The Sopranos

Season 1 Episode 6

Pax Soprana

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 1999 on HBO



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    • Tony: I tell you, my life is like an episode of Provolone-something.

    • Carmela: It's our anniversary, Tony. Ours. Not yours, mine, and Johnny-fucking-Sack's.

    • Dr. Melfi: When's the last time you had a prostate exam?
      Tony: Hey, I don't even let anyone wag their finger in my face.

    • Livia: I'm happy for ya, Junior. I know how long you waited ta be made boss. Just don't let certain people take advantage of your good nature like they did to Johnny.
      Junior: What certain people? Nobody got over on Johnny. Nobody's gonna get over on me.

    • Father Phil: (to Carmela) Divorce is for the weak—for people who never intended on dying married in the first place.

    • Carmela: (to Tony) I feel like I'm someone you've chosen to procreate with.

    • Tony: This psychiatry shit, apparently what you're feelin' is not what you're feelin' and what you're not feelin' is your real agenda.

    • Tony: (to Junior) Remember the story you told me about the father bull talking to the son. They're up on this hill and looking down on a bunch of cows. And the son goes to the father, "Dad, why don't we run down there and fuck one of these cows?" Now do you remember what the father said? Father says, "Son, why don't we walk down there and fuck them all?"

    • Junior: I always thought you could make the pros. You could have done it. You had a swing like Joe D.
      Tony: You're crazy.
      Junior: What? You think I'm fucking you?
      Tony: Yeah, I could barely hit .250.
      Junior: That's because you didn't want it. Too busy chasing skirt. Chasing skirt, your average was .500.

    • Tony: Carm, you're not just in my life. You are my life.

    • Dr. Melfi: What's the one thing every woman - your mother, your wife, your daughter - have in common?
      Tony: They all break my balls. No, I know what you mean. They're all Italian. So what?
      Dr. Melfi: So maybe by coming clean with me you're dialoguing with them.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Tonys Alptraum", meaning "Tony's Nightmare".

    • Music in this episode:
      "Cocoanut Boogaloo" by Medeski, Martin, & Wood; "Pampa" by Gustavo Santaolalla; "Paparazzi" by Xzibit; "When the Boy's In Your Arms" by Connie Francis; "Willy Nilly" by Rufus Thomas

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