to bail him out. Pussy says that his wife, Angie, bailed him out. Pussy complains that his head is hurting right now and he threw out his back again while running. Junior berates Pussy for running and notes it's embarrassing. Pussy is also irritated because the FBI took the $4,000 in cash he had on him. Junior berates him again for carrying so much cash on him. Pussy painfully gets up and states that he needs to get a drink. He shuffles downstairs.

At a dock, Tony meets up with Makazian to get some information. Tony tells Makazian that he better have good information because he was fishing with AJ. Makazian notes that Tony didn't greet him with a nice welcome. Tony states that he thought they understood their relationship and notes that he doesn't care about Makazian's personal life. Tony wants to know what the important information is. Makazian tells Tony not to talk to him like he does because he does a lot of risky things for Tony's well-being. Tony notes that this isn't charity work and asks him to spit it out. Makazian says it's about Pussy and he tells Tony that he thinks Pussy is wearing a wire for the FBI. Tony thinks that Makazian is being ridiculous, but Makazian insists that it's from a good source. Makazian can tell Tony is bothered by this news and apologizes saying that he knows that Tony likes him. Tony tells Makazian that he loves Pussy like a brother and wants to know who the source is. Makazian says that the man is on the task force against the Mafia. Makazian states that there's no way the man would lie and adds that he was in his wedding. Tony states he wants to see the report on this. Makazian says he'll see what he can do. Tony is visibly disturbed by this news and says that it doesn't make any sense that Pussy is a rat. Makazian says that it does if he thinks about it. Makazian tells Tony that the source told him Pussy was in the heroin business to make some extra money to pay for his kid's college. Makazian adds that he didn't just make that up and adds that Pussy went to Las Vegas when the big heroin bust last spring occurred. Makazian tells Tony the reason Pussy went to Las Vegas was so he could cut a deal with the FBI. Makazian also notes to Tony that Pussy walked out on the charges from yesterday very easily despite being a known Mafia man and running from the FBI. Tony doesn't understand why Pussy would turn rat. Makazian says that Pussy is facing a mandatory sentence that would pretty much put him in prison for the rest of his life. Makazian states that there are not a lot of people that can serve a long sentence like that and Pussy is a man that puts his family above all else. Tony still doesn't want to believe that it's true, but Makazian notes that the FBI always tries to recruit members like him.

At the Soprano residence, Carmela is hosting a party at the house and talking to Livia on the phone. She hangs up and tells Tony that Livia didn't want to come to the party. Tony notes that her tone suggests that she expected something different. Carmela admits that she was hoping that Livia would decide to come over. Tony notes that Livia has refused to come to the open house every year and states that she's just trying to get attention. Carmela thinks that she should call Livia back. Tony notes that is what Livia wants her to do and tells her to forget about Livia. Carmela asks Tony to get the other guys to help him move the piano. She states that the movers are coming to get it because nobody plays it. AJ overhears this and tells Carmela that he's going to. Carmela states that the piano has been gathering dust in the corner. Tony calls Pussy over to lend a hand. Pussy shuffles over to Tony still complaining about his back. Tony tells Pussy that he needs his help moving the piano. Pussy tells Tony that he can't because his back is hurting. He tells Tony that he's probably going to go home and take a bath. Tony asks him if he's alright. Pussy says that the elephant pills he's on are taking their effect. Tony tells him to go easy on the pills and tells him to take it easy.

Tony, Paulie, and Christopher move the piano out of the room. While they do, Tony tells them that they need to keep their eye on Pussy because he hasn't been himself lately. Christopher tells Tony that Pussy hasn't even made his rounds in over a week. Paulie states that in their business, if somebody owes money they will crawl to get it if they have to. Paulie states that he even offered to collect the rounds and all Pussy did was nod like he wasn't paying attention. Christopher thinks it's the pills and notes that Pussy has been taking too many. Paulie says that there isn't even anything wrong with Pussy's back. Tony asks Paulie what he means by that. Paulie tells Tony to remember the time he was hit with a pool cue and his neck was hurt. Paulie says that he went to a doctor that actually works for the Jets when they are hurt. He tells Tony that he sent Pussy to the doctor to work on him and the doctor says that after the tests he determined that nothing was wrong with his back. Paulie does note that the doctor did state that when it comes to backs nobody really knows anything.

