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  • More to it

    At the first look, it seems like the average cartoonish-italian tv show, but not only does this show break that stereotype, it has become on of the greatest tv show of all time.
  • Perfection

    Words cannot describe the magnitude of this show and how it can cover so many topics while linking everything back to the modern day working man
  • Appreciating The Sopranos.

    The realism shown in the acting is second to none. You can't overlook anything in this show, otherwise you'll be left dumbfounded by some of the things that happen in each episode.
  • The Sopranos is a phenomenal roller coaster ride into the mind of a both repulsive and lovable character.

    The Sopranos is a strong contender for greatest television show ever made. But what gives it the edge is that Sopranos raised the benchmark and set the rules for all other high quality dramas to follow. Claiming The Wire or Breaking Bad may not have existed is a bit of a stretch, but to say it influenced them in formula, style and sheer intelligence is an understatement. Sopranos paved the way in so many ways, such as mature content at its most raw, and allowing us to sympathise with monsters, which has now become standard in this medium and is now what sets it apart from other media outlets.

    The importance of Sopranos is clearly huge, but that alone wouldn't propel it amongst the very best if it wasn't entertaining. Luckily, it reigns supreme in this factor too, with arguably the single greatest anti hero to grace our screens, emotional gut punches galore and plenty of truly dark humour that often relieves the tension at always the right time.

    It remains high in quality throughout it's run, and the only slight dips are the occasional episode in the later seasons. The first few episodes give the impression its a generic, albeit brilliantly made depiction of the gangster lifestyle. It quickly destroys this notion however, as Tony Soprano gradually opens up and eventually pouring his heart to his shrink, where we unravel his twisted, disturbing and suprisingly vulnerable thought process. These scenes become almost an analysis to his rotten criminal activities before it, and becomes a compelling formula once you are into it. As the show goes on, it becomes much more surreal and artistic, with ambitious (very long) dream sequences and monologues that are hard to decipher. More often than not however they hit their mark.

    The entire supporting cast, much like Tony himself, are certainly flawed, and can be difficult to like. The show doesnt ask you to do so however. It's grounded in realism, and characters are the story, a tragic one at that. And seeing it unravel is to venture further into the rabbit hole. There are a number of scenes in the series that are downright shocking, and will likely to put even the most desensitised viewer into a state of anger. But its not "shock value" if the scenes has context and meaning.

    Since this show has ended I sort television dramas into two categories: pre-Sopranos and post-Sopranos. And since television has never been better.
  • 21st century Mafia

    Starring the late great James Gandolfini the Sopranos is brilliantly written. Its not the wise guy kind of TV show as people first thought, but more of a physcological approach to the pressures of being a Mob Boss. Dont get me wrong the violence and sterotype of Italian American Mobsters are there, but it goes hand in hand with a present day approach in how the Cosa Nostra goes about there business.
  • Gold Standard

    This show isn't about mafiosi, crime, murder or drugs.

    This is a careful, methodical dissection of the notion of "family" and "family values". There are no simple relationships, and no character is either black or white. They're all flawed and, at some point, they all disappoint or surprise us, make us root for them or hate them.

    Moreover, the writing is simply unsurpassable. There is no room or need for expository dialogue. All we need to know is either shown or hinted at, and it's our job to put the pieces together, which is the true appeal of any meaningful relationship.

    The Sopranos is the gold standard for any show, regardless of genre.
  • Woefully innacurate

    The Soprano's is a Mafia drama in the same way that Olive Garden is an Italian resteraunt. What always frustrated me about this show is how such great pains were taken with certain production values of this show, and yet the criminal aspect is glossed over in almost comical Tony and his crew behaved the way they did in the real world, they'd have been whacked after the first episode..

    If you really want to see a real Mafia drama, (and see how the mob really works) watch Goodfellas or Donnie pay attention..
  • #1 organized crime show-totally gangster !!

