The Sopranos

HBO (ended 2007)





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  • Never will there be a moment greater than this.

    I remember the days when The Sopranos was a weekly event.For me it was a moment in time worthy of a pause.Everybody was working for the weekend while I was working for the Soprano.Watching this show gave me one of the best feelings that I have had in a long time.Almost like being a kid at Christmas.The wait was that intense and that much more satisfying when a new episode would air,But yet that much more melon Colly when it would end as well. And no ,I don't have posters,collector items or a weird shrines build in homage to the show.lets just say it was the one bright star in this mans average life. But to say the least, I think a lot of people have had these feelings .Whether it be this show or "I love Lucy" from a much later era.When its gone,you feel like things will never be the same. It was a great show,it was a good time and most of all it was life style.