At therapy, Tony tells Dr. Melfi that things were going well for him and now they've taken a turn for the worst. Tony wonders if a safe is going to land on his head next. Dr. Melfi notes that Tony seems to be waiting for something to happen. Tony asks Dr. Melfi if mental feelings can actually cause physical problems. Dr. Melfi asks Tony if he's hurting at all. Tony says he's fine, but he has a friend, Pussy, that has a hurt back. Tony tells Dr. Melfi that the doctor thinks that Pussy's back problems are only in his head. Dr. Melfi says that it's possible that is the case, but tells Tony that they need to keep the session strictly about him. Tony says that it is about him. Dr. Melfi notes to Tony that any time she offers her opinion about any of his friends or family it interferes with their therapy and he curses and screams. Tony asks what kind of mental problems would cause a backache. Dr. Melfi says that for some people the pain is caused by stress of responsibility. Tony notes that Pussy has a lot of bills and college payments to make for his children. Dr. Melfi notes that Pussy might also be keeping a secret from someone and notes that secrets carry a heavy load. She states that this can lead to feelings of guilt that stress out the mind. Tony really starts to look worried after hearing that.

Later, Tony goes to Debbie's to meet with Makazian. Makazian tells Tony that he is trying his best to get the report, but the DEA, the FBI, and the task force are all behind the case. Tony tells Makazian that the decision on how to act on Pussy is the most serious decision he's ever had to make and he needs proof before he can act. He tells Makazian that he's not going to believe him because of some cop gossip and calls Makazian a drunk, degenerate gambler. Makazian notes that Tony has a good ability of summing up a man's whole life in a single sentence. Makazian says that Tony really throws things out in the open. Tony notes that he's under a lot of pressure and he doesn't have time to be caring at the moment. Makazian sarcastically apologizes for being inconsiderate and Tony tells him off. Makazian says that when he was a kid and his father would scream at his mother and throw something at her and smack her, he would run into his room and hide under his bed. Makazian says that there was something peaceful and safe under his bed. Makazian asks Tony if he's ever thought of hiding under his bed. Tony says that he wishes he could hide under his bed right now. Makazian realizes Tony doesn't want to hear any of it and notes that Tony is a prick right up to the end. Tony asks Makazian if he really likes Debbie's place. Makazian says it's his getaway and notes Debbie has taken care of him for years. He tells Tony that there were times where he had a great weekend gambling on football and then he would come in drunk with the money and Debbie wouldn't even take any of it. Makazian says that Debbie is an honest woman and she would do anything for him. Tony notes that all Makazian would have to do is flash his badge and he would get some free sex. Makazian states that he doesn't come here for sex and notes that the women are always on the hustle. Tony notes that it is their job to hustle.

