The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 13

Soprano Home Movies

Aired Unknown Apr 08, 2007 on HBO

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  • This episode is really pushing the line here

    Once I thought that you can watch Tony picks up is nose for a full episode of sopranos and still be glued to the screen. This episode is really pushing the line here. Watching those guys playing Monopoly for 15 min isn't that interesting. I still enjoyed it but it was almost too much. Nothing really happens. But, maybe they are building the tension towards the next and last episodes of this fantastic show. Moreover, I must add, that the all fight with Bobby and the last scene wasn't doing it for me, I couldn't feel anything. Should I be sad for Bobby? I don't know.
  • The start of the last epsiode is a good one overall.

    The first episode in the last season of The Sopranos is nothing realy special. It´s Tonys birthday and they go to Bobby and Janices house to celibrate. Tony and bobby gets in a fight while sitting at the table, for teasing his wife. I think the episode was pretty wierd, example: Who was the guy Bobby shot in the end? I don´t have mutch more to say about this episode... the enviorments is beutiful and sets the right feeling to it. The acting is as usual, good directing, and pretty good writing. Only 8 words left now so i end this review with: BYE.
  • Nothing great but pretty damn funny and amusing. (spoilers)

    The very start was amusing, makes me wonder about stuff now, of course you'd never expect that gun from season 5 to come back. The rest of the episode though I wish it did go in the direction of this case. The whole trip to Bobby's place farther up north and the whole stay there was funny often but some scenes dragged on a bit. I thought that a conversation that mattered would come up but one didn't , they would just talk about senseless stuff, just a story here and there. Bobby's fight with Tone was pretty great and some tensions between his sister and Carm added some juice to the episode which it needed. These are the last 9 episodes so they say and I don't think there's a single minute to spare though. I just know that things are going to feel rushed.

    Wonder if that gun Bobby gave Tone is ever going to be used on something besides a tree.
  • Tony celebrates his birthday with Carmella, Janice and Bobby.

    I feel it necessary to add that this episode was not intended to introduce the season.I believe that much of this episode is foreshadowing. For example, Tony and Bobby were both standing, starring off into the water; Janice commented on knowing that stare. David Chase, one of the premier writers on television, did not just add that for nothing. Like all good writers, Chase is slowly unvieling his final scene. Chase has said in interviews that some fans will be disappointed with his finale.
    I urge you to savor the moments, as programs of this quality are rare.
  • Good beginning to the season.

    I enjoyed this first episode to the 'last' season of the Sopranos. I'm not sure what storyline they are following yet. Maybe it was suppose to bring us up to speed on what has happened (kind of). I liked the birthday party up to the fighting. It seemed so against Bobby's character to fight Tony like that. He has always shown respect and a quiet dignity, now a couple drinks later, and he's coming down on the boss and his brother in-law, happy birthday Tony. It's nice to see the Sopranos back, my only wish is that Tony doesn't bite it in the end.
  • Nothing earth-shattering happens in this episode, at least on the surface. But I'm betting that David Chase has a plan-that this seemingly slow start is meticulously crafted to fire up the steamroller momentum of the conclusion of this incredible series.

    I know there have been numerous complaints about this inaugural episode of the second half of the series' final season- that it was too slow-moving, that there were none of the action scenes that The Sopranos is known for, that focusing on Tony, Carm, Bobby and Janice left out other members of the cast. All points well taken. But I suspect there is more to this episode than meets the eye.

    Like many of the others, I came to this episode hoping to experience some of the touchstones that have become the hallmarks of The Sopranos: thrilling action sequences, intense scenes of high drama, an ensemble cast at the peak of their powers- and, guess what? It was all there. I admit, it does take a close examination to see this ep's importance in the grand scheme of things, but I believe it has the potential to be pivotal. Many have lamented that this was no way to begin the run of final episodes. I agree-I expect something entirely different from a season opener. But remember, this is not a season opener. It's a middle-of-the-season installment, and viewed as such, it is a perfectly appropriate addition to the Sopranos canon.

