The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 11

Pine Barrens

Aired Unknown May 06, 2001 on HBO

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  • Now when "The Sopranos" is over,i desided to review all the episodes... the problem is, i don´t remember every, so untill i get the season boxes i will review the episodes that i remember the best, episodes that have touched me.

    One of my favorite episodes of all time, it´s got suspense, action, and of cource a lot of humor. Pine Barrens is by no doubt one of the most hilarious episodes of "The Sopranos". I love how Christopher and Paulie is stuck in the forrest and slowly getting crazy in that van. They have to live on Ketchup. Paulie looses his shoe, and is freezing to death. And desperatly they try to get out of there. Steve Buscemi, who later allso acted in the show, diected this wonderful episode that i probably will never forget. You can realy feel what it´s like there in the cold, and you realy want them to get out of there. Season 3 was a good season overall, but this episode lifts it up to become one of the best seasons.
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