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  • Great Show, I never knew what I missed

    I never understood the "hype" with the Sopranos. I watched a few episodes here and there but since last week I am hooked. I Always wanted to start watching it from scratch and hile I was checking whats gonna be on HBO onDemand I saw that the first 14 episodes of the Sopranos were on. I started to watch over the last few days I was wachting 2 or 4 episodes an evening.
    What a great show.
  • Sensational!

    This really is brilliant drama at its best. Its just a shame that we can't get to see new episodes frequently.

    The Sopranos has it all, Drama, tension, violence and even humour. So with all of these ingredients there is something there for a wide audience to enjoy.

    There is no surprise that the actors and actresses are always up for big awards because they always put it brilliant performances.

    Never miss an episode because you will fall far behind.
  • Probably my favorite show of all time..

    Regardless of all of the delays and problems within the cast members in-between seasons, this show continues to carry the torch as probably my favorite HBO show of all time, with OZ or Band of Brothers coming just second to it..

    Every season has been interesting, thoughtful, exciting, HUMOUROUS (if not above all else!), and satisfyingly violent for almost anyone to enjoy..

    I give this show a 10/10 with no hesitation because it is truly legendary in my books :)
  • Amazing.

    I watched the first season of this show in 2003, shortly after getting into Oz. I wasn’t impressed with it then. In fact, I found it rather boring. But back then, I would often times tune out, sometimes not paying attention to the dialogue. And that’s why I didn’t enjoy it. The dialogue is important, almost every line has to do with some kind of plot or character development. So of course I was bored the first time, I was bored because I didn’t understand what was going on. But recently, I decided to give this show another chance. Everyone loved it, so I knew I must have been missing something. Plus, I like James Gandolfini, and am a big fan of Steve Buscemi and Joe Pantoliano. I started watching it again, while paying attention to details, and loved it.

    Since 2003, I’ve watched movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas. If you want to fully appreciate this show, you have to be more than just familiar with those movies…you have to know them by heart. Now, you can still enjoy the show if you haven’t seen either of those movies, but you won’t catch all the little references. Like in one episode, where someone gets shot in the eye, and they start talking about Moe Green (he was a character in The Godfather who was shot in the eye, so you can see why they’d bring him up).

    What’s different about The Sopranos is that you see Tony Soprano being a mobster, and also being a regular guy doing regular stuff. With a movie like Goodfellas, you see them living it up for the most part, wearing expensive suits and the like. It’s weird seeing a mobster wearing shorts and spending time with his kids. Not only that, but The Sopranos is able to add a layer of black comedy into the show. At times, it can be hilarious. Also, this is a definite “guy’s show”, as women might find the Tony character repulsive, and there’s always some chick showing her boobs in every episode.

    The acting here is fantastic, it’s probably the best acted show on television right now. Gandolfini brilliantly plays Tony, a guy weighed down by stress, so much so that he has to see a shrink. Instead of being cliché, Tony is a charismatic, complex, sometimes humorous, and best of all, entertaining character. The rest of Tony’s gang are colorful characters, mostly there for providing comedy relief.

    The one thing that bugs me about this show are the kids. I guess Jamie-Lynn DiScala is there to get the teenage male audience watching, but her character so far has done nothing but b*tch and whine. Robert Iler is totally useless and a bad actor to boot.

    Overall, this is a great show. Besides Oz, it’s the best show on HBO, and better than everything else you’d see on t.v. If you’re a fan of mob movies, then The Sopranos is highly recommended.
  • by far one of the greatest TV shows of my time

    Definately a show that is worth time, consistant quality. doesnt get boring, doesnt get repetitive, no faults even after 5 seasons. cant wait for season 6.

    Absolutely brilliant time after time after time, i have watched and rewatched every episode so far at least 5 or 6 times.
    sopranos kicks ass.
  • Great tv show even when your italian

    Awesome tv show nothing better because they are all italian and IMO (in my opinion) TV shows that are based on nothing but all italians is awesome they should make some more episodes and they should have them shooting people because that is funny because it is original then any other show
  • If you want to know why The Sopranos truly deserves a 9.7 out of 10, then please read.