    I, for one, liked the atmosphere of foreshadowing, foreboding and dread that was so masterfully created by Chase and company. I'm sure that they felt the pressure to present a slam-bang episode that would elicit howls of approval from the ranks of the faithful. But that would have been the easy way out, and Chase is nothing if not expert at zigging just when you expect him to zag. This guy is a master craftsman at work. I'm looking forward to the pieces falling together in these last few episodes, and I'm satisfied with the tone this entry has set for that. Yeah, I know, it seems like a slow start, but have you ever seen a steamroller in action? What a slow, lumbering contraption it seems to be! But I wouldn't park in front of one. Roll on, baby! Roll on!
  • So off it's a joke!

    Whats Tony doing getting involved with this small time pill crap? It's so totally beneath him and out of character. Also: hasn't Bobby always been a true foot soldier and extremly loyal towards Tony? That and hard core wise guy Phil whines to a group of his mob buddies about falling of a bicycle. Could the plot get lamer? And exactly how many seconds did we get to see Christoffer in this episode?

    This was by far the most boring episode yet, ever. And its the season opener people! Lets hope it gains momentum from here, or they've lost me as a fan. Please let da mob go out with a big bang and not with a little whimper that this latest episode has set the tone of!
  • Interesting episode… but not worthy of a season premiere.

    Something keeps bringing me back to The Sopranos, even after the last 2 seasons where I vowed to never watch again. “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in!”

    Highlights of this episode:

    • I thought the arrest of Tony on the gun charge was very well done. Seeing Tony behind bars may be some foreshadowing to something to some. • The drunk monopoly scene with Janice, Bobby, Carmela, and Tony was very fun to watch. • I also enjoyed the boat sequence between Bobby and Tony. Lowlights of this episode:

    • At the end of Season 6a it appeared as though A.J. was becoming more responsible; with his job and new found girlfriend. When Season 6b starts he seems back to his immature ways. I don’t get that
    • I needed more of an explanation of what was going on with the “New York” mob guys. There were some new faces that didn’t get introduced properly. • No Dr. Melfi
    • I couldn’t really understand why there was so much build up around Bobby having to “clip” that guy. This is someone who has been in the mafia a long time, and you expect me to believe this affected him that much?

    Overall it was an interesting episode. I just wish they wouldn’t treat each episode as it’s own entity. After I finished watching “Soprano Home Movies” I don’t really know where it fits into the whole grand scheme of the show, and with only 8 more episodes left they really don’t have time for filler episodes.
  • Tony ponders the future as he celebrates his 47th birthday, Bobby steps up, amybe one step to many though, and Christopher is on the outs with Tony.

