The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 15

Remember When

Aired Unknown Apr 22, 2007 on HBO

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  • Another episode of the last season.

    I like this episode, because it gives Paulie a stronger character. Without this episode, i wouldn´t care about him as mutch as i did the last two episodes. Tony And Paulie flees for a while and their relationship is pretty mutch ****. The thing with Junior is allso entertaining, and it gives a "One Flew Upon The Cuckoo´s nest" feeling. He is clearly getting more confused every day, and it´s shown with realizm and clevernes. Middle of the season was good, but nothing like the ending. At the time i thought that this season wasn´t that amazing. If i just knew what was to come...
  • Poor Junior.

    So with Tony and Paulie going to Flordia, doing really nothing, the show was more exciting watching Junior bug everyone at his home/prison. Interesting place he is living in. I haven't decided if it is a mental ward (and if so, the security is pretty lax). I do enjoy Junior when he mouths off, even though it is sad to see him losing his mind. Those sceens when he was mouthy, telling his dirty jokes was the best in the show. The Flordia sceens were ok. All it showed was that Tony seems to let Paulie get on his nerves. It seems everyone is getting on his nerves, this is leading up to something, just not sure what it is yet.
  • To avoid heat on a murder they committed over twenty years ago, Tony and Paulie decide to take a trip to Miami. Meanwhile, Uncle Junior's stay at the institution is proving unbearable.

    Neither a bad nor a great episode. While this episode wasn't badly acted or done, it didn't tell me anything I already didn't know. The only interest I had in this episode is seeing if Tony would actually have the cahones to kill Paulie. It's clear that Paulie isn't the calm and cool killer he was from a few seasons ago. Last season, the writers decided to turn Paulie into a real wuss revealing a couple of family revelations that really made the character turn into more of a loser than he already is. Paulie since then has become a sort of blabbermouth conversing with everyone and anyone.

    You could tell that this was agitating Tony who was contemplating killing him at various points (the hotel, then at boat the same way they killed Salvatore). However, I was disappointed by the way they ended this episode with merely an exchange of words. Comeon what are they waiting for? We all know Paulie's a liability at this point and I've been looking forward to the guy's demise since the early seasons but still the writers have decided to keep the guy because he's the guy you love to hate.

    This episode would have been very fitting to end the character once and for all. I think they dropped the ball (again) in closing another storyline. They might wrap this up in the final to last episode but will see. Uncle Junior storyline was sad but ultimately serves no purpose other than to gain sympathy for another crime boss who clearly has no power at this point and everyone has discarded.
  • Great episode built around Tony, and Paulie's relationship, and future. Uncle Junior gets a reality check about his current state of affairs. Bang! New York makes the headlines again.

    • The FBI finds a body which happens to be Tony’s first with Paulie who was on the assist, so Tony and Paulie have to lam it to Florida for awhile until they get word what direction the investigation is going in.
    • New York meanwhile stays busy as Phil solidify his position with another hit creating a very short list for who gets to be boss.
    • Paulie concerns Tony with his trips down memory lane to ears that shouldn’t hear, and Tony contemplates Paulie’s future.
    • Uncle Junior gets some spot light on how life has been, and what direction it’s quickly heading in.

    Show starts off with Paulie paying Tony a visit to inform him of the FBI’s discovering a body buried under house which happens to be Tony’s first kill the one he made his bones with, and subsequently Paulie was in on the assist at the time. So for safety sake Paulie and Tony decide to take a trip to Florida and lie low for while until they find out whether or not the FBI is looking at them. Carmela, while understanding Tony taking the trip for safety sake still sighs, and expresses to Tony her sadness at this phase in their life having to go through this. But when you’re married to a Mafia Don what do you expect? It seems rather silly that she would even say anything like that considering Tony’s lifestyle. Nonetheless it’s off to Florida for Tony and Paulie, and out of the gate the two seem to be enjoying going to Florida together. After driving for awhile they decide to stop and stay at a hotel in Virginia, the things are change since the last time they were there but they made the best of it nonetheless. Soon Tony discovers Paulie’s penchant for trips down memory lane, talking just a little too much about things that he shouldn’t be talking about to those who should not know. When they get to Florida Tony begins to take more notice of Paulie’s loose lips around people who shouldn’t hear stories he tells, and this begins to worry Tony quite a bit. Tony begins to contemplate Paulie’s future and how it might affect him. This begins to trouble Tony, and confides in a confident about this. This person, “Beansie”, who you’ll remember was put in a wheelchair by Ritchie Aprile several seasons back for which Ritchie was confronted by Tony for this as Beansie was a friend of theirs, and later having Beansie move to Florida where he still stayed connected to Tony. Beansie has served as sort of an Emissary of sorts for Tony in Florida whenever he has business there. Beansie talks much in Paulie’s defense telling Tony that it’s just Paulie, and how Paulie has always been. Tony worries are alleviated somewhat by conversation’s end. Later though Tony would get a phone call by Silvio letting him know that all is well and that the investigation was steered away from him and laid at the foot of his dead friend, and former boss Jackie Aprile. But as soon as he gets off the phone while standing on the balcony of his room next to Paulie he hears Paulie laughing watching TV, and the concern creeps back into his mind. So the next day he takes Paulie on a fishing trip out on a boat just the two of them, which giving the fact that Tony had been saying odd things to Paulie i.e. trying too get Paulie too admit to being the one to tell Johnny Sack about the insult Ralph made about his wife a few seasons back that ended up into a big deal that almost got Ralph, and John whacked, but Paulie never admitted to it. Paulie of course couldn’t help but feel a little vulnerable thinking back to the boat trip that cost Big P. his life after it was discovered he was talking to the Feds., nevertheless trusted Tony and went. While out on the fishing trip Tony attempted to goad Paulie into confessing he was the one that ran his mouth and therefore infuriate Tony enough to push him over the edge and give him reason enough to kill Paulie, but Paulie kept silent. Tony came close to doing it anyway fearing Paulie’s mouth in the future but then stopped shy of doing it. Though Paulie does run his mouth a little too much he has for the most part been a very loyal solider to Tony, and considering Paulie had been in this thing of theirs with Tony’s dad, as well as Tony’s admiration of Paulie growing up it would be hard too justify whacking him. But you never know how things will go, and with Tony’s obsessive worrying once something takes hold of his mind anything is possible. Tony feels that things are good, and the last thing he wants is for something like Paulie reminiscing about the past and saying all the wrong things for the right people too hear. So we can pretty much expect some resolution too this issue one way or the other. New York by the way has just edged out another runner up for the top spot making Phil top dog. Junior by the way is seen throughout the episode of still trying to have some semblance of the life he once knew by running a poker game, having a substitute Bobby in the form of one of the mental patients, and taking control of his life by not taking his meds. But alas Junior’s mind is going and he needs the meds, the Orderly that was allowing him too run a poker game was fired after it was discovered, and his substitute Bobby becomes disillusioned with Junior and attacks him hurting him. In the end Junior appears to have realized this is it, this is how it’s going to end for him, and I don’t think this is how he wants to go out as a mental patient in a Psyc. Home. All in all a solid episode that again focused on main characters surrounding Tony giving us some allusion to their possible end, and setting the stage for the series finale. Take care.