    This show is smoking awesome !! I love the the cast and everything about the show !! never missed an episode while it was on comcast !! The drama keeps me on the edge of my seat at ALL times ! One of my favorite episodes was when angela got what she thought was a great boyfriend whom she knew from way back and he ended up being a jerk and slapped her and she whacked the guy and then tony took his body to the meat market at night and cut him up into pieces !!!!! wwwwow !!!!
  • One Of The Great Shows

    This show had me from the opening credits and theme song. I never missed a show after the pilot, and thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Some shows reach a level that could be called "high art", and this is one of them. The cast was perfect and real looking. Some shows have an unnatural amount of beautiful looking people on them. Of the regulars, one or two could be called beautiful. The rest had interesting normal mugs. The acting doesn't get any better. Rarified air.
  • The Americanized Mafia Soap Opera.For Kids!

    Everything about the sopranos except the core plot is great. How ever the mafia core is just plain ***ed. What you get with the Sopranos is a well done series of what mafia would have been like with a brain damaged leader in the town of Unnamedsville with population of 4000 people. While drama lovers certainly are going to appreciate a good production, and the pseudo-mafioso spicing. While watching an Joe potato gangster argue with his wife on a daily basis certainly has an audience, and that has already been verified, it can't stand as any criminal portrayal be it fictional or realistic.That is unless you want to watch the head of the Mafia, in an American state populated by 8 million people, at the peak of his career personally negotiating a deal on the street, with common truck hijackers about a full truck of garage tools enticing the dealers for further business by offering to return the truck with shampoo with 20$ retail price - per.

    Apparently the crime element in the show has somewhat slipped past 99% of the criminal activities that have been going around America for over a century, And the scale is too dumb to be even funny. Overall if you would like to see a televised motion of what the mafia would like in the head of a three year old you should go ahead. If you like personal dramas with the American flavor its for you. However if you want a show with even basic sense of dignity you won't be able to enjoy actors doing great performances on crime subjects most often near relevant as a turd, having a dip of sloppy murder occasionally.

    As the previous reviewer put it excellently "turn of your brain" is a prerequisite for most enjoyment you can acquire out of it. Once again, there is certainly an audience for this. However this review is for anyone so anyone with other tastes, should know what they are getting into.

  • Haters gonna hate.

    I think the people who dont like this just dont like watching tv shows, because this is really the kind of show which you can sit down with a cold coke and some popcorn and turn of your brain. I think its a great show for hardcore tv-show addicts!
  • It's something different


    I decided to watch The Sopranos few months ago , I've been always curious to know what this show is about and why it gets all that hype and positive critics .

    In my opinion the show did something different to the world of T.V , it's not only show about mafia or about Tony Sopranos and his relations with society . It's about Family Values that it's not easy to find nowadays .

    The show is outstanding in Writing , Acting and Directing and it really deserves all these awards . All the acting cast are really great and talented , and I think James Gandolfini is one of the best actors ever , Both of him and Bryan Cranston are the greatest actors of the last decade . Not to forget about David Chase who always reminds me with Martin Scorsese, The way David wrote the show and created it proves this I think .

    I only finished three season of the show and there are all great and the second one is the best of them , I heard that the other three seasons are not as greatness as the first three but whatever happens I don't really care because what I saw from this show in the first three season forces me to give it a 10 without any doubt .

    Overall This is highly recommended , Thanks for reading and forgive me if there is any English mistakes , English is my second language

    Greetings !

  • It's outstanding writing, acting, direction and setting made it one of the most sublime cutting edge show in television history

    The Sopranos is a television show based around the Italian American New Jersey crime family. Focusing on the protagonist ''Tony Soprano'' who is a mob boss who suffers from a genetic history of stressful panic attacks. He becomes diagnosed with depression and starts to see a psychiatrist. He deals with these problems in his own way both helping and disgracing his own wife and kids. The first 4 seasons were absolutely brilliant. The show wasn't just a cliched Italian mafia crime movie involving nothing but swears and a mediocre plot. The show was about Tony and the people around him, the show was so dramatic as it was hilarious in it's own way. Some of the most memorable characters made it what it was today. Season 5 and 6 weren't as good but still good seasons.

