The Sopranos

HBO (ended 2007)





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  • Sopranos - It's in my top 3 best shows of all time.

    Each episode doesn't leave you hanging for the next but at the same time it does. Almost like enjoying a rather fulfilling meal only to be yearning for the next as each episode begins and ends on it's own accord.

    The time line throughout the show is very realistic as days, weeks or even months may pass and the cast is well structured as well as the storyline, which is primarily based around respect and preservation for all members involved (unless they're flipped by the feds).

    The show captured me from the very first episode and continued to intrigue and interest throughout the seasons as numerous plots thicken followed by many twists and turns.

    I rate this show and firmly believe it's without a doubt a closer to the truth portrayal of what the mafia is about, unlike the bleak vision of that of The Godfather.

    Do yourself a favor and watch it, it won't disappoint.