Carmela visits Livia at Green Grove. Livia says nothing to Carmela and Carmela notes that a greeting would be nice from Livia. Carmela asks Livia how she's doing, but Livia states that she can't put words to the sentence. Livia notices Carmela brought her food and Carmela shows Livia the ricotta pie from the open house. Livia complains that the pie has cholesterol so she can't eat it. Carmela insists that she made the pie with low-fat cheese so it will be fine. Livia is indifferent and Carmela leaves it on the table. She notes that she can eat it when Junior visits her. Carmela tells Livia that Tony is always worried about her and he loves her very much. She notes that Tony was very upset that she didn't come to the open house. Carmela orders Livia to stop creating drama for Tony because it's starting to impact his life. Livia doesn't understand why she's saying these things. Carmela tells Livia that she is always playing the card to make people think that nobody loves her. She states it is manipulation and Tony is constantly upset over it. Livia says that she knows how to talk to people. Carmela reminds Livia she is a mother as well and Livia is able to use her motherhood over Tony like a professional. Livia sobs and says she has no power being shut into a nursing home. Carmela states that Livia is Tony's mother and she knows that she is trying to make Tony feel sorry for her. Livia states that she didn't do anything. Carmela says that she isn't here to argue and tells her that she came to check up on her. She tells Livia that if she doesn't want the pie then she can give it to Junior. Livia sobs and states that Junior is John's brother and it isn't anyone else's business that Junior checks up on her. Carmela insists that she wasn't saying anything conspicuous. Livia states that Carmela is hinting at companionship with Junior. Carmela tells Livia that there is nothing wrong with companionship. Livia continues to sob and tells Carmela that she will feel this way one day when she is abandoned. Carmela thinks Livia is being ridiculous for saying that the family abandoned her. Livia insists that nobody treated her like this when John was alive. Carmela asks Livia who is treating her badly and states that Tony would rather die than see Livia in pain. Livia states that John was a saint. Carmela states that they've heard this over and over again, but she notes that she doesn't remember her telling him that when John was alive. Livia states that Junior is nothing like John and she would never become romantic with him. Carmela states that wasn't hinting that at all and she meant that she was just happy that Junior and Livia get along. Livia states that Junior does at least give her purpose in life. She says that Junior listens to her and doesn't treat her like an old woman in a nursing home. Carmela is tired of hearing it and tells Livia she'll come back tomorrow to get the dish.

Tony arrives at the Bonpensiero residence to visit Pussy. Pussy's son, Kevin, answers the door and greets Tony. He takes him back to see Pussy. Pussy is lounging on his chair in a bathrobe, still seemingly in pain. Tony brings Pussy some cannoli to eat. Pussy thanks Tony and tells Kevin to put the cannoli on the counter. Tony asks Kevin if he's taking astronomy in college. Kevin states he's taking business. Tony makes a joke and notes that Pussy keeps telling him that he's taking up space in school. Everyone laughs at the joke, but Pussy tells Tony not to do that again because laughing hurts his back. After Kevin leaves, Tony notes to Pussy that Kevin is a handsome boy and jokes that he might not be Pussy's. Pussy laughs and says that if Angie were home she would toss Tony out for saying that. Pussy says that Kevin is a good boy and he hopes that he can keep getting tuition paid for Kevin. Tony notes that Kevin could always go to community college. Pussy states that he doesn't want that to happen and notes he doesn't want Kevin to suffer because of him. Tony tells Pussy to relax and take it easy. Pussy says it's impossible for him to take it easy with things happening all around him. Tony asks what things are going on. Pussy says that with his back hurting it has put him behind in the business. He also worries that he's getting hooked on the painkillers. Tony tells Pussy that he has options in life. He tells Pussy to never let anyone make him think that he doesn't have options because he has friends that would die for him. Pussy states that he knows that. Tony asks Pussy if he has anything he wants to tell him. Pussy says that he doesn't know what Tony wants to hear. Tony changes his attitude and says that he was waiting for Pussy to offer him coffee. Pussy chuckles and tells Tony to help him up so he can make the coffee. Pussy moans as he gets up and shuffles towards the kitchen. Tony stares after him with an angry expression and knows that something is up.

Later, Paulie meets Tony over at the Bada Bing. Paulie apologizes for being late and notes that the traffic is heavy. He asks Tony if he's alright. Tony tells Paulie that he is sure that Pussy is an informant for the FBI. Paulie doesn't want to believe it. Tony admits he doesn't know how long Pussy has been with them. Paulie asks Tony if he's sure about this. Tony says he's ninety percent sure, but that's not enough for him to do what they need to do. Paulie wishes that this was a dream. Paulie gets serious and tells Tony that he'll kill Pussy. Tony says that this is personal, but Paulie notes that Tony waited a long time to get his stripes and one of the perks is letting others do their deeds. Paulie insists that he can do the job. Tony relents and tells Paulie that they need to be absolutely sure. Tony tells Paulie that he needs to see the wire on Pussy at the time that he kills him. He tells Paulie that until he sees a wire on Pussy he is not to kill him. Paulie understands and agrees to the terms.

