The Sopranos

Season 1 Episode 6

Pax Soprana

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 1999 on HBO

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Makazian waiting at a construction site for Tony to arrive. Tony arrives and they talk about Dr. Melfi. Makazian tells Tony that he knows that Dr. Melfi picks up the dry cleaning and likes to shop. He adds that Dr. Melfi has good taste and only shops at a fancy deli. Tony asks if he has any other information about Dr. Melfi. Makazian gets frustrated and notes to Tony that he has no idea what he's even looking for. He asks Tony why he wants to know this information about Dr. Melfi. Tony berates Makazian for asking him and notes that he's on a need-to-know basis relationship with him. Tony is also very unhappy about Makazian beating up Randall. Makazian doesn't see the big deal about roughing up Dr. Melfi's date. Tony does ask if Randall still comes around to see Dr. Melfi. Makazian states that he doesn't because he's a coward. Tony asks Makazian if he has anything else important to tell him. Makazian says the only other thing was she was off work at 9:00 and went to bed early. Tony gives Makazian some money for his work and dismisses him.

Tony arrives at Dr. Melfi's office for his next session of therapy. He has a special surprise for Dr. Melfi in some decaf coffee. Dr. Melfi asks Tony how his college trip with Meadow went. Tony says that it went fine, but he has other problems. He tells Dr. Melfi that he is constantly fighting with Carmela. He informs Dr. Melfi that Carmela is jealous of her. Dr. Melfi asks Tony if that is something he feels or if he's discussed this with Carmela. Tony admits that he didn't tell Carmela that she was a female therapist. Dr. Melfi asks Tony why it took so long for him to admit that. Tony tells her that she was the one that dropped the bomb when she called the house yesterday. Dr. Melfi asks why it should be so concerning about her being a female doctor. Tony says he's been asking himself the same question and wonders on occasion why he feels that way. Tony says that he told Carmela that Dr. Cusamano made him choose between two Jewish doctors and her. In the end, he decided to choose her. Dr. Melfi asks Tony if he knows what Livia, Carmela, and Meadow have in common. Tony says he thinks that they are always breaking him down, but says that they are all also Italian. Dr. Melfi suggests that with Tony telling the truth to her, he is dialoguing with them. Tony asks Dr. Melfi why she allows him to be one of her patients. He states that most people he knows outside of his business won't even look him in the face. We don't hear a response to this question.

At a house, a man named Sammy is holding a card game. A knock is heard on the door and Sammy answers it. It's Palmice coming to visit him. Sammy invites Palmice in and asks him how Junior is doing. Palmice starts to beat Sammy while everyone else watches. After the beating, Palmice tells Sammy that what he feels is how Junior is feeling. Sammy insists that he's with Altieri. Palmice doesn't like the fact that Sammy is paying Altieri for the card game. Sammy says that he isn't paying Altieri for the game. Palmice asks if Sammy is even paying anyone for the game. Palmice tells everyone that Junior is the new boss of the family and he is not respecting old arrangements.

At a suit shop, Junior is trying on some new suits since his promotion to boss of the family. The suitor, Dominic Capri, is helping Junior try them out. Dominic notes that Junior is so slender he could buy the suits off of the racks. Junior says that he wants to get something special for the celebration of his promotion. Junior asks Capri how his oldest son, Ralph, is doing. Capri says that Ralph isn't doing well because his son died. Junior is taken aback by this information. Capri is distraught and says that he was only fourteen years old. Junior asks how it happened. Capri tells him that there are so many drug dealers on the street that are poisoning the youth. Junior turns to Palmice and asks him if he knew about the death. Palmice insists that he didn't. Junior agrees with Capri and notes that children need to stay away from drugs. Capri tells Junior that the boy killed himself. Palmice starts to remember a story he heard and asks if this happened at Patterson Falls. Capri confirms that is true. Palmice informs Junior that the boy took a designer drug, found himself at the Patterson Falls, and ended up falling in. He notes that the boy was pummeled against the rocks for days before they found him. Capri is angrier that the dealer is still walking the streets selling drugs to children. Junior asks Capri for the name of the drug dealer.