    I would definitely recommend this show to anyone because you will thoroughly enjoy it no matter were you're from.

    To sum up out of ten for each season i'd say:

    Season 1: 9.7/10
    Season 2: 8.7/10
    Season 3: 9.6/10
    Season 4: 9.7/10
    Season 5: 7.7/10
    Season 6: 6.9/10
  • Woke up this mawnin' never sounded so sweet and also never evoked so many great memories...

    As the Godfather saga was the view of the mafia from the executive suite, this series is a complex tale of the mafia from the working man's point of view. If you've never watched this show, you're in for an extended treat. Yes, there is violence and nudity, but it is never gratuitous and is needed to contrast Tony Soprano, the thinking man's gangster, with the reality of the life he has been born to and, quite frankly, would not ever have left even knowing how so many of his associates have ended up. Tony Soprano can discuss Sun Tzu with his therapist, then beat a man to death with a frying pan in a fit of rage, and while dismembering and disposing of the body with his nephew, take a break, sit down and watch TV while eating peanut butter out of the jar, and give that nephew advice on his upcoming marriage like they had just finished a Sunday afternoon of viewing NFL football. Even Carmella, his wife, when given a chance for a way out, finds that she really prefers life with Tony and the perks that go with it and looking the other way at his indiscretions versus life on her own. If you followed the whole thing, you know how it ends. If you didn't, trust me you've never seen a TV show end like this !
  • Sopranos - It's in my top 3 best shows of all time.

    Each episode doesn't leave you hanging for the next but at the same time it does. Almost like enjoying a rather fulfilling meal only to be yearning for the next as each episode begins and ends on it's own accord.

    The time line throughout the show is very realistic as days, weeks or even months may pass and the cast is well structured as well as the storyline, which is primarily based around respect and preservation for all members involved (unless they're flipped by the feds).

    The show captured me from the very first episode and continued to intrigue and interest throughout the seasons as numerous plots thicken followed by many twists and turns.

    I rate this show and firmly believe it's without a doubt a closer to the truth portrayal of what the mafia is about, unlike the bleak vision of that of The Godfather.

    Do yourself a favor and watch it, it won't disappoint.
  • This show was flat out bad

    Dont adjust your set that was the ending...In 20 years of beign on this earth and i have seen a lot of crappy shows but this by far was the worst episode of not just The Sopranos but any show i have ever watched. The true disapointment of it all is i will never get that time back which i have wasted watching this season..i was a huge fan but this has just made me shake my head who ever said patience is a virtue did not sit throurh this terrible season ending to a great televison series..BADA BUST
  • Fine American Art

    I discovered the Sopranos this summer and I watched the whole episodes in a two months span. This show is really one of the best I had ever seen ! Characters, stories, filming all is fantastic and makes every single episode look like a fragment of a long movie.

    The Sopranos is not only a story of a middle-aged bad guy, dealing with familly and business, it's more a philosophical interrogation about the meaning of life. Every character in the show is in front of that question sooner or later : who I'am, what I'am doing, is my life really meanfull ?

    The show is not giving any formal answers but it's nicelly depicting life and so anyone can interrogate himself and luckilly find his own way to live with.
  • best mobster show ever created

    Best mobster show ever created.. incredible acting I loved this show although the ending was not what I hoped it would be this show has you from the beginning exploring Tony Sopranos life, his family and his "waste management business" He goes to a shrink and suffers from depression taking prozac and he also kills other gangsters and represents Italy Proud!!! !! !! I love this show and I recommend it to anyone espeically if u like the movies heat, scarface, goodfellas, casino and other gangster films then this film is right up your alley..... . . . .. . . .

