The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 2

Proshai, Livushka

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 2001 on HBO

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    One of the worst episodes of the series to date and it comes at a very surprising time. There were a couple of episodes in season one that were below average, but you had to settle into the storylines of the show. Season two got me really into the show with the fresh storylines and the great new characters introduced. The season three opening got us started in the right direction, but this episode was a real let down. Let me also start off by saying that I know David Chase had to re-write a lot of the script after Livia Sopranos character passed away in between season two and season three, but even so this entire episode was very poorly done. They make an entire episode about a character that no one really liked, which don't get me wrong was the point of her character, but I still dont understand the logic. The entire episode felt very boring ad drawn out. No real mafia problem in the episode to deal with and while they did acknowledge the cops outside in the van they really didn't do anything else with it like they did in the first episode. I had a lot of high hopes for season three and hopefully the next episode gets it back on the right track. But this episode was just very poorly executed in every way.