    Acting (the performances of the main and supporting cast) - 10
    -Every bit of the show, throughout all of its seasons has been superbly acted-

    Writing (dialogue and storytelling) - 9
    -A very well written show, although occasionally the writing is over shadowed by it content-

    Production Values* (direction, casting, cinematography, art direction, make up, etc.) - 9
    -The direction and casting is fantastic, everything else is very strong-

    Value (the consistency of being a good show throughout its seasons) - 10
    -It seem seems to get better and better, this show has never faltered-

    Overall (the shows overall entertainment) - 10
    -Every 1 1/2 years that it is on it is one of the, if not the best show on television. and it is definitely in the running for one of the all time great television dramas-

    Final score: 9.7

    (*) In the case of certain shows, mainly sitcoms shot on video, I may only take into account casting and direction. I'm not going to reprimand a show for something that isn't really apart of its presentation.
  • One of the best show HBO has made so far. The Chris Rock show was one of my favorites as well.

    This is one of the best shows that HBO has made. Even though their hella lagging on the supposly final serious. I wish they would just get it over with. From what i heard this may not be the last series but i think it's time to end it, plus the lead actor James Gandolphini want's the venture off to do other things.
  • Season 5

    Season five doesn’t stray too far from the past seasons’ use of excellent dialogue, and the cast members all turn in brilliant performances as usual, but since the series slowed down last season and started abandoning the more appealing characteristics of the show, it hasn't lived up to its lofty reputation. Instead, "The Sopranos" is innocently crawling to its well-publicized finish line, even though Chase still hasn’t decided on an ending. But after two sub-par seasons, now may be the perfect time to go out with a bang. They had a good run and its sad to see a good show's death prolonged over multiple seasons.
  • This show has it all

    The Sopranos has always been a long time favourite show of mine. And to read some guy saying that Buffy is what real TV is about and the Sopranos should be axed this is a disgrace. The show gets in the heart and soul of the Mafia and family life just like "THE GODFATHER Trilogy", it gets to the heart and soul of each individual. Being a TV show you can get a new insight in to a character each week, it is a action packed drama and having Gandolfini as the front man dosn't hurt either. The Emmy's it has won a deserved and long over due. This series its most definitely up there with some of the greatest TV shows of all time like "Sienfeld", "The Simpsons" and for the Australian out there "The Glass House". And for "Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel" and the rest of the crap on TV these days The Sopranos gives a raw and passion back to the TV and more producers should take the lead and support the good TV that can be made instead of the crap that is coming around and around and around on the TV these days.
  • A mob boss strugles with his family and personal issiues.

    Tony Soprano is the head of a mob boss. basically he has family problems and emotional problems to deal with. This show gets better every season and is the best thing ever on hbo. Possibly it is the best thing on televison. This is why they are having a problem ending the show because no one wants it over.
  • The Sopranos is not just your simply mob world show. It just isnt, Tony Sopranos is different, for one he has a main flaw, he sees a psychiartrist.

    Now when i see people who havnt actually seen sopranos before, they normally reply with stuff like, i would but mah ive seen "The Godfather" or "Goodfellas", what they obviously don't understand is that the Sopranos is not them, it isnt same at all really. The Godfather is about the Corleone, and Goodfellas is about three wise-guys, well Sopranos as both of them in, and much more. For one the thing that is so scary about Sopranos is how realistic it probaly is.

    Tony Soprano is the main charecter in the show, hes the boss of the Soprano family, however while dealing with the stress that is his crew, he has other serious issues on his mind, his two adolescence children, whom have their own troubles considering theyre dad is in the mob, and most people know it. But this isnt the only problem for Tony, he also suffers panic attacks, so seeing a person like Tony who is known to the public as this tough guy just collapse now and then, and even see him getting teary with his psychiartrist is very intriging, and unigue, this is David Chase excellant gift, he has written a masterpeice in the charecter of Tony.

    But one of the real interesting parts of the show is the FBI, and how far they go throughout the 5 seasons to try and get something on Tony to no aveil is truly brilliant, theyve had rats, 1 which was Tony's best friend, and he had nothing, Tony's nephews fiance, again nothing, these two did'nt really want to rat out of course, but they simply couldnt do the time. The FBI has also had mics all in tony's house, tapped his phones. Will they ever catch him?

    For me this show is a real classic, everything about it is awesome, The Family, The Real Family, the Police always Trying to catch Tony, however hard it truly is, the characters, the acting, and the writing!

    Buy all seasons on dvd now. $100 (or £50 and lower in sales) is bargain for something this great. seriously.
  • Again, another show I cannot wait until it comes back off hiatus, and dread knowing that the end is near. Season six in March and perhaps an abbreviated season seven in the mix.