    Well here it is the final nine episodes of The Sopranos and it’s about time. First up “Sopranos Home Movies” to get us started with what is sure to be some of the best episodes of the series, at least that’s what I hope. What better way to start these final episodes then with Tony being arrested, is this their way of foreshadowing what’s to be or not to be Tony's demise? Either way I’m sure that the ending will be something that will keep us in suspense for the next two months, nonetheless there’s a lot of in between to be savored. We already get the feel that Tony and Christopher isn’t quite as close as they used to be, and that leaves us to ponder what’s in-store for Christopher. Will old habits come back to haunt him, or will unnecessary distractions keep him from taking care of business and therefore cause Tony to question his loyalty as well as his ability to take on the position that Tony has been grooming him for. Once Tony loses faith in Christopher as his right hand man how much of Christopher’s distractions will Tony put up with, and if Christopher’s old habits come back on Tony’s radar will Christopher get that same chance given to him several seasons ago, it’s doubtful. It was clever how they put a handgun charge on Tony that stems from a discarded handgun from the last episode of Season Five when Tony and John had met early in the morning at John’s house, and the FBI was coming to arrest John so Tony took off running and discarded a handgun in the snow which was seen by the teenage boy who subsequently recovered the weapon. Over the next couple of years the teenage boy played with a handgun shooting cans and what not and was caught with it, and after being caught he told the police where he got from thereby turning Tony in. Tony was released shortly thereafter and decided to go to the lake house with Carmela to visit his sister Janice and his brother in-law Bobby, as well as to celebrate is 47th birthday. During the visit Tony along with Bobby went fishing and while out in the boat they talked at which time Tony commended Bobby for having stepped-up and indicated looking to the future that he had questions about things he had planned, which you know he was talking about Christopher, and how there may be changes. It seemed that he might be considering Bobby for an even greater position, but he didn’t make that completely clear for now. Unfortunately later on while he, Carmela, Janice, and Bobby were playing Monopoly as well as drinking Tony had made some harsh remarks towards his sister Janice, and for anyone who has watched this show knows that there isn’t anything unusual for him or her to do so towards one another. Yet this time Bobby who has never stood up to Tony finally had enough and sucker punched the very inebriated Tony thus a fight broke out. Unfortunately for Tony and possibly quite unfortunate for Bobby, Tony ended up the loser. Some will argue that Tony being drunk, and having been sucker punched was the only reason that he lost, but many will agree that he may have had it coming to him with regards to Bobby. Throughout this series I don’t think anyone has had to put up with more verbal abuse then Bobby from Tony, and given the fact that even after Janice married Bobby, Tony still made plenty of harsh insults to Janice in front of Bobby. Because Tony is her brother and the boss of the family Bobby of course had reservations about saying anything to Tony, but one would wonder what Tony’s reaction would be if Bobby were to say the same things to Carmela. Tony later on in the night woke up and was seemingly still intoxicated when he walked into Janice and Bobby’s bedroom to tell Bobby he won the fight fair and square while startling them in the process. Janice needless to say was not happy about Bobby attacking Tony the way he did, and made that clear to Bobby. The next day Tony and Bobby had some business to take care of regarding a deal with some Canadian criminals and importing drugs for resale, and as part of the negotiation with the Canadians they asked Tony if he could take care of someone they wanted whacked. Tony gave the contract to Bobby whom we just found out the other day that Bobby had never whacked anyone, so for whatever reason Tony, possibly because of the fight between him and Bobby, gave the contract to him. Afterwards Tony & Carmela finished up their visit with Bobby and Janice then left to go back home. Bobby being a good soldier took care of the contract and went to Canada and whacked the person according to the negotiations. Regarding Christopher, while Tony was at the Lake House Christopher finally called after having no regard to check on Tony when he was arrested, nor for the hearing, or even after Tony got out. Letting a substantial amount of time go by before checking in with Tony thus shunning Tony and therefore putting more distance between the two. Tony upon answering the phone and hearing Christopher hung up on him thereby showing how Christopher has fallen from Tony’s graces, and certainly is going to be on Tony’s radar with only a few episodes left I doubt that there is going to be a good outcome for Christopher. Bobby upon returning to his family, and holding his youngest daughter seemed different having made the hit for the first time how this will affect him will be interesting to see. This weekend with Tony may or may not have been a bad thing, first thought Bobby having stepped up already therefore having earned respect in Tony’s eyes to begin with is a good thing, and Bobby having stood up to Tony may have also earned him more respect by Tony also the fact that it happened around his sister and wife and not around the guys makes it a different situation. If it would’ve happened around the guys then Tony would’ve had to handle it in a much different way because of respect for the boss, and having someone directly challenge the boss would mean Bobby’s death. But given the fact it happened in private well the story is open to interpretation as opposed to having the guys witness it, and so Tony can handle it differently without going to extremes if anything at all. Another thing having Bobby do the hit without any question, and being a loyal soldier could count in his favor as well; Bobby gave Tony no arguments but did as he was told without question. Now the other school of thought could be Tony will hold this against Bobby and deal with him at some later date, or did Bobby possibly leave any evidence at the hit that might get him caught, and then have him turn on Tony for the sake of his family. But would Janice go along with that if that were the case or prefer her brother's favor? That’s another possibility that could play out as the series ends who knows? At any rate that’s one down, and eight to go so lots more to be played as we get to that final episode, and hopefully it’ll be one to remember. Take care.

    Peace To All.
  • Did everyone miss the plot error?