    If you do start watching this great show be prepared to get addicted to the show, the episodes are around 40 mins long, so a whole 6 seasons you will need a bit of time on your hands.

    It's a good change from all of the other shows on TV, (prison break, heroes, lost, etc.) all very good, but have the same type of feel about them and The Sopranos is different yet still good. It's a great show that improves season after season. If you're not a fan of gangster/mob movies, this show probably isn't for you, but you might want to give it a try anyway.
  • Great TV Show, if you like gangster/mob movies, such as (The Godfather, Goodfellas, The Departed) you will love the show.

    Great TV Show, if you like gangster/mob movies, such as (The Godfather, Goodfellas, The Departed) you will love the show. If you were like me and missed the sopranos when it came out on TV and looking for something new to start watching, well you've found it. Don't let the first episode put you off, because it doesn't do it justice. So just watch the first 3 or 4 episodes and if you don't like it, well I don't know why, maybe it's just not for you.

    If you start watching it be prepared to get addicted to the show, the episodes are around 40 mins long, so a whole 6 seasons you will need a bit of time on your hands.

    It's a good change from all of the other shows on TV, (prison break, heroes, lost, etc.) all very good, but have the same type of feel about them and The Sopranos is different yet still good. It's a great show that improves season after season. If you're not a fan of gangster/mob movies, this show probably isn't for you, but you might want to give it a try anyway.
  • Best there ever wil be.

    Meet Tony Soprano: your average, middle-aged businessman. Tony's got a dutiful wife. A not-so-dutiful son. A daughter named Meadow. An uncle who's losing his marbles. A hot-headed nephew. A not-too-secret mistress. And a shrink to tell all his secrets, except the one she already knows:
    Tony's a mob boss whose troubles are wrapped up in his two families. These days, it's getting tougher and tougher to make a killing in the killing business. Just because you're 'made' doesn't mean you've got it made. This show will never be topped in mafia drama shows, it isn't really like the movie the godfather or anything, it is a mobster show that revolves around a little bit of unintentional comedy,whacking,beatings,drugs,pyschology,relationships and it is th best mobster show ever made.
  • New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano struggles with trying to manage life at home with his wife, daughter and troubled son. At the same time he is trying to keep things together in his other family. Anxiety attacks soon cause him to go into therapy.

    There isn't much left to say about "The Sopranos" that has not been mentioned in the reviews posted by other users. I wanted to weigh in with my opinions because it was a show I made a point never to miss during its run on HBO. Every role, from Tony Soprano to the lowest of mob foot soldiers is perfectly cast. Every actor is totally believeable in their roles. In the case of Frederico Castaluccio (Furio) he might just be too believable (Especially in the episode where he visits a deliquent customer). "The Sopranos" was definitely one of television's best.
  • Never will there be a moment greater than this.

    I remember the days when The Sopranos was a weekly event.For me it was a moment in time worthy of a pause.Everybody was working for the weekend while I was working for the Soprano.Watching this show gave me one of the best feelings that I have had in a long time.Almost like being a kid at Christmas.The wait was that intense and that much more satisfying when a new episode would air,But yet that much more melon Colly when it would end as well. And no ,I don't have posters,collector items or a weird shrines build in homage to the show.lets just say it was the one bright star in this mans average life. But to say the least, I think a lot of people have had these feelings .Whether it be this show or "I love Lucy" from a much later era.When its gone,you feel like things will never be the same. It was a great show,it was a good time and most of all it was life style.
  • The Sopranos is to television what Godfather is to the movies. Never was the mafia so perfectly depicted.

    The Sopranos tells the story of Anthony Soprano (a sensational James Gandolfini). He is one of the most important gangsters in New York- and he's having a crisis. In most of the shows, he appears talking to his psychiatrist (played by Lorraine Bracco) about the problems in his mob life. It's a whole different side of the mafia we are used to. The series does a lot of references to other crime movies, like Godfather and The Goodfellas. It's top entertainment, a television series so rare and original. One of the best television shows of all time. A true classic.
  • The best ever!!!

