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  • It's outstanding writing, acting, direction and setting made it one of the most sublime cutting edge show in television history

    The Sopranos is a television show based around the Italian American New Jersey crime family. Focusing on the protagonist ''Tony Soprano'' who is a mob boss who suffers from a genetic history of stressful panic attacks. He becomes diagnosed with depression and starts to see a psychiatrist. He deals with these problems in his own way both helping and disgracing his own wife and kids. The first 4 seasons were absolutely brilliant. The show wasn't just a cliched Italian mafia crime movie involving nothing but swears and a mediocre plot. The show was about Tony and the people around him, the show was so dramatic as it was hilarious in it's own way. Some of the most memorable characters made it what it was today. Season 5 and 6 weren't as good but still good seasons.

    I would definitely recommend this show to anyone because you will thoroughly enjoy it no matter were you're from.

    To sum up out of ten for each season i'd say:

    Season 1: 9.7/10
    Season 2: 8.7/10
    Season 3: 9.6/10
    Season 4: 9.7/10
    Season 5: 7.7/10
    Season 6: 6.9/10
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