    Why would Tony Soprano, the street smart boss who, just a few scenes prior, repeated his intent to insulate himself from direct contact with crime, openly conspire in a murder-for-hire with a couple of strangers from Canada? This is a cheap plot gimmick to set up Bobby for his first hit. The writers have apparently gotten lazy after all these years. For a show that prides itself on realism and authenticity, this is a disappointing episode. I hope that this is not a sign of things to come. Even more surprising is that David Chase is given co-writing credit. This seems beneath him.
  • Bobby finally gets back at Tony. Sort of!

    I have seen every show so far and agree with most that the time between seasons makes it easy to not care as much. It made me have too high expectations last year. With that said, this installment was very entertaining.

    I have loved Bobby since I saw him in his hunting gear to go find Pauly and Chris. In addition, JR. was always my favorite and watching Bobby as his lackey was fantastic. Throw in he has to deal with Janice and Tony. How could you not like seeing him kick Tony's arse and seeing that monopoly piece on Tony's face? I also loved Tony's excuses, seeing Carm defend him (as if he is not a complete jerk), and Tony making Bobby "pop his cherry." Tony reminded me so much of his mother on this show.

    I will admit that I wish there was more of the normal gang.
  • The family that puts the Fun in Dysfunctional are back!

    It always amuses me, in episodes of this show that aren't constantly splattered with murderous violence, how viewers react with boredom. "Nothing happened?" Life is not a constant dramatic litany of events. Things are set in motion in one moment that may not bear fruit for days, weeks...even years. That's why I've always liked the Sopranos, and why I enjoy other programs with similar intelligent writing, acting and directing. Everything isn't necessarily tidied up in a one-hour show. With that commentary out of the way, let's get to the episode. I liked it very much; not one of the best of the best, but a good way to ease us back into everyone's favourite mob family. As always, family dynamics with the Soprano families (both the biological and the mob) are intriguing, and where Bobby belongs to both those worlds...things are apt to get really interesting as the weeks unfold. I was surprised at Bobby finding his backbone--we've watched Tony needle him for several years now--and was irked at Tony's petty behaviour in sending him off to do the favour for the Canadian mobsters. It was a nice parallel between the two men; both having dropped weapons that may later come back to be their undoing.
  • I was not glued to the set. It seems the writing is as boring as last year.

    A yawner. I hope next week a character we already know gets blown away. Not some nameless Canadian. What was that about? The writing is too safe. It not designed too keep us on the edge. It was definetely more cutting edge in the first seasons. I feel (and so do all the Soprano fans I speak with) like let's just get it over with. Bring back Adrianna. Do something. It all seems too predictable. Let's have Tony find God. And sleep with Dr Melfi. Then get murdered by Phil's guys. Have AJ murder Uncle Junior, become head of the family. Story ends???
  • They let you out already??- Blanca (to Tony returning from Jail) Its been a while since Kutmasta has given a review since the abysmal Season 6 season finale but the 6A premiere left some hope for the season.

    Where do I start? An exceptional episode to start off the season finale, not pushing the envelope with surprising twist at the end or too many revealing factors near the end of the episode. It was appropriate tone coming from the previous episode that was about family. (or something like that) I especially liked the return of one of the funniest scenes from season 5 which was Tony running away after spotting the FBI squad on Johnny Sachs grounds. Yet we still see how calm Tony remains when being handcuffed which makes him the best Boss. However, when Bobby B beat his ass at the Cabin house, many feelings emerged. Bobby is showing his readiness to rise in rank as well as prove himself worthy of being able to handle his own. It was only right that Tony give Bobby his first "cherry poppin" kill as thanks for receiving a bigger part of a business. It's only the beginning but I have yet to give my predictions for the end. Tony lives and Christopher dies. P.S Just when you thought AJ couldnt be a bigger retard he goes and gets Blanca's name tattooed on his arm. David Chase im ready for a sick season, Direct on!!
  • I wasn't too fussy about this episode!