Later, Junior visits Livia in the nursing home. They sit down for a cup of coffee and Junior complains that the coffee doesn't taste good. Livia notes that Junior complains a lot for his age. Junior suggests giving her a coffeemaker so she can get the best coffee. Livia asks Junior what kind of cologne he's wearing and notes he smells like the French. Junior states that he's wearing Canoe and notes that John wore Canoe. Livia pauses and tells Junior that she's really happy for him now that he has the boss position. She does advise him not to let certain individuals take advantage of his newfound position like they did with John. Junior states that nobody took advantage of John and adds that nobody will take advantage of him. Livia asks Junior how Hesh is doing. Junior admits that he doesn't know because Hesh is Tony's friend. Junior asks Livia what she has against Hesh. Livia states that she has nothing against Hesh and notes that John thought a lot of him. She adds that Tony takes Hesh's advice all of the time. Junior asks Livia if she's telling him to tax Hesh. Livia nods her head and Junior notes that Tony really has her upset after he put her in a nursing home. Livia denies that she's upset, but Junior knows better than to believe that.

Later that night, Tony meets with Irina in the motel. Irina is ready for action, but Tony isn't really in the mood for anything. Irina asks Tony what's wrong. Tony tells her that he's very tired. He changes the subject and asks Irina how her job is going. Irina doesn't see why Tony is starting to care about her personal life right now. Tony tells her that he's just trying to be nice, but Irina just wants to make love. Tony is upset that Irina doesn't want to talk. He hands her money and tells her to go be with someone that actually cares. Irina argues that she isn't a prostitute. Irina asks Tony what is wrong with him. Tony yells that there isn't anything wrong with him. He tells her that he only wanted to have a conversation with her. Irina is angry with him for yelling at her and throws a candle at him. The candle hits him and Tony lunges at Irina. Irina slaps him several times and Tony finally throws her off of him. Irina is angry and locks herself in the bathroom.

The next day, Christopher goes to the back of Satriale's where Tony, Pussy, and several other men are playing cards. Christopher tells Tony that Hesh is outside waiting for him. Tony goes outside to see Hesh. Hesh tells Tony that they need to go for a walk. Tony realizes that they are about to talk about some serious business. Hesh asks Tony if he's talked with Junior lately. Tony asks Hesh what's wrong. Hesh notes that John was a very fair man when he was boss, but Junior is not so fair. Tony asks Hesh what Junior is doing to him. Hesh informs Tony that Junior is going to start taxing him. Tony asks Hesh when this started to happen. Hesh says that it started today. Tony is angry and notes that he was loved and respected by John growing up that he is supposed to be exempt from taxes. Hesh states that Junior isn't honoring past arrangements. Tony is upset at what has happened and notes that Junior is going to cause a lot of problems. Tony asks Hesh how he responded. Hesh says that he thinks that it's reasonable for him to pay taxes, but the amount is what he finds unreasonable. Tony asks Hesh why he's agreeing with Junior. Hesh notes that Junior is the boss now and he does respect his decisions. Hesh notes that Tony can either respect Junior's leadership or change the rules. Hesh says that the reason he came to talk to him is because he doesn't think he can remain in the neighborhood with all of the issues that are going on. Tony notes that Hesh has nowhere else to go. He realizes that Hesh would be a broken man if he didn't have the recording business. Tony asks Hesh how much Junior wants. Hesh says that he wants five hundred large and also plus two points every month. Tony tells Hesh to let it sit for now while he thinks of a solution.

Later that night, Tony and Carmela are in bed sleeping. Suddenly, Tony starts to have another dream. In this dream, he is in a bed surrounded by candles and Carmela isn't there anymore. However, there is another figure underneath the sheets and she is making love to Tony. Tony has a good experience in the dream, but when he pulls back the covers it is revealed to be Dr. Melfi. Dr. Melfi tells Tony that she wants to be with him forever. Tony is startled and this causes him to wake up. Carmela looks over at Tony and asks him if he's alright. Tony says that he's fine and tells Carmela to go back to bed.