At Green Grove, Tony talks with Director Bonnie DiCaprio. Tony says that he was in the neighborhood and wanted to see Livia. Tony tells Bonnie that he's worried about Livia and notes that she's always depressed. He states that the music he brought can sometimes cheer her up. Tony asks Bonnie where Livia is because she isn't in her room and he wanted to tell her that her house went into escrow. Bonnie says that she's with the women for aqua therapy. She notes that if Livia didn't get exercise, her back would start to arch. Tony admits that he never knew Livia had a bathing suit. Bonnie tells Tony that Livia is more connected to the world. Bonnie thinks that Junior's visits are helping Livia a lot. The phone starts to ring and Bonnie says she has to answer it. Tony tells Bonnie to hold onto the CDs for Livia and to tell her that her house sold. Bonnie agrees.

Downtown, Paulie watches from his car as Pussy leaves one of his collector's businesses. Pussy shuffles to his car, still showing that his back is bothering him. When Pussy pulls onto the road, Paulie drives up next to him and honks his horn. He tells Pussy to follow him. Pussy asks Paulie where they are going. Paulie says that it's a surprise and Pussy agrees.

The two arrive at a spa. Pussy states that he's been here before and asks Paulie why they are here. Paulie says that they are going to help him with his back by going to the spa and getting a massage afterwards. Paulie tells Pussy to get undressed and says that it's on him. Pussy doesn't want to, but Paulie notes that the Russians live longer because they frequent the steam room. Pussy says that he can't. Paulie tells Pussy to take his clothes off and enjoy the steam room. Pussy tells Paulie that the doctor told him not to stay in the heat because it's bad for him. Paulie notes that heat is good for the back and tells him to take his clothes off. Pussy thanks Paulie, but tells him that another time would be better. Paulie starts to get irritated and tells Pussy to take his clothes off. Pussy tells Paulie that he's acting crazy and tells him that he's going home. Paulie asks Pussy why he doesn't want to take his clothes off. Pussy yells and says that he has high blood pressure right now. The doctor even specifically told him that steam and the sauna were not places that he should be at. Pussy tells Paulie that he appreciates the thought, but tells him to stay out of his business. Paulie lets Pussy leave.

At the Bada Bing, Silvio meets with Tony. Tony asks Silvio what he found out. Silvio tells him that Makazian owes Pussy $30,000 in gambling debts and he is confident that Makazian is lying about Pussy being a rat. Tony tells Silvio that it doesn't necessarily mean that Makazian is lying. He notes that it only gives him a reason to want Pussy dead because then he won't have to pay the debt immediately. Tony wonders if Makazian would have the nerve to pull a scheme like that. Silvio notes that $30,000 is a lot of money and notes a lot of men would do anything to have that kind of a debt removed. Tony says he needs to think about what to do. Silvio tells Tony that his opinion might not mean much, but he tells Tony that he really doesn't think that Pussy would be too afraid of prison to turn rat. Tony notes that they said the same thing about Gravano.

Makazian takes a shower at Debbie's. He hears a commotion outside and calls for Debbie. When he clears the steam from the glass it is revealed that the police are busting the house. Makazian is brought out where Debbie, Curto, and Dr. Edelstein are all in handcuffs. The cops note that this is a fairly decent bust.

At the Soprano residence, Carmela is preparing breakfast and Tony watches as the news comes on about Makazian's arrest last night. The news states that Makazian has been placed on leave pending the outcome of the hearing. The news anchor makes a comment at the end that says he doesn't know whether it's more embarrassing to be caught inside the bordello or if it's more embarrassing to be caught along with a Mafia man. Tony turns off the news with that comment. AJ asks Tony what a bordello is. Meadow comes into the kitchen and tells AJ it is a fancy name for a whorehouse. Carmela tells Meadow not to talk like that. Meadow notes that most civilized countries have actually legalized prostitution. Meadow cites President Bill Clinton was a victim of the stupid laws, but Carmela states that he deserved what he got. Meadow says that she doesn't think sex should be a punishable offense. Tony states that she agrees with him, but he does feel that talking about sex during breakfast should be punishable. Meadow states that they are in the 1990s and parents need to educate their children on sex. Tony says that she's wrong and says that in this house they are to act like it is 1954. He warns her to not talk about sex at the table ever again. Meadow wonders why Tony is in a bad mood.

