The Sopranos

Season 1 Episode 11

Nobody Knows Anything

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1999 on HBO

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  • Paranoia at its best.

    Really surprising to see how family deals with each other especially this family. Livia anger towards Tony seems to reach a boiling point and what she says enrages Uncle Junior as well. Suspicions dictate a lot of Tony's actions towards Puss. The dialogue once again is written superbly. The conversation in the kitchen is great. You really get the sense of the old family values that Tony clings on to. The way he says 1990 out side the house and in this house is 1954. Its that old school thinking that usually drives a child away from home the first chance they get. It's a good thing for Meadow she is off to college soon.
  • Review

    Its once again only the filler type scenes that begin to drag an episode down and the rating for the episode as a whole simply cannot recover from the big loss. This time around it was the drama with Tonys mother and Juniors scenes that really made the episode pretty slow and boring. The death of the cop that was working with Tony was pretty shocking, I half expected Big ***** to bite the dust in this episode simply by the way everything was coming together. The cop dying was a nice twist in terms of the writing, but the filler scenes are really beginning to draw this series down. Put Tony Soprano is 95% of the scenes and call it a day, enough of Junior, Christopher, and Tonys kids all ready. They never finish a plot line anyway so I don’t see the point. Meadow in college? His son in trouble in school? Junior and his 16-year love? All those storylines have gone away…so I don’t see that point of including them. The end of the episode with Michael telling Debbie of his plan to kill Tony Soproano was another decent scene as well…still count make up for the overall subpar episode