The next day, Tony meets with Johnny Sack Sacramoni about the issues he's having in New Jersey. Johnny Sack asks Tony what he wants him to do about it. Tony tells Johnny Sack that Junior cannot know that they talked and he needs to be under the impression that Hesh talked to him personally. Johnny Sack asks Tony if he's really the one running things in New Jersey. Tony says he is and adds that the arrangement that he makes with Hesh can't insult Junior. He states that Hesh needs to pay some type of tax, but he hasn't decided on how much that should be. Tony sees that Carmela is waiting for him and he tells Johnny Sack that they will talk later.

Tony returns to his table and asks Carmela how the veal tastes. Carmela complains that it tastes like rubber. Carmela is visibly unhappy. Tony asks Carmela if she wants to order something else. Carmela says that she doesn't. Suddenly, some waiters start to sing a happy anniversary song to Carmela and Tony who are celebrating their wedding anniversary on this day. Tony tips the waiter and the waiter informs him that this was compliments of Johnny Sack. Tony looks over at Johnny Sack and nods his head to say thank you. Carmela states that Tony should just as well spend the rest of their anniversary with Johnny Sack. Tony tells Carmela not to behave like this and notes he only met with Johnny Sack for ten minutes. Carmela apologizes sarcastically and notes that she at least knows where she stands with him. Tony asks Carmela why she's always so dramatic. Carmela starts to sob and Tony realizes he's gone too far and apologizes. Carmela argues that Tony doesn't even know what he's apologizing for. Carmela tells him that this is their wedding anniversary and Johnny Sack should not have been a part of their night. Carmela admits that she wanted to get a room at the Plaza like they did last year. Tony tells Carmela that he is sincerely sorry. He tells her that he has a lot on his mind and he is not able to think straight. Tony asks Carmela if she wants him to call the Plaza. Carmela says no and tells Tony to take her home.

Back at the house, Carmela is still giving Tony a somber look. Tony is starting to get frustrated and asks Carmela what she wants him to say. Carmela tells Tony that he's changed as a person and she resents that. She says that she resents it because it is destroying what little self-esteem she has left. Tony doesn't understand what she means and notes that she is the mother of his children and he loves her. Carmela recounts that when Tony just said she was the mother of his children, she thinks that Tony only thinks of her as the person he procreated with. Tony argues that she knew the side effects of the Prozac before he started taking it. Carmela tells Tony to stop using that as an excuse because she's known other people that took Prozac and it didn't change them. Tony argues that Dr. Melfi told him that Prozac affects people in different ways. Carmela is then upset again about Tony lying to her about Dr. Melfi being a woman and she gets out of the car. Tony is frustrated and sits in the car by himself.

The next day, Tony arrives at Dr. Melfi's office with some more coffee. Dr. Melfi tells Tony that before they start the session she needs to talk with him about the coffee. She tells Tony that it's not appropriate for her to take gifts during the job. Tony argues that it's only a cup of coffee. Dr. Melfi tells Tony that they're going to make a rule of no gifts and that includes coffee. Tony is fine with that, but says that he still wants to drink the one he brought. Suddenly, the phone rings. Dr. Melfi apologizes and tells Tony that normally this won't happen, but she has a car emergency. Dr. Melfi answers the phone and is upset with the results that she's hearing about her car. She tells the mechanic not to do anything and says that she's going to get a second opinion. Dr. Melfi sits down and apologizes again for the call. She asks Tony how he's doing. Tony states that he's doing well. Tony tells her that he's thinking of flushing the medication to see if the changes that he's feeling really are for real. Dr. Melfi notes that the Prozac seems to be helping Tony. Tony states that the Prozac might be working on him more than he wants it to. He tells Dr. Melfi that he's suffering some side effects from the drug. Dr. Melfi notes that they discussed that when they began the treatments in that some people get insomnia and others get a stomachache or headache. She notes that they should all pass in time. Tony asks if there are any other side effects of Prozac. Dr. Melfi says that some people suffer from a diminish libido which means that they have a hard time maintaining arousal. Tony states that is the one he is suffering from. Dr. Melfi says that impotence is not only a result of medication. She asks Tony when the last time he had a prostate exam was. Tony laughs and states that he doesn't even let a person wag a finger in his face let alone anywhere else. Dr. Melfi can't help but laugh at that comment. When they compose themselves again, Dr. Melfi notes to Tony that depression can also be a factor in impotence. Dr. Melfi asks Tony if he is aroused when he wakes up in the morning or in the middle of the night. Tony states that he does. Dr. Melfi notes that indicates it isn't a physical problem.