    I was kind of disappointed in this episode. Nothing really happend and everyone has been waiting so long for the show to return.. I think we deserved more.. Personally Bobby and Janice annoy me and I know Bobby is becoming more important but really was this episode necessary considering that there aren't that many episodes left? I was hoping to see everyone return in this episode!! We didn't even get a counselling session.. It was just not what I had been waiting for and I hope that the upcoming episodes return to the type of great television that made me a fan of The Sopranos in the first place!
  • In short, "Soprano Home Movies" had a great deal of foreshadowing that reveals a much deeper insight between Bobby Bacala" and Tony Soprano. In a not-so-shocking fight between the two, we see that being the boss' brother-in-law can me emasculating.

    Overall, the dialogue was as good as it has ever been, with the episode being very character-driven. Although the action, i.e., the fight between Bobby and Tony, may be seen by viewers as a plot device, it was a natural fall-out of these men given their very different relationship with Janice and the fact that Bobby feels he has to finally stand up to Tony in his own house. Granted, this new found courage comes from a bottle.

    To comment further, from the beginning it is made abundantly clear that things are not well in the Soprano household. Tony is awakened by the pounding of a sheriff's fists on his door; his son has tattooed the name of his Latina girlfriend on his arm; and his counterparts in New York have heard about the new gun charge leveled at him. Trying to escape this madness, Tony decides to take an offer of celebrating his 47th birthday with his sister and her husband, Bobby Bacala. A wonderful time is had by all, including a night of heavy drinking and Monopoly-playing, the result of which is a brotherly, albeit sharp, mention of Janice's prior sexual promiscuity -- sung to a rendition of "Under the Boardwalk". Bobby takes offense and an ugly fistfight between Bobby and Tony breaks out, with Bobby the winner.
    Bobby is scared about the repercussions of the fight, and Tony is embarrassed and compensating for his loss by rationalizing about his health after the shooting and his increasing age. This echoes an earlier conversation between Tony and Bobby in the episode, where it is revealed that Bobby has never performed a hit, while his father was an expert hitman (see previous seasons for details). Again, these events foreshadow Tony's decline -- he has lost something that is most dear to him: his ability to be the alpha male of his group. Although, the post-fight dramatics are kept to a minimum,
    Tony, still mentally ailing from his loss in the fight, exacts a dark revenge on Bobby. Tony orders him to perform a hit for new Canadian "business" partners. This seems a touch heavy-handed because of the earlier blatant discussion of Bobby's contrast against his father, and viewers can even tell that such an issue will come back to haunt the nice-guy Bobby.

    Bobby is visibly shaken when he hears that he is ordered to perform the hit, but like the stand-up guy that he is, he does his best to carry it out. Unfortunately, he leaves a startling amount of evidence behind, and is completely zoned-out when he performs the hit. Bobby has left the gun at the scene of the crime, used no gloves while using the gun, and had a large piece of his shirt ripped off by the victim. I don't think the boys in Canadian CSI are going to have a tough time finding him, esp. with the earlier mention of DNA evidence being a huge problem with performing hits.

    Here we see the demise of Bobby or at least the erosion of his nice-guy status; he is all-in at this point. Again, well-written, the actions as they occurred fell directly out of who the characters are. Tony, as much as we love him, can be incredibly petty and always consumed about his position as alpha male in every scenario. Bobby, although a nice guy and a hard-worker, has been forced to touch the dirtiest side of the "business", and he realizes that in some way this is payback for winning a fight, that he was justifiably right for pursuing. Janice, as usual, delivers her passive-aggressive (sometimes simply aggressive) emotional manipulation of those around her, while Carmella again tries to be the peacemaker but ends up defending Tony's actions. Exceptional episode - heavy handed revelation about Bobby's past and too convenient plot device of a new hit popping up just as soon as Bobby mentions his murderous virginity.
  • This episode wasnt great but i would have to disagree with everyone when they say its a filler episode

    This episode was i would think an average episode. Showing how bad of a parent Janice is (lol). Tonys fight with his brother in law over stupid jokes about his sister. But when Tony lost the fight and made sure Bobby knew that, he got his way. Bobby admits earlier in the episode that he has never killed anyone, and Tony makes sure that would be taken cared of. He murders some kid, but the worst part was he left d.n.a evidence. And i think that whole thing will blow up in his face. The episode started off slow but the last few episodes they will have i believe will be much better, i think they are just warming up.
  • This was a very disappointing season premier. This is a filler or set up episode for the rest of the year. I have been waiting so long to see it that when it was just a filler episode I was quite unhappy.

