The Sopranos

Season 5 Episode 2

Rat Pack

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 2004 on HBO

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  • Tony B. returns home, Tony S. whacks an informant (not Raymond Curto, though). Carmine Lupertazzi dies, leaving the "family" business in New York up between Johnny Sack and Little Carmine.

    An interesting episode that was better than last week’s season opener. Features very interesting plot points, and introduces The Sopranos’ newest character, Tony Blundetto, played expertly by veteran actor Steve Buscemi. The episode circles around Tony Blundetto getting out of prison and telling Tony he’s going legitimate, and starting a massage parlor. Tony Soprano doesn’t take it so well, and wants Tony B. to work for him, but later realizes it’s for the best. The episode features a big shocker: Carmine Lupertazzi (the boss of the NY family) dies unexpectedly. So unexpectedly he doesn’t name a successor. That is when push comes to shove. Johnny Sack vs. Little Carmine, a battle that is definitely going to be the main theme for the fifth season of The Sopranos. I enjoyed how the hit on Jack Massarone went down, and also found it interesting and unexpected when they introduced a FEMALE capo, Lorraine Calluzo, played by the once beautiful, but now beat Patty D’Arbanville. I’m also glad they brought back the Raymond Curto being a informant plot point; it’s about time he gets a steel jacket through the back of the head.
    Overall Grade: A-
    Ranking in season: # 10 / 13
    Ranking in series: # 45 / 65