Tony arrives home to find that moving truck unloading furniture. Tony asks Carmela why she bought furniture and notes that she's been spending a lot of money lately. Carmela is fed up and tells Tony that she'll send the furniture back to the store. Tony is also frustrated and tells Carmela that he never said that she had to do that. He storms away in frustration.

Later, Tony, Pussy, Junior, Johnny Sack, and Hesh meet together to talk about the recent taxes. Tony had already spoken with Johnny Sack about the scenario that they would set up to influence Junior and he starts to act out the scenario. Tony tells Johnny Sack that he shouldn't be telling Junior how to run things in New Jersey. Johnny Sack says he doesn't have the nerve to tell Junior how to run things. Johnny Sack starts to act out his part and tells Tony that Hesh is a friend to everyone and someone has to step in so his business is not put in jeopardy. Tony doesn't let loose that Hesh came to him about this issue and to make things look good for him, he tells Hesh that he should've come to him first about the issues. Hesh plays out his part and notes to Tony that it would have made Junior look bad if he had gone to him. Johnny Sack notes that Hesh has a point, but the important thing to do is figure out how they are going to fix this issue. Junior thinks Johnny Sack has a suggestion. Johnny Sack says that five hundred large is a lot for back taxes, but the two percent of the action can be negotiated a little more because it does hurt Tony's business. Junior insists that he's not out to hurt anyone and he doesn't want to stop someone from earning. Junior is willing to come down to 1.5 points and three hundred large on back tax. Hesh asks for two hundred and fifty. Junior is willing to settle on that and he shakes hands with Hesh.

At the Soprano residence, Tony is getting ready for bed. He uses the restroom before he goes, but then notices that Carmela is in the shower. However, he starts to realize that it doesn't look like Carmela at all. He starts to walk towards the shower door and it opens. It turns out to be Dr. Melfi and she greets him. Tony is having another nightmare and he wakes up suddenly. Carmela wakes up as well and asks him if he wants sex. Tony says he doesn't and tells Carmela to go to sleep.

The next day, Tony and Irina finish up meeting at the motel. Tony tells Irina that she has a nice figure and she should use it to her advantage more. Irina asks Tony if he wants to keep her all to himself. Tony tells Irina that she's free to do whatever she wants when she's not with him. Tony tells her that she should wear a business outfit instead of small clothing. Irina thinks that business outfits are for men only. Tony tells her that she's not dressing like a man, but more like dressing as a professional. Irina thinks that Tony wants her to dress like a prostitute. Tony tells her that she's incorrect again and decides to drop the subject. Tony asks her to come over to him, but Irina stands in the corner ignoring him. Tony is starting to think that every woman in his life is insane. Tony orders her to come over to him, but Irina storms off.

At therapy, Tony shows Dr. Melfi a burn mark and claims that it was actually from Carmela when it was actually Irina that did everything Tony talks about in this session. Dr. Melfi asks Tony what caused it. Tony states that Carmela can be violent and the problems in bed are contributing to it. That's why he wants to give up the Prozac so he can be more active in bed. Tony tells Dr. Melfi that he asked Carmela to dress up differently for bed so it would help. He says that he suggested that to her and Carmela got upset. Dr. Melfi notes that Carmela may have felt degraded as a woman when Tony asked her to dress differently. Tony says that he was only suggesting for Carmela to dress simple. Tony then realizes he doesn't even know what he's talking about, but then stated that he likes Dr. Melfi's approach. He tells her that he likes to see her dressed professionally and he knows that she has a great body under the clothes. Tony also feels that Dr. Melfi has a gentle personality which is what he wants to see in Carmela. Tony gets up and kisses Dr. Melfi. Dr. Melfi gently pulls away. She tells Tony that it's a shame that they have to stop now because she really wants to discuss this more. She asks him to come back later this afternoon. Tony says that he can't come back later and he stares at her longingly. Dr. Melfi tells him to come back on Tuesday. Tony agrees and says he'll see her then. He seems let down that Dr. Melfi rejected his advances and leaves.