    Let's see if we can figure out how this is going to end, Tony will finally get indicted, Christopher will get his movie made, they have a clip of the movie On Demand, Bobby will take over the family and hopefully someone will snuff his wife.
    Tony got his once a year special loving, Bobby lost his cherry by doing a hit, but then left his t-shirt in the killers hands and the gun behind, did not see him wearing gloves. Maybe Bobby gets busted and turns on Tony.
    As for AJ they have run out of things for him to do, instead of working construction, he is working at a pizzeria, does he own it, why take the huge back step in pay, and he is still banging the chick from the construction company, and anyone else he can.
    I really thought they would do more, this is what my friend and I call a set up episode as you see them a lot in 24, moving characters around and setting them up for something later. Let's hope it gets better. They killed off Deadwood because it was too expensive to make, hey this one is a lot more expensive and you are strangling it.
  • Nothing really happened. I guess the writers were trying to set up certain plot points with this episode.

    It was good to have the sopranos back, but this episode was okay and just that, okay. Nothing really happened. There was some obvious attempts at foreshadowing going on. There will definitely be some tension with Bobby and Tony throughtout the season. More Dania Ramirez (Blanca) please. She is smoking hot!
  • What a disappointing premiere! I was hoping for a little more action but all we got was filler material!

    Now that there are only 8 episodes left, they have a lot of work to do to try to end this series. The basic plot of Tony, Carmela, Janice and Bobby celebrating Tony's b-day went on for too long. It was amusing however to watch Bobby kick the crap out of Tony. I think they could have gone a different route with the thrown-away gun. That gun could have been used as a better plot device other than that of a teenager picking it up to show off to his friends. What if one of Johnny Sacks men had found it? That would have been more interesting. One story that will be interesting as it evolves is that of AJ and Blanca. Is she in it for the money? Most-assuredly!
    I'll be tuning in for the remaining 8 episodes, I just hope to see some of my favorite characters and also to see some resolution.
  • Chase has lost his way, running in place since Season 3

    This edited excerpt from the HBO boards also captures my sentiments ...
    Disappointing episode. Bacalla, who was crying like a baby when the black kids shot him in the eye, suddenly becomes Macho Man? Unlikely. Toni gets knocked out on his birthday in front of Carmella, and Bacalla is unscathed? Unlikely. Bobby kills the french Canadian (please don't turn out to be Harpo) and leaves his DNA shirt sweat and chest hair on the scene, when earlier he'd told Tony about DNA matching? Unlikely. Tony gets pinched for a gun dropped two years earlier, without his fingerprints on it, just a teenager's eyewitness testimony (remember the witness w/ the Bevilaqua kid)? Unlikely. And where was this kid-in-the-window during the original scenes taped many episodes ago? Now we're going to revise and refilm plot points from 2005 in order to salvage 2007? What's next, a Bobby-Ewing dream denouement? Everyone's growing and changing except A.J., who parties at home with people he doesn't know. He's learned nothing from being a Soprano? Wasn't A.J. more responsible and grown up when he met Blanca and brought her home? Now he's back to Square One?
    I hope David Chase is going to suprise us with these Final Few, but this first effort was another visit to "Days Of Our Lives."
  • Start the Countdown till the series finale.

    It begins with Tony gets arrested on a weapons charge. His lawyer tells him it was dropped. So Tony goes away for his 47 Birthday, with his Wife and his sister and her husband. They go fishing, they get drunk, and then they play Monopoly,and thats when the fun begins. Tony plays by his rules, Tony's sister's husband gets mad, but calms down. Then while drunk Tony says a comment about his sister, and Tony's sister's husband punches Tony, and get into a huge fight. They start punching, kicking, and hiting each ither against the wall, Tony loses. Their was blood all over him, Tony gets deppressed about the fight. Then during the trip Tony and his brother in law do bussiness, but to make a deal they have to do a hit on a guy in a custody battle. Tony's brother in law shoot the guy, then the guy rips his shirt (evidence !!!!), and lodges a bullet in the guy's brain. I like that Tony got a machine gun for his Birthday. The funniest scene was when Tony's wife gave him a Birthday present in bed. I do think Tony's brother in law will get busted, and the police will find the evidence of the guy ripping his shirt.
  • The countdown now ticks to 8 episodes left...