    This is a t.v. show I am somewhat conflicted about. Being from New Jersey, I sometimes wonder if it gives the implication that being from Jersey or being (even part) of Italian extraction is somehow an indicator of being mobbed up; but be that as it may, this is a good show.

    I especially like the conflict within Tony. I liked how Carmella evolved, and hope somehow she'll end up being happy, whether with Furio or with someone else.

    I think the initial draw for me was wondering from week to week, who was going to get "whacked."

    Sad to see DiMatteo's character get whacked; in a sense they did her a favor. Ever have IBS? She had to have been in misery.

    Favorite episode: when Ralphie was beheaded.
  • What Can I Say? Its Awesome!

    This has to be one of the best series of all time for writing, production quality, acting, and pretty much everything else. I missed the first few seasons as the concept didn't interest me too much; after getting into Mafia films I decided I wanted to watch The Sopranos, but realised I had missed too much as Season 4 was starting. Luckily, one of my mates had the first 3 seasons on DVD and so I watched them all in a few weeks. I was hooked from the Pilot, James Gandolfini plays Tony Soprano to perfection; the supporting cast are also outstanding - in particular Silvio made me laugh through the first season with his Godfather impressions and Paulie is just funny in general. The way the show goes from family life to mob "Business" is amazing, and the scenes in the psychiatrists office are inspired - the character of Dr. Melfi is played brilliantly and brings a dynamic to the show that just makes it all the more impressive. Season 3 was a bit weaker and slower than the others but was still excellent; the recent season (5) was one of the best and Steve Buscemi brought some more star quality into the series. Generally, this series shows no sign of lowering its standards; Season 6 should bring the story to a great finale and the only criticism I have for the show as a whole is the gap between seasons.
  • What the fuh --- gettaboutit?

    Great, great show and the only reason I buy HBO every season it airs. The show only gets better every time out and there's no denying the popularity! It speaks for itself.

    The only beef I have is adding Steve Buschemi in this last season. I like Steve, but all I could think everytime I saw him was Mr. Pink and that I've seen him many, many times. He's too recognizable.

    I never really heard how many more seasons there will be, but I can't wait until more will be HBO time!!
  • Greatest Show on TV!

    The Sopranos has to be one of the greatest and most original shows ever made. The acting is absolutely superb and my favorite part of the show is how they mix up the story. Its not constantly about killing others like a typical Mafia movie. This show mixes it up with family, friends and made guys. You just have to love the show...
  • Wow! Here's a show that leaves you feeling like you saw a really good movie that comes in one hour installments.

    I don't know why I didn't start watching this sooner! I love everything about from the opening credits to their lovely accents!
    All the events just seem to flow together. There's no feeling of anything being contrived. And the characters are truely believable and very human. I am now officially hooked!
  • This show sucks.

    I am sick and tired of all the fuss over this show. This show glorifies the mob and murder, and I think it sends a very bad message to the young people of America. HBO needs to can this show pronto. I do not watch HBO anymore, because this show is still on its airspace.
  • This show is just a soap opera for men. It is use muck and a sad attempt at anything.

    All the Sopranos is is this. A useless attempt at a amle soap opera. Not only does this show lack quality but its over hyped to boot. I should sue HBO for cruel and unusual punishment. It was a complete waste of my time and I am almost posotive it killed my brain cells. This show deffinetly takes the "Italian thing" way to far. I spend a lot of time around people of such decent and the stereotype is apauling. I can say nothing nice about this series. It is useless and its veiwers are brainless idiots who are transposing themselves into a world where they copuld get respect. not going to happen.
  • Forget about it!

    I never seen a mob movie I didn't like. lol Seriously, this is the best tv show in years. ...was my favorite until DEADWOOD came out. I'm a huge fan! Can be funny as all get out, too! I can't wait until the next season! Gee, they're taking their sweet time between seasons. It better be good!
  • The Italian Mafia. (sarcastic Yay)

    Na Na Na NA Nanannana Hey Hey GOOD BYE. Na Na Na NA Nanannana Hey Hey GOOD BYE. Finally its going to over. I've waited along time for this. This show is so horrible. I know lots of people like it, but I can't stand it at all. Not something for me.
  • You're gonna love this!