At home, Dr. Melfi is reading a book when she thinks she hears something outside. When she looks out her window, she sees a car driving away. She wonders if someone was watching her.

The next day, Dr. Melfi talks with the mechanics about her car. Dr. Melfi tells the mechanic under the car that she's had the same problem with her car for weeks. However, when she got in her car this morning, it started up just fine. The mechanic states that the car looks fine. Dr. Melfi asks if he's sure and notes that she was told that she needed a new starter. The mechanic tells Dr. Melfi that he would like to take her money, but tells her that he is not even going to attempt to replace a starter on a car. Dr. Melfi asks what he means. The mechanic insists that the starter is new for her car. Dr. Melfi doesn't know what to think.

At Patterson Falls, Mikey Palmice and an associate take Rusty Irish, the drug dealer that sold Dominic's grandson the drugs, across the bridge. Irish pleads with them and states that he didn't do anything. Palmice informs him that he sold drugs to a kid and he committed suicide afterwards. Irish pleads with them not to do this and tells Palmice that he knows him. Palmice agrees with that and tells Irish that he's going to cut him a break on this one. He tells Irish that the break is that when Irish is thrown off the bridge if he can fly he won't be shot. Palmice laughs at his own joke and they toss Irish over the bridge into the water below. Irish landed on the rocks and is killed on impact. Palmice notices three teenagers standing on the other side of the bridge that have witnessed everything. Palmice walks up to them and asks them what happened here today. The boy tells Palmice that he saw a man jump off of the bridge that didn't want to live anymore. Palmice is satisfied that they won't talk and gives them money to shut them up.

At Satriale's, Barese, Curto, and Altieri meet with Pussy and Tony in the back to discuss business. Barese informs Tony that Irish was thrown over the Patterson Falls earlier today. Curto scoffs and notes that the Falls are the closest thing Irish had to a bath. Barese says that nevertheless, Irish was his biggest earner. Barese also notes to Tony that Junior ordered the hit without telling him about it because he did it as a favor for Dominic Capri. Curto tells Tony that he's created a Frankenstein in Junior. Tony argues that they all agreed to let Junior take the boss position. Barese realized that they all agreed, but Junior has hurt all of their profits. Curto states that when Aprile was boss everyone ended up with an even cut of the profits. Altieri is also upset that Sammy Grigio was beat up over a card game by Palmice. Tony tells Altieri that he understands why Junior did that because Sammy's game wasn't paying anyone. Curto notes to Tony that Sammy told Junior that he was paying Altieri for the game and that should have been the end of the problem. Tony asks them what they expect him to do about it. Barese notes that they have created this problem, but they need to take some steps to fixing it. Altieri tells Tony that they only want him to talk with Junior.

Tony visits Livia at the retirement home. Livia answers the door and tells Tony that she thought he was the activities lady. She notes that the woman is a pain for her. Another resident, Milly, passes by and asks Livia if she's going to play Bingo tonight. Livia says that she won't make it down for that. Livia mutters to Tony that Milly is a degenerate gambler. She speaks up and introduces Milly to Tony. Milly thinks Tony is handsome and continues down the hall. Tony steps inside and asks Livia how she's doing. Livia says she's just the same as always. Tony notes that the place looks beautiful, but all Livia cares about is her neighbor wasting water next door. She complains that her neighbor runs the water all day long. Tony tells Livia that he brought her some biscotti. Livia tells him to leave the biscotti on the table. Tony asks Livia if Junior has been by to see her. Livia states that he's been around every once in awhile and notes that Junior feels uncomfortable inside the home. Tony notes that Junior has a lot on his mind as head of the family. He notes that he's doing alright as long as he remembers who his friends are. Livia asks what he means. Tony notes that Junior has been waiting to get the job for a long time and he doesn't want to see him mess up. He notes that it's not a business where bad decisions are easily forgiven. Livia asks Tony why he's telling her this information and suggests that he talk to Junior about this if he's having issues. Tony notes that Junior listens to her more than anyone. Livia states that she doesn't know anything about how the Mafia works. Tony says that if anything were to come up all he's asking is for her to give Junior advice. Livia states that she doesn't want to get involved. She tells him if he needs to speak to Junior then he needs to tell him himself. Livia gets up and wishes that the Lord would take her now. Tony tells Livia to cheer up and notes that there are probably plenty of people that would want to dance with her. Livia doesn't want to hear anything else and tells Tony that she's going downstairs before the activities lady finds her. She asks if he wants coffee. Tony says he does and follows Livia downstairs.