In a traffic jam, Makazian is driving. He is stuck in the traffic jam and wants to keep moving. He picks up his police badge and stares at it. He starts to honk on the horn and yell at the traffic to keep moving. A cop comes up to see what the problem is and Makazian shows him his badge. The police officer clears some cars out of the way and tells them that there is a police officer that needs to get moving. Makazian is able to get his car out of the traffic jam. He pulls over onto the side of the road just over the bridge. Makazian gets out and puts his badge on his coat. He stands up on the railing, takes one deep breath, and let's himself fall off the bridge. Makazian falls down into the water and splashes to his death.

At the Bada Bing, Tony finds out about Makazian's suicide. Silvio walks up to Tony and Tony informs him of the news. Silvio notes that Makazian was their only way of knowing the truth about Pussy.

At Debbie's house, Tony meets up with Debbie to talk about Makazian's suicide. Tony tells Debbie that Makazian always said that he respected her. Debbie says that she is glad to hear that. Debbie says that Makazian helped her out of a lot of problems and not just run-ins with the law. Tony doesn't understand why Makazian would commit suicide and notes that he probably only would have gotten a suspension for getting caught. Debbie states that getting caught wasn't the reason Makazian killed himself, but she states that it was the final straw. Debbie knows that Makazian was not happy with the way he turned out. Tony realizes that Makazian was talking to Debbie like he was in therapy. Debbie notes there are a lot of people that want to sleep with their psychologist. Tony asks what she means. Debbie states that it is easier to open up about things when they were naked and in the arms of a person that they care about. Tony asks Debbie if Makazian ever mentioned his crew to her. Debbie says that Makazian thought that Paulie was a psycho, but says that he really didn't have much to say about his crew. She does know that Makazian owed some money, but he wasn't worried because he knew Tony liked him and as long as he knew he was in Tony's corner there was nothing to worry about. Debbie states that Makazian never really had anything good to say about anyone. She says that Makazian felt he could trust Tony and he knew that with Tony Soprano, a person knew where they stood. Tony takes this news somewhat hard because he realizes how badly he treated Makazian when Makazian felt he could trust him.

At Green Grove, Livia is still upset about everything. Junior comes to visit her and notes that his Dominican girl told her that she called. Livia says that Tony sold her house and she's upset because she and John built that house. Junior asks Livia what else Tony would have done with the house. Livia states that it probably would have been harder for Tony to meet with the bosses in her house rather than at the nursing home. Junior asks Livia what she means by meetings. Livia complains she'll never see any of the money, but tells Junior that Tony meets with Johnny Sack, Curto and Barese at the nursing home. Junior is stunned to learn that Johnny Sack has been to the nursing home more than once and he wasn't told about it. Livia says that it might have been Junior that they were talking about. Livia says she doesn't like being put in the middle of things and she says that she should have known something was strange when Barese and Altieri had their mothers move into the home. This is also news to Junior and wonders if this is an end move for him. He says he won't let that happen. Livia tells Junior that she doesn't like to hear that kind of talk from him and says if he continues to act like this she won't tell him anything anymore. Junior states that if what she says turns out to be true then he has to act because he is the boss. Junior tells Livia that he has to act. Livia starts to sob and notes that she has started all of the drama. She wishes that she would have kept her mouth shut and then everyone would have been happy.