    Simply the best tv show in the history of tv.Season 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 are all awesome.Cant wait for the movie.My fav is season 2 first then 4 then 3 then 1 then 5 and then 6.Really really hope they make a movie.It would be stupid and idiotic not to.They will make tons of money. Alot of the characters are dead now so they would have to bring in new people,make Chuck Zito,Deniro someone that can challenge Tony from NY so we wont know who is gonna come out on top.There will never be another like it.End of story.
  • Why I agree that The Sopranos is without a doubt one of the greatest shows ever.

    Only one word can describe the roller coaster ride that David Chase took us on from 1999 to 2007...Classic. From the very first one hour installment the viewer knows they are witnessing something rare and special. With its pulse pounding stories,stunning plot twists,deep well developed characters, and top notch acting,writing,and direction; The Sopranos made an impact that will still be felt years and years from now. It was arguably the most realistic portrait of mafia life that has ever been created for movies,tv, or anything else. It brought us so many iconic scenes and of course TV's greatest anit-hero Tony Soprano.
    But what really makes Tony's saga a classic in my mind id how it managed to capture both the family elements of The Godfather and the mob lifestyle of Goodfellas,and make them both into something noone will ever forget.
  • The Sopranos

    The best drama of television is certainly The Sopranos. WÝth its six seasons, The sopranos became the most successful tv drama ever and It will never be forgotten. I liked every single episode of it and every episode tasted like a movie. Characters are drawn incredibly amazing. James Gandolfini is a great actor and he was amazing in The Sopranos. With characters like Tony, Christopher, Paul and others, The show was incredible. I watched not only how Tony dealt with his everyday problems but I also watched how psycologically Tony grew and this character development added really important things. Especially by the help of conversations with his doctor, I could see the way of how he thinks.
  • The best drama series ever!

    This show is certinly in my opinion in the top 5 greatest tv shows ever. Every episode something happened. Maybe it just went a teeny bit over the top sometimes but not very much. My favorite character was probably Chrissy Montisanti because he got in more troble than anyone,even Tony himself. My favorite seasons were 3 and 6 because they had my favorite episodes in such as "Pine barrons" which was like a classic novel,and "Members only" which h.d the deaths of Eugene Portacorvo and Ray Curto and,of course the shooting of Tony.If the show ever had a weak point,it was the suffocation of Chris by Tony. I mean what the hell was wrong with him? Ok here's my view on the finale. In my mind,if Tony got whacked it was Meadow who did it. I know it sounds crazy but think about it, the last thing Meadow said to Tony was "You are a fat loudmouth!". Surely that was intended as a clue. Hopefuly David Chase will at least make a movie explaining what happened and who knows, if that's a success he might revive the series again. Long live The Sopranos!
  • well i just started watching it but its awsome?

    kinda started watching the show late.. but so far i love it. Only see half of season one and its is awsome!!!
    So like i wonder why they shut it down as the show was doing good.. but i guess now there is entourage to replce sopranos as the hard standing HIT all mens emsemble show!!

    Could someone tell me where i can get more DVDS of sopraos pls. So like i wonder why they shut it down as the show was doing good.. but i guess now there is entourage to replce sopranos as the hard standing HIT all mens emsemble show!!
  • Review

    What makes this show really shine is the ability for you to get absorbed into the character. Tony is the good guy of the story - but he does some things that we would consider horrible in todays society. I thought the first season got off to a slow and odd start, but season two really picked up with season long storylines with beginnings, middles, and ends. I havent gotten the chance to watch every episode yet - but through three seasons I still feel that this show is able to keep my interest. At times some of the side plots can became a bit unrealistic or a little dull to watch, but for the most part the show tends to stay away from that and focus on Tony and his family and how they survive the day to day lifestyle. Overall, great show that has a lot of promise to get even better in the latter seasons.
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