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  • The Americanized Mafia Soap Opera.For Kids!

    Everything about the sopranos except the core plot is great. How ever the mafia core is just plain ***ed. What you get with the Sopranos is a well done series of what mafia would have been like with a brain damaged leader in the town of Unnamedsville with population of 4000 people. While drama lovers certainly are going to appreciate a good production, and the pseudo-mafioso spicing. While watching an Joe potato gangster argue with his wife on a daily basis certainly has an audience, and that has already been verified, it can't stand as any criminal portrayal be it fictional or realistic.That is unless you want to watch the head of the Mafia, in an American state populated by 8 million people, at the peak of his career personally negotiating a deal on the street, with common truck hijackers about a full truck of garage tools enticing the dealers for further business by offering to return the truck with shampoo with 20$ retail price - per.

    Apparently the crime element in the show has somewhat slipped past 99% of the criminal activities that have been going around America for over a century, And the scale is too dumb to be even funny. Overall if you would like to see a televised motion of what the mafia would like in the head of a three year old you should go ahead. If you like personal dramas with the American flavor its for you. However if you want a show with even basic sense of dignity you won't be able to enjoy actors doing great performances on crime subjects most often near relevant as a turd, having a dip of sloppy murder occasionally.

    As the previous reviewer put it excellently "turn of your brain" is a prerequisite for most enjoyment you can acquire out of it. Once again, there is certainly an audience for this. However this review is for anyone so anyone with other tastes, should know what they are getting into.