At the church, Carmela consults Father Intintola's help again. Father Intintola tells her not to think that religion cures every person. He does note that if Tony was involved with the church more it might help him in therapy. Carmela says that she thinks that she's been pushing Tony too hard. She says that she knows that Tony has been with other women and she knows she's better than all of them. She admits that she's not always there for Tony's needs and as a man she notes that Father Intintola understands what she's talking about. However, Carmela's fear is of Dr. Melfi because she isn't just a one night stand that Tony would use. Carmela thinks that Tony is going to cheat on her with Dr. Melfi and now she wants him to be with her more. Carmela tells Father Intintola that she doesn't want to be married to Tony if that is how it's going to be. Father Intintola warns her not to talk about divorce because divorce is for people that never intended to die married in the first place. Father Intintola that people reap what they sow. Carmela asks what he means. Father Intintola notes that Carmela has accepted Tony being with other women and states that she compared them to lightening the workload when she was too busy being a wife and a mother. Father Intintola notes that Carmela invited that opportunity for Tony to be unfaithful. He tells her to ask for the Virgin Mary's guidance and forgiveness so that she can repair her marriage. Father Intintola tells Carmela that she is not without sin in her marriage.

At therapy, Tony tells Dr. Melfi that Carmela is spending too much money lately. Dr. Melfi states that Tony noticed Carmela which may have been the whole point. Dr. Melfi tells Tony that they need to discuss the kiss last week. Tony wants to know how her car is running. Dr. Melfi flat out asks Tony if he had her car stolen and fixed. Tony doesn't say yes, but his look is all that she needs. Dr. Melfi notes that they had made an agreement before not to give gifts. Tony states that he didn't want her to get robbed from the mechanics. Dr. Melfi tells Tony that he had no right to steal her car and notes that she's been scared lately. Tony asks her why she's scared. Dr. Melfi vents and says that it's a violation of her privacy. She asks Tony what else he has done. Tony comes clean and tells Dr. Melfi that he loves her. He says that he's sorry, but that is the way it is. Dr. Melfi wants to put a word in on this. Tony doesn't let her and tells her that it isn't the Prozac acting on him. He says that he dreams about her and thinks of her all of the time. He mentions that only she is able to excite him now. Tony again tells Dr. Melfi he loves her. Dr. Melfi tells Tony that this might be hard for him to hear, but she thinks he only feels this way because of the progress they have made together. Dr. Melfi says that it's her job to have a gentle personality and she listens because of that. She says that she's been a broad, generic, and sympathetic woman to him because that is simply her job. She thinks Tony has made her into the things that Carmela and Livia are missing. Tony is upset and notes that Dr. Melfi is making him feel like a mama's boy. He tells her that he is a man and she is woman and that is the end of the story. He adds that all of the stuff about Freud and his theories did not apply to this situation. Dr. Melfi notes that she didn't say anything related to that. She says that she only wants them to understand each other. Tony says that they understand each other and he knows that she doesn't love him. He gets up to leave. Tony tells Dr. Melfi that if she doesn't want him to come back anymore she should tell him. Dr. Melfi tells Tony that she actually wants him to come back next time. She says that this is a byproduct of his progress. She asks Tony if someone has been following her around. Tony doesn't answer that question and Dr. Melfi tells him to come back next week.

