The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 11

Pine Barrens

Aired Unknown May 06, 2001 on HBO

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  • My favorite from season three.

    What can I say about the "Pine Barrens" episode of the Sopranos? One thing that definitely comes to mind is that the episode is one of my favorite episodes from the third season of the show, thanks to comic relief of Paulie and Christopher's storyline.

    What I liked about the episode was how reluctant Paulie reacted to having to make one of Silvio's collections, especially after finding out that the business "associate" was of Russian descent. It was pretty funny the way he was complaining to Christopher about the Cuban Missile Crisis and how he started the fight with the Russian guy over his universal remote control.

    Some other things that I liked about the episode was how Christopher and Paulie interacted with one another while they were lost in the Pine Barrens, especially after Paulie started blaming Christopher for getting him their current situation, when it was really he who started insulting the Russian guy to start the fight. It was also priceless the way Paulie misunderstood Tony's call about their Russian "friend" being an interior decorator that killed 16 Czechoslovakians while serving in Russia's Special Forces. I also liked how Tony told Paulie that he'd have to deal with the Russian guy and explain to Tony's contact if the Russian guy comes back to town.

    While I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, there was one part that I didn't like that much: Meadow finding out that Jackie Jr. was cheating on her. I know that she was going to find out at some point, but I don't like how it was written in the episode. In all, this was an awesome episode.