    After coming back from an extended hiatus due to James Gandolfini's knee injury, the mid-season premiere of the last nine episodes are here, and they come in with a whimper more than a roar. The first part of the episode not really a lot happens except for the setting up of Tony being nice to Bobby Bacala, which I thought was pretty weird, considering you don't see Tony being nice to him all that much. The scuffle that Tony and Bobby had was very surprising to see, and probably one of the most memorable moments of the show, since the season's opener (last March), where Tony got plugged by Uncle Junior. Steve Schirripa was the stand-out of the episode was he actually given some scenes where he could sink his teeth into, and shows that he can be a good actor, instead of being a punching bag for Tony. Overall, it's a weak start to the last episodes, but I'm in it for the long haul...For better, or worse.
  • My bitter excitement for the premier of the beginning of the end may be clouding my judgment (rating 8 when perhaps it should be 7.5?) It wasn't bad, however I was longing to see all my other favorite characters, the ones I have really come to love.

    I think because of the setting out side of Jersey and away from familiar places we are used to made this episode feel "Usual" i dont know how to explain it. I noticed this feeling with a few episodes of the first part of season six.

    I think the best parts of this episode was the monopoly game, and when Tony left with Bobby for "golf"... I just thought it was really suspenseful with Carm and Janice checking there watches at the shore, I didn't know what to expect when they showed Tony and Bobby again. The ending wasn't overly exciting, however I do understand the idea, what I do not understand is how this will play out in the future...bitter feelings towards Tony from Bobby? Or is his first going to take him to higher places? For some reason I feel it could be possible in an ironic twist Bobby gets pinched for the murder..."with DNA evidence these days"

    Overall not bad, however much like the first part of six, I think many of us know there is so little time and we want more to happen.
  • The Sopranos are back! The premeire episode opens up with Tony getting arrested. He gets into a fist fight with his brother in law! Awesome!

    The Sopranos are back for their last season and it looks like it will be a doozy. I don't want to give too much away but, the episode was very interesting and didn't go to much into anyone into Tony's mob family but, it did set up a lot of things that are going to happen this season. Will Tony get put in jail or whacked? Or will he pull a "Goodfellas" and get put into the witness protection program? I'm doubting he'll just remain in the mob untouched. What's going to happen to A.J.? He's still a lazy party animal. Carmela seems like she's going to stand be her man no matter what. But, will there be betrayal with the mob families. The premeire episode told us two things. People are going to get tossed in jail and ALOT of people are going to get whacked. The Sopranos are back!
  • A perfect weekend away... for a while.

    Finally! The Sopranos long-awaited return has come. I'm excited and scarred for what's to come. How will David Chase end everything. How can you end a series like this of such magnitude? How can you please all of the fans?

    After a long wait, 'Soprano Home Movies' may not live up to all the hype, but you still get a special feeling watching the episode. It may seem like not a whole lot happened, but it's definitely setting the stage for what's to come. The whole Tony/Bacala relationship is magnificently laid out and it is evident that it's slowly developing into something positive. If the episode showed anything, it's that, even though Tony and Bobby can have a drunken brawl against each other, they are slowly becoming closer (brother-in-law status aside); Bobby is slowly starting to show more of his true worth slightly evident in past episodes, and Tony is also starting to recognise this. Although Christopher wasn't mentioned by name, I'm assuming that's who Tony was talking about when on the boat with Bacala, saying that he possibly has a different agenda.

    Primarily, the plot line with the Canadians was mainly used to reinforce to the Tony/Bacala relationship whilst adding a murder to spice things up a bit. This episode may not seem important at the moment, but later on in the arc of this part of the season, we may look back on this and realise how important this truly is.