At the Soprano residence, Tony, Carmela, and AJ are eating supper when the doorbell rings. AJ answers the door and it's Altieri. Altieri comes in and Tony is glad to see him. Tony is surprised to see that Altieri is out of jail. Altieri asks if there's a private place to talk and Tony suggests the basement. Downstairs, Tony asks Altieri what's going on. Altieri tells him that there's a problem, but Tony assures him that he's working on it. Altieri asks what he means and Tony realizes that they are thinking of two different problems. Altieri tells Tony he was going to suggest that he lay low with the money in the safe house. He tells Tony that the police asked him a lot of questions while he was being held and adds that they brought up Gallegos, the drug dealer they killed. Tony has a saddened look on his face, but changes it and says that Altieri looks good after being in jail. Altieri says he wasn't gone that long. He says that his lawyer got him out by arguing that since Altieri didn't own the building he wasn't responsible for what was inside it. He says he got out because he told them that the pool table was there when he first rented the place. Tony tells Altieri that he should have been a lawyer. Altieri says that enough people hate him and asks him what he's going to do with the Columbian money. Tony doesn't say anything and Altieri tells Tony that the police told him that the money was marked and there is a new fingerprinting technique that helps them lift the prints off of the bills. Tony tells Altieri that he is a lucky man that he was able to get out on bail for the conspiracy charge. He notes that only a man like him would be lucky enough to get out on bail and be home in time for supper. He invites Altieri upstairs for supper. Altieri says he has to leave because he has to pick up some late payments.

Tony drives down to Satriale's and meets with Silvio. Tony tells Silvio to get on the phone and make some calls. He tells Silvio that Altieri is the rat. Tony says that he saw it when he met with him at his house and wishes he'd have killed him in the basement. Tony thinks that Makazian's source got the reports mixed up because both Pussy and Altieri were arrested at the same time. Tony wonders where Paulie is and wants him here soon. Silvio says that Paulie is on his way. Silvio asks Tony if Paulie might have jumped the gun on killing Pussy. Tony really hopes that Paulie didn't do that. Tony asks Silvio to get Pussy on the phone too. Silvio admits he hasn't heard from Pussy since Paulie took him to the sauna. Paulie arrives and Tony screams at him for not getting back to him sooner. Paulie notes that he told Silvio he was on his way. Tony confronts Paulie and asks him where Pussy is. Paulie states that he doesn't know. Tony tells him not to lie and asks him where Pussy is. He asks Paulie if he did the hit. Paulie says that he didn't kill Pussy. Tony asks him again and shoves him up against the refrigerator. Paulie insists that he didn't do the hit on Pussy. Silvio tells Tony to let go of Paulie and Tony complies. Tony sits down and apologizes to Paulie. He says that he can't find where Pussy is and nobody knows where he is. Paulie insists that he hasn't seen Pussy since he took him to the sauna. He states that the last thing Pussy told him was a curse. Tony asks Paulie if Pussy got in the sauna. Paulie says that Pussy refused to take his clothes off. Tony tells Paulie that Altieri is the rat they were looking for. Silvio says they need to have a drink and calm down.

At Palmice's house, one of Junior's capos, Chucky Signore, arrives at the house with another kitchen appliance. Palmice's wife, JoJo, is in the kitchen cooking and isn't excited about the kitchen appliance. Palmice states that JoJo is always unappreciative of gifts. Signore tells Palmice that Junior has made up his mind about Tony and they should look out of town for hitmen. Palmice is excited and Signore notes it's going to be a busy month. Signore leaves. JoJo asks Palmice what Signore was talking about. Palmice tells JoJo to mind her own business. Palmice says that no matter what they are going to Las Vegas next month and she already took care of the travel plans. Palmice says that something has come up and they can't go. JoJo notes that something always comes up with them. Palmice states that this time it's different and JoJo hopes that the difference means more money. Palmice tells her that if this happens she'll get a new car and more. JoJo asks Palmice what is going on. Palmice tells her that he might be getting bumped up a few notches in the Mafia because Tony is going to be killed. JoJo is shocked to hear the news and asks if Junior knows. Palmice tells JoJo that all she needs to know is that f she says anything else then they will end up buried next to Tony. Palmice also warns JoJo that nobody should joke with Junior because he's old school Mafia. He says that this includes not going to a psychiatrist to spill his guts about the business. JoJo thinks it's funny that Tony sees a psychiatrist. Palmice notes that Tony was also going to make a move against Junior.

On the outskirts of town, Tony looks out at the river where ships are going under a bridge. He stares out into nothingness for a moment and then leaves. The episode ends with him leaving the area.