    Firstly, if your a fan of Goodfellas, Godfather, A Bronx Tale, etc, then without a single doubt, your gonna love this.
    The Sopranos is a great series and contains everything from violence to comedy and loving families, meaning it's alot more then just a gangster drama. The series follows the life of a gangster called Tony Soprano. But he's more then just a mafia boss, he's also a loving, caring family man with a wife and kids. It portrays the way Tony deals with stress and panic attacks, forcing him to visit a shrink. It also shows you Tony's organised crime buisness, and the mishaps that come with it.
    It also follows the life of his uncles and nephews and friends, along with his troublesome and disorientated mother. all of this combined makes for humourous yet extreme viewing, of a mob boss whos about to get in touch with his feelings.
    It's brilliantly written and acted, and so realistic. One minute Tony is running someone over with a friend's Lexus and sticking a gun in his face. The next minute he's playing video games with his son, it's such a fantastic series.
  • This show is interesting and I can't quite decide if I like it or not.

    This show is interesting and I can't quite decide if I like it or not. Some of he story lines I really get into, but so much of it is too grotesque and beyond shocking that I can't quite decide. I think that HBO does a good job of showing these dark shows, yet this is the only one I've even watched.
  • A mob boss with a shrink as his real "consigliere." WOW!

    Easily one of the best dramas to ever hit television. Sensational writing, acting and plotlines. Gandolfini and Falco are absolutely perfect as Tony & Carmella. Season 4 was a downer, but they recovered nicely in #5. It gave us some of the best episodes in the show's history - with "Long Term Parking" being at the top. The hiatus gives true fans several questions to ponder: Will Johnny Sack's arrest allow Tony to move in on NY's action? WIll Christopher or Paulie be the first to go over the edge? Will Tony stay loyal to Carmella, or will Dr Melfi be a factor? Will AJ become the son Tony really hopes for, and most importantly: what ever DID happen to the Russian from "Pine Barrens?" I can't wait to find out.
  • The perfect show for the mob fan!

    The Sopranos is absolutly fabulous. Filled with original characters, suspensful action, and ground breaking drama. One of the things I like the most about The Sopranos is the symbolism and thought provoking conversations. When watching this show you will fall in love with characters such as Big Pussy, Tony Soprano, and Paulie Walnuts. Although the show occasionaly feels slow paced you will love evey moment spent with the Soprano family. This show seems very realistic in showing how stressful it would be trying to hold together a failing marriage, raise rebellious kids, and keep matters straight at "work". The Sopranos comes highly recomended.
  • In my opinion There is no better show on TV right now.

    This show according to me is the best show on TV ever. Its is cutting edge it has great writing, it has a great cast, it has guest directors such as Steve Bushemi, it has great music and has been nominated and won a ton of emmy's. This show is the best medium for mob life to be seen. Keeping true to the mob scene set by Coppola and Scorcessi this show takes you in deeper to the mafia and the people that make it up. James Gandolphini is the best on screen mafia skipper I have ever seen and is also a career rebuilding role for great actors like Joe Pantiliano aka Joey Pants. So if you are in the mood for a great mob show with grwat writing and great acting then what are you waiting for this show sets the bar high for media mafia related.
  • A great show if you enjoy the Godfather!

    Just like the new-age mob boss lives, the Sopranos is wild, and action packed. These seasons have been awesome, and one of the best TV shows on TV. I personally own the seasons, and love this show. I wish they would keep making more episodes.

    Watching this show once will have you beggin for more
  • I'm Italian and I'm from NJ need I say more.

    I have to be honest The Sopranos is the reason I have HBO again. We bought my father The Sopranos first season on DVD for Christmas when it came out, we had heard good things about it, and he liked all of the mafia movies. We started watching the episodes every night at my parents house, we were all hooked I think we watched a few episodes each night until we had finished, we couldn't wait for HBO to show the new episodes. The writing is top of the line, the actors do a great job making you feel for their characters. Tony Soprano surprises you every episode. Once again I'm sitting waiting for the new season.
  • The sopranos- Best Drama series ever made

    The Sopranos- This has to be the best Drama series i have ever seen. I hope The Sopranos is around for a long time. Not only do we see Life in The Mob, But we also get to see a little italian Culture. Im from The West Coast So the only Italian-americans i get to see are the guys in This Show. There is no better character in television than an Italian Mob Boss. Great Acting, Great Story line..i love it .
  • Great Show

    I love this show! Sunday nights are turning into my favorite. Season 5 is the best ever! Season 6 is going to be greater!Tony Soprano is the ultimate mob boss. HBO should renwe it for another season after the sixth one. One of the greatest dramas and shows in television history.
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