The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 2

Proshai, Livushka

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 2001 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Early on, Carmela and Tony go to meet with the maid/helper at the late Mrs. Sopranos reisdence. Outside, Tony wears a black leather jacket, whilst upon entering the house he no longer has the jacket on him. We never see him taking it off.

    • In the scene where Furio and Paulie are talking about Survivor Tony walks by the two men and opens a cabinet door. For a quick second Sal "Big Pussy" Bompensiero, who Tony, Silvio, and Paulie murdered in the final episode of season two for being an informant, is reflected in a mirror mounted on the cabinet door.

    • At the remembrance scene at the house, the camera cuts to Tony. In the background over Tony's left shoulder a man walks down the stairs about half way, looks into the camera and then walks back upstairs.

  • Quotes

    • Christopher: (high) They say there's no two people on Earth exactly the same. No two faces, no two sets of fingerprints. But did they know that for sure? Cause they would have to get everybody together in one huge space. And obviously that's not possible, even with computers. And not only that, they'd have to get all the people who ever lived, not just the ones now. So they got no proof. They got nothing... Mrs. Soprano may have passed but who's to say there isn't another Mrs. Soprano just like her? Or will be? Maybe not with the same fears and paranoia, but the same.

    • Carmela: [Livia] didn't want a funeral. You all, her children, ignored her wishes. Only after she's dead by the way. She didn't want a funeral. She didn't want a remembrance of any kind. Why? She didn't think anybody would come. She wouldn't write down her memories for her grandchildren because she figured nobody loved her enough to read them. She knew there was a problem.

    • Hugh: (on Livia) We suffered for years under the yoke of that woman. Years! She estranged us from our own daughter. Ruined I don't know how many Goddamn Christmases. I don't even want to begin to count.

    • Noah: My parents are in the business... well, show business, actually. I don't know why they call it "the business".
      Tony: What, those old Tarzan movies?

    • Tony: You're a captain, Ralphie, when I say you're a captain.
      Ralphie: And I'm gonna turn up my hearing aid so I don't miss it.

    • Janice: I do know what mom's wishes were. But not to have a wake or a funeral, it looks like we're unloving children. Not to mention cheapskates.
      Tony: Who gives a shit what it looks like! The woman expressed her wishes.

    • Carmela: (on Meadow and Noah) You want her to be with him, just keep it up. Keep playing the race card. You're going to drive her right into his arms.
      Tony: Not if I cut off those fucking arms.

    • Janice: You know what I strongly suggest? That everybody get up and share a remembrance or a feeling about our mother.
      Tony: I don't want any of that California bullshit!

    • Dr. Melfi: Grown children often secretly wish for an aged parent to die. And it's not necessary for the parent to be a witness for the prosecution. It's a taboo thought, but common. Particularly if the parent has lost all capacity of joy at being alive.

    • Tony: Uncle Jun, are you alright?
      Junior: They're droppin' like fuckin' flies.
      Tony: It's all that charcoaled, broiled beef you people ate.
      Junior: No one told us until the 80s.
      Tony: I'm kidding you, you old fuck.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Lebe wohl, kleine Livia", meaning "Farewell, Little Livia".

    • Music in this episode:
      "Closer to Home (I'm Your Captain)" by Grand Funk Railroad; "Eyeless" by Slipknot; "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" by Les Paul; "Shake It (Like You Just Made Bail)" by Shawn Smith

    • David Chase had planned a major story line for the third season concerning Tony's efforts to patch things up with his mother to prevent her from testifying against him at his Rico trial. Nancy Marchand's death caused Chase to revise a large portion of the season.

    • Nancy Marchand (who played Livia) died on 18th of June 2000, before filming started. So the scene at the beginning of the episode (where Tony talks to her about the stolen airline tickets) was created with bits of old dialogue, placing footage of Livia's face on a body double using CGI. It took two weeks to produce and cost about $250,000.

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