The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 11

Pine Barrens

Aired Unknown May 06, 2001 on HBO

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  • My favorite from season three.

    What can I say about the "Pine Barrens" episode of the Sopranos? One thing that definitely comes to mind is that the episode is one of my favorite episodes from the third season of the show, thanks to comic relief of Paulie and Christopher's storyline.

    What I liked about the episode was how reluctant Paulie reacted to having to make one of Silvio's collections, especially after finding out that the business "associate" was of Russian descent. It was pretty funny the way he was complaining to Christopher about the Cuban Missile Crisis and how he started the fight with the Russian guy over his universal remote control.

    Some other things that I liked about the episode was how Christopher and Paulie interacted with one another while they were lost in the Pine Barrens, especially after Paulie started blaming Christopher for getting him their current situation, when it was really he who started insulting the Russian guy to start the fight. It was also priceless the way Paulie misunderstood Tony's call about their Russian "friend" being an interior decorator that killed 16 Czechoslovakians while serving in Russia's Special Forces. I also liked how Tony told Paulie that he'd have to deal with the Russian guy and explain to Tony's contact if the Russian guy comes back to town.

    While I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, there was one part that I didn't like that much: Meadow finding out that Jackie Jr. was cheating on her. I know that she was going to find out at some point, but I don't like how it was written in the episode. In all, this was an awesome episode.
  • This episode is full of comedy, the part of The Sopranos I love the most! Any episode heavily featuring Paulie is bound to be funny, but this is priceless! *Spoilers*

    This is definetely one of The Sopranos' best episodes over the entire five series. The comic tone is set right from the start when Paulie is getting his nails done, prior to an interruption from Tony asking him to make one of Silvio's collections.
    Paulie is hilarious throughout;

    1) Paulie and Chris discussing the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    2) The apartment scene from Paulie goading the Russian, breaking his universal remote, strangling him, loading him into his car boot to his escape is funny as hell.
    3) The interior decorator comment where Chris replies, 'his house looked like shit'.
    4) Paulie losing it when his makeshift 'shoe' falls off.
    5) Also, the dialogue between Paulie and Chris is funny throughout.
  • Now when "The Sopranos" is over,i desided to review all the episodes... the problem is, i don´t remember every, so untill i get the season boxes i will review the episodes that i remember the best, episodes that have touched me.

    One of my favorite episodes of all time, it´s got suspense, action, and of cource a lot of humor. Pine Barrens is by no doubt one of the most hilarious episodes of "The Sopranos". I love how Christopher and Paulie is stuck in the forrest and slowly getting crazy in that van. They have to live on Ketchup. Paulie looses his shoe, and is freezing to death. And desperatly they try to get out of there. Steve Buscemi, who later allso acted in the show, diected this wonderful episode that i probably will never forget. You can realy feel what it´s like there in the cold, and you realy want them to get out of there. Season 3 was a good season overall, but this episode lifts it up to become one of the best seasons.
  • Paulie & chris alone in the woods!

    The other reviewers pretty much nailed it! This episode rocks, probably one of the best of the series. It's no coincidence that this hilarious episode was directed by Steve Buscemi. Sopranos has always been a great drama but there is always going to be room for comedy relief given the theme & characters of the show. Paulie & Chris find themselves screwed when a simple task of collecting money turns into a botched burial of a crazy Russian who used to be in the special forces. It's non stop laughs when they have to spend a night in the woods inside an abandoned van. You don't have to be a Sopranos fan to watch this episode.
  • this is the best episode ever

    this episode is with out doudt the best episode ever it has steve buscemis stamp all over it not only is the part with paulie and christopher funny but theres bits in the whole episode that are funny i like it when junior says about tony smelling just tonys face is enough .also in this episode it important to see tony relationship with his bit on the side changes he realise she isnt all there .one thing that makes me enjoy sopranos so much is the suttle comedy in this episode the writers let all there comedy out and its a classic not just for sopranos but of all tv
  • Comedy at its best: understated, overstated, very enjoyable watching.

    I've watched all 65 episodes, and this is the one that truly can be called comedy. To watch Paulie change from freshly coifed (even his nails polished!) to completely disheveled with Bozo hair is priceless! The interactions, twists, slapstick and irony in this episode are refreshing, well written and absolutely fun to watch. I'm wondering how Tony got his car back, and if our missing fella will ever turn up again...

    In addition, the forest is a beautiful change of scenery, while the fresh snowfall is the icing on the cake. How kind of Mother Nature to bless us with such beauty behind such ugliness.

    If you want a lighter episode, a change of pace, this is the one for you!
  • Silvio is sick from a flu. Christopher and Paulie are with a Russian in the woods. Things get messy. Tony is responsible...

    When you think of this episode, you think of funny. I mean, come on, what isn't funny about this episode. Everything went wrong. Instead of collecting money from Valery, the Russian, Paulie decides to mock him and break his Universal Remote. They kill him, not really, put him in the trunk but he's still alive (WOW!). Chase...Chasing in the woods. Paulie clips him but he still runs off. This does not seem Sopranos at all, this seems like a Looney Tunes episode or something. But the greatest thing about this episode is you don't expect this to happen to our beloved characters, but it does, and weirdly enough, it kind've fits in the Soprano World. I mean, who knows, this could've happened to Henry Hill or real guys in the Mob, so it's funny to laugh it what might happen in that situation. In my opinion, this is the best episode of the third season. Hands down.
  • one of the series best .

    "PINE BARRENS" is the episode i most enjoyed watching of all the sopranos serie ( well till season three at least coz i didnt see the rest). The episode show that there is an improvement in carm and tony relation which is good coz i started to get bored with their family troubles but the part i really like is when chris and paulie get lost in the woods and start to freeze and when paulie losses his shoe which leads that each of them start thinking that the other is gonna do something to him like kill him or runaway and leave him . but also it is the first time the sopranos start to appreciate boby who i think is really good but not enough used. it was just one of the greatest episodes in the serie .
  • Review

    Tops of the season for The Sopranos right here. I find it funny that The Sopranos has a way of making the episodes close to the finale the best of the season and the final falls just a little bit behind. Isabella in season one was without the doubt the best, just as the episode where Richie was killed in the second season was the best in that season. A lot of things are being brought to the forefront right now and I think this is going to cause a lot to be happening in the last two episodes. With Paulie leaving this Russian man clearly alive, I see something happening in the finale in terms of possibly setting up a long term rivalry in season four between the Russians and Tonys gang. Terrific acting by both Paulie and Christopher throughout this entire episode, by way way. Tony having to deal with problems in both families was interesting to watch in this episode. He was upset with both situations and how they were unfolding. Overall, I think this was the best episode up to this point in the season and I hope the follow up to this episode doesnt dissapoint.