    Peace To All.
  • So Tony took a road trip with Paulie, and Junior is in the rubber room academy, big deal.

    Did the creators of this show let someone at NBC or Bravo do this one. Like the brain surgeon who is writing the new comedy about the Cavemen or the creative genius behind Shear Genius. We expect much better episodes than this on the cutting room floor. This show was incredible in the first several years, now it is meandering all over the place. There is no cohesion to the plot lines, we have like 7 episodes left and 2 of the first 3 in this run were poor, and the other just barely entertaining.
    I grew up with the family and how it worked, they boss lived right down the street. If he was still alive he would have liked the show, as do the current day wise guys. But lately I think they see it as a boss who is trying to retire gracefully and does not know how to do it.
    Come on give us something to watch, it is not like it is broadcast TV where they can throw manure at us, this we pay for and right now it is not worth the money.
    They had a great series with Deadwood but it got too expensive to make. This show cost more and is a shadow of itself.
    Cut out the side drama with Meadow and AJ, get some real business sorted out in these final episodes or this show will live in infamy as a great show that self destructed.
  • Tony and Paulie head south when the feds dig up a body that they are responsible for and we see how Junior is doing in an institution.

    For an episode where not much happened, I thought it was still entertaining. We finally get to see how Junior is living out the rest of his life, and he seems pretty comfortable. Paulie's character is exposed. Doesn't he remind you of your grandfather -- the white shoes, talking constantly about the good old days. All in all, I think this episode slowly pushes the story along and possibly foreshadows what might happen. It might not have been an exciting episode but the scenes involving Phil Leotardo display where the show might be headed in the final episodes.
  • 6 episodes left...

    I really enjoyed this episode, and it was a lot better than the previous 2 in the run of this 9 episodes. There we some parts that dragged and were somewhat boring, but Dominic Chianese and Tony Sirico were really good, and they held the show together nicely. The scenes between Dominic Chianese and Ken Leung were very good, and it would have been interesting to see that storyline stretched out over a longer period of time, instead of it being only a one episode arc, but with this being the last few shows they really can't do that. They teased and teased Paulie was going to get whacked, where it got to the point that I really didn't know if Tony would or not, Tony Sirico did an outstanding job this episode.
  • Nothing special going on.

    for this being the final few episodes leading to the final episode ever, the story lines are BORING. They show this story line, then that one, then this one....but none of them go anywhere. I expected more action or suspense for this to be the Final Season. The writers of the show have been slipping for some time now. The past two seasons have been way below average. Same characters, arguing about the same subjects, over and over. No developing stories. Huge dissapointment. I'm ready to start watching from Season One again, just to relive the excitement.
  • Episode wasn't great, but it shows true to life situations.

    I thought tonight's episode wasn't great. There was too much focusing on 2 situations, that was Uncle Junior and the Tony/Paulie heading down south. Tonight's episode was well written in the sense that shows Paulie is lonely and because he has no one, he's always caught talking, and unfortunately while Tony wants to lay low, Paulie feels it's important to let people know his life story. While this is certainly true to life, where people sometimes talk to much and it can upset others because sometimes they are saying the wrong things. On the boat, Paulie has a flashback of a death and believes Tony's anger towards him for talking is going to lead to his death on the boat. While Tony has the same thoughts about killing him, he begins to realize it's not worth it, maybe it has to do with Christopher, and while he is told that Paulie loves him, maybe that took over his mind and realizes it's not worth it, while at the same time, he loves Christopher and doesn't realize why he he hatred towards him. It shows how Tony needs to focus on the important things and not the little things, as long as it doesn't get him in trouble. Let's hope next week we see more segments with the main characters that we missed tonight.