The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 7

Second Opinion

Aired Unknown Apr 08, 2001 on HBO

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    With seven episodes down and only six remaining, there can no longer be a prominant theme throughout the entire season like in the previous ones. Im sure if you look really deep you can find some hidden themes, but nothing as strong as what we had in seasons one and two. This episode was pretty average, with the writers switching up the character focuses which seems to be there favorite way to tell this story of the Sopranos. Last episode focused a lot on Meadow Tony, while this one switched back over to BP's wife and Junior. I never have liked Juniors scenes without Tony in them and I still continue that feeling after this episode. Overall, this is an example of your typical run of the mill "nothing special" episode of the Sopranos. Couple of high points, mainly the ending scene between Tony and Carmela, where Tony surprised Carmela by giving her what she wants. Very well written to close out the episode.
  • Edie Falco's finest hour, and that's saying a LOT!

    When I was in a psych. class in college, a professor showed us this episode as an example of "reality therapy." As I watched, I kept thinking to myself "who the hell is this amazing actress??" I had never seen the show. It made me a devoted fan, and Falco is at the center of the episode; her scene in the college dorm, waiting for Meadow (all depressed), and her electric moment, when the Dr. says her husband works for the Mafia and she crumbles, are sublime. I was astonished by her acting abilities in this. The other stories, about Junior's doctor problems, etc. are fairly weak, but luckily they are sidelined for the main story, which is Carmella's depression and inability to know how to handle it.
    Hands down one of my all time favorite episodes and performances, in a series filled with many masterpieces. If you haven't seen it in a while, rewatch that scene with Carmella and the psychiatrist, and just watch how Falco works that scene so well, to reveal so many emotions. It's magic. Oh, and this episode earned her her second of three emmys. Many thought Bracco had it with "employee of the month" (the rape episode), but they chose the correct winner, bc Falco's diverse emotions are on full display. Enjoy.
  • Episode centered most on contrary arguments!!!

    This episode is kind of an exception...Not very important to the series, it didn't contain very violent scenes, that this show has one accustomed with...Junior undergoes an operation to cure himself of the cancer...Tony is very worried about him and tries to do his best to help him...Paulie and Chris have a lot of arguments, concerning various themes...Carmela is depressed, due to Tony's behaviour so she goes to see a psychiatrist... She receives the advice to divorce Tony and take the kids away...When Tony finds out that Juniors doctor doesn't take his calls, he decides to make a visit, in order to better explain him the situation.