Tony and Junior attend a minor league baseball game. Junior tells Tony that he always thought Tony could have gone professional. Tony doubts it, but Junior states that Tony had a swing like Joe DiMaggio did. Tony says that he could barely hit a .250. Junior says that's because Tony didn't want to go professional in baseball because he was too busy chasing after women. Junior asks Tony what he wants to talk about. Tony starts out by saying that Octavian became Augustus. He notes that everyone in Rome loved Augustus and thought he was a saint. He says that people loved him because he never ate alone. Tony states that Augustus' rule was the longest time of peace in Rome's entire history. He notes that the people loved him for being an honest leader. Junior thought that Augustus was stabbed in the back and killed. Tony says that Julius Caesar was the one that was stabbed in the back. Tony adds that Augustus shared his wealth with the people and they loved him for that. Junior states that Tony is talking in circles and asks him to make his point. Tony tells him to think of the story he told him about the bull and his son talking about the cars. He recounts that the father told the son that they should go down and get together with all of the cows instead of just one. Junior gets the point and says that he'll start to get together with other people in meetings. Junior asks Tony if he's doing alright and notes that he's been acting different lately. Tony says that he's just been dealing with a few things, but that he'll be alright.

At Hesh's ranch, Tony tells Hesh that Junior took the two hundred and fifty dollars collected and divided it amongst the Top Five to not look greedy. Hesh agrees that it was smart of Junior to do that. He notes that Junior may be able to take over and make some wise decisions that will help the future generations. Tony hopes that Junior is able to handle it. Tony tells Hesh that he doesn't want the boss job. He notes that Aprile probably got cancer because of all of the stress the boss job had. Tony looks out at the horses and notes that Hesh has a nice place. Hesh wishes that the place didn't smell of horse manure all the time. Hesh admits that the horses add a beauty to the house and he could watch them for hours. Tony says that he envies animals' lives because they have no bills and no headaches to deal with. He says that animals don't have to deal with problems, questions, or guilt like humans have to. Hesh realizes that all five bosses got fifty thousand out of the deal. He realizes that it's a good pay day. Tony wishes that it didn't have to come from Hesh's pocket. Tony admits it makes him feel terrible that Hesh has to pay taxes. Tony gives Hesh his share of the money and tells him that he doesn't want to make a profit from him. Hesh tells Tony that it never entered his mind and thanks Tony.

Tony sits outside at the pool. Carmela joins him and sits down next to him. Tony assures Carmela that there is nothing going on between him and Dr. Melfi. Carmela tells Tony that he doesn't have to explain anything to her. Tony says that at therapy he was told that what a person is feeling really isn't what they're actually feeling. He adds that what a person is not feeling is the real agenda. Carmela and Tony kiss. Carmela asks Tony if he's going to stay in therapy. Tony admits he doesn't know. Carmela thinks that he should stick with it and admits that she was jealous of Dr. Melfi. Tony admits to Carmela that he should have told her at the beginning Dr. Melfi was a woman. Carmela says that she's been thinking a lot about everything and she was jealous of Dr. Melfi's ability to help him. Carmela tells him that Father Intintola helped her realize that she wants to be the woman in his life that helps him. Tony tells Carmela that she isn't just in his life, but that she is his life. Tony and Carmela kiss again sit together for awhile out by the pool.

Later that night, Tony stands up at Junior's dinner to give a speech. He admits he isn't the best with speeches. He tells everyone to raise their glasses. Tony states that other than John, Junior has taught him more things than anyone else has. He says that even if Junior wasn't his uncle, he would still honor his new boss. He toasts to Junior's new job. As we go around the table, pictures are taken of Tony, Curto, Barese, Altieri, Johnny Sack, Palmice, and Junior. We realize that one of the waiters is actually an undercover officer and he is wearing a nametag that is taking pictures of everyone in the room.

At the FBI's office in New Jersey, pictures of all of the men are on the wall. One of the agents sees that Aprile's name is at the top of the chain as boss of the family. Tony, Junior, Altieri, Curto, and Barese are all listed as capos underneath Aprile. The agent takes Aprile's picture off of the wall and puts Junior's at the top. He crosses out the capo and writes boss instead. The episode ends with a shot of Tony's picture right underneath Junior's.

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