The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 13

Soprano Home Movies

Aired Unknown Apr 08, 2007 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Bobby and Janice host a wild 47th birthday bash for Tony at their Adirondacks vacation home. Tony's actions following Johnny Sack's arrest come back to haunt him.

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  • This episode is really pushing the line here

    Once I thought that you can watch Tony picks up is nose for a full episode of sopranos and still be glued to the screen. This episode is really pushing the line here. Watching those guys playing Monopoly for 15 min isn't that interesting. I still enjoyed it but it was almost too much. Nothing really happens. But, maybe they are building the tension towards the next and last episodes of this fantastic show. Moreover, I must add, that the all fight with Bobby and the last scene wasn't doing it for me, I couldn't feel anything. Should I be sad for Bobby? I don't know.moreless
  • The start of the last epsiode is a good one overall.

    The first episode in the last season of The Sopranos is nothing realy special. It´s Tonys birthday and they go to Bobby and Janices house to celibrate. Tony and bobby gets in a fight while sitting at the table, for teasing his wife. I think the episode was pretty wierd, example: Who was the guy Bobby shot in the end? I don´t have mutch more to say about this episode... the enviorments is beutiful and sets the right feeling to it. The acting is as usual, good directing, and pretty good writing. Only 8 words left now so i end this review with: BYE.moreless
  • Nothing great but pretty damn funny and amusing. (spoilers)

    The very start was amusing, makes me wonder about stuff now, of course you'd never expect that gun from season 5 to come back. The rest of the episode though I wish it did go in the direction of this case. The whole trip to Bobby's place farther up north and the whole stay there was funny often but some scenes dragged on a bit. I thought that a conversation that mattered would come up but one didn't , they would just talk about senseless stuff, just a story here and there. Bobby's fight with Tone was pretty great and some tensions between his sister and Carm added some juice to the episode which it needed. These are the last 9 episodes so they say and I don't think there's a single minute to spare though. I just know that things are going to feel rushed.

    Wonder if that gun Bobby gave Tone is ever going to be used on something besides a tree.moreless
  • Tony celebrates his birthday with Carmella, Janice and Bobby.

    I feel it necessary to add that this episode was not intended to introduce the season.I believe that much of this episode is foreshadowing. For example, Tony and Bobby were both standing, starring off into the water; Janice commented on knowing that stare. David Chase, one of the premier writers on television, did not just add that for nothing. Like all good writers, Chase is slowly unvieling his final scene. Chase has said in interviews that some fans will be disappointed with his finale.

    I urge you to savor the moments, as programs of this quality are rare.moreless
  • Good beginning to the season.

    I enjoyed this first episode to the 'last' season of the Sopranos. I'm not sure what storyline they are following yet. Maybe it was suppose to bring us up to speed on what has happened (kind of). I liked the birthday party up to the fighting. It seemed so against Bobby's character to fight Tony like that. He has always shown respect and a quiet dignity, now a couple drinks later, and he's coming down on the boss and his brother in-law, happy birthday Tony. It's nice to see the Sopranos back, my only wish is that Tony doesn't bite it in the end.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Janice: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... Boardwalk. I own it.
      Tony: You blew guys under it.

    • Janice: "Second prize in a beauty contest collect $10." (to Tony) Go ahead, make your stupid joke.
      Tony: I got nothing to say.
      Bobby: Think I'll buy a railroad.
      Tony: A German shepherd's shaved asshole won first prize.

    • (on Monopoly's unofficial 'Free Parking rule')
      Bobby: You show me that in the rules.
      Carmela: Technically it isn't in the rules, but a lot of people play that way. Adds a whole new level of excitement to the game.
      Bobby: I don't agree with that.
      Janice: Bobby, when we were growing up in our house, this is how we played.
      Bobby: You know the Parker brothers took time to think this all out. I think we should respect that.
      Janice: Fuck the Parker brothers. Just play the game.

    • Tony: (to Bobby) Eighty percent of the time it ends up in the can like Johnny Sack. Or on the embalming table at Cozzarelli's.

    • Carmela: Meadow's staying in all weekend to study. Pediatricians aren't the highest paid doctors—that's radiologists. Still, what a wonderful thing to be.

    • Janice: Wait til you see the shots of Aunt Gemma from the 60s. You forget what a beauty she was before the steroids.

    • (Tony returns from jail)
      Blanca: (incredulous) They let him out already?
      A.J.: What she means is, in our neighborhood people don't get out right away.

    • Federal Attorney: (berating district attorney who had Tony arrested on a weapons charge) You had to have your cheap headline, huh? Can you really not be aware that we have been building a RICO case against Tony Soprano for five fucking years? Then you blow this popcorn fart!

    • Meadow: That show of force; was that all about humiliating dad?

    • Carmela: (to Tony) I'm supposed to be turned on by you beating up your brother-in-law on your 47th birthday?

    • Tony: (to Bobby) If Frank Sinatra were coming here to celebrate his birthday, would you leave the lawn like that? It looks like shit.
      Janice: He has enough lawn maintenance at the new house since somebody let the gardener go.
      Tony: Oh, the house wasn't enough?

  • NOTES (8)

    • The German episode title is "Soprano Home Movies".

    • The Adirondacks house scenes were actually filmed on Lake Oscawana in the town of Putnam Valley, NY. The house once belonged to actor Roy Scheider and is still in the family.

    • Greg Antonacci is billed with the main cast for this episode.

    • Though credited, Lorraine Bracco and Dominic Chianese do not appear in this episode. Additionally, Vincent Curatola appears only in a flashback.

    • Due to an extended HBO series preview, the start of the episode was delayed two minutes.

    • Music: "This Magic Moment" by Ben E. King; "Love Hurts" by Nazareth; "Moonlight Mile" and "Out of Time" by The Rolling Stones; "Trouble in Paradise" by The Crests; "Funk 49" by James Gang; "Killer Joe" by Rocky Fellers; "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck; "Girl from Ipanema" by Antonio Carlos Jobim; Mitridate, re di Ponto by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    • Due to the piracy of a DVD Screener put out by HBO to promote the start of Season 6 Part II, this episode was made illegally available on the Internet a week before its original air date on Sunday, April 1st, 2007.

    • This restart of season 6 was intended to premiere in January, but knee injuries sustained by James Gandolfini in a scooter accident delayed production.