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  • It's something different


    I decided to watch The Sopranos few months ago , I've been always curious to know what this show is about and why it gets all that hype and positive critics .

    In my opinion the show did something different to the world of T.V , it's not only show about mafia or about Tony Sopranos and his relations with society . It's about Family Values that it's not easy to find nowadays .

    The show is outstanding in Writing , Acting and Directing and it really deserves all these awards . All the acting cast are really great and talented , and I think James Gandolfini is one of the best actors ever , Both of him and Bryan Cranston are the greatest actors of the last decade . Not to forget about David Chase who always reminds me with Martin Scorsese, The way David wrote the show and created it proves this I think .

    I only finished three season of the show and there are all great and the second one is the best of them , I heard that the other three seasons are not as greatness as the first three but whatever happens I don't really care because what I saw from this show in the first three season forces me to give it a 10 without any doubt .

    Overall This is highly recommended , Thanks for reading and forgive me if there is any English mistakes , English is my second language

    Greetings !

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