The Sopranos

Season 1 Episode 6

Pax Soprana

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 1999 on HBO

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    I thought this episode picked up a little bit from the trainwreck that was "College", but in the end the writers have still failed to live up to the glory of the first couple of episodes of the season where everything was going right. Tony made a move on his thearapist, which was the only really interesting thing of the episode. Once again the mob story came up - but not in the way that we are accustomed and used to seeing on the show. Tony has his first problem with the new boss, which we all knew was going to come, but in the end no one was whacked and everything was resolved somewhat peacefully. The Action/Adventure from the show is slipping and thats a bad thing when the Drama isnt doing enough to make up for it, which is the case right now in The Sopranos. Overall, this episode was a decent episode with some fine points from both Tonys family life and his mob life, but nothing too shcoking, revealing, or pivotal in the past couple of episodes.
  • Another cant miss episode.

    Even though Tony is not boss, he does all the things that a good boss should do. I like how this show portrays organized crime as a company. The hierarchy is the same as it would be in any large company. The president and all executives down to the lowly peons, its all the same. Like in any company when an employee doesn’t feel like he is getting compensated enough he will rebel and complain. I like how it turned out even with the New York Intervention. I was wondering when the law enforcement part would show up I am not talking about crooked cops but actual Organized Crime Police. It only took them six episodes.