The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 13

Soprano Home Movies

Aired Unknown Apr 08, 2007 on HBO

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  • They let you out already??- Blanca (to Tony returning from Jail) Its been a while since Kutmasta has given a review since the abysmal Season 6 season finale but the 6A premiere left some hope for the season.

    Where do I start? An exceptional episode to start off the season finale, not pushing the envelope with surprising twist at the end or too many revealing factors near the end of the episode. It was appropriate tone coming from the previous episode that was about family. (or something like that) I especially liked the return of one of the funniest scenes from season 5 which was Tony running away after spotting the FBI squad on Johnny Sachs grounds. Yet we still see how calm Tony remains when being handcuffed which makes him the best Boss. However, when Bobby B beat his ass at the Cabin house, many feelings emerged. Bobby is showing his readiness to rise in rank as well as prove himself worthy of being able to handle his own. It was only right that Tony give Bobby his first "cherry poppin" kill as thanks for receiving a bigger part of a business. It's only the beginning but I have yet to give my predictions for the end. Tony lives and Christopher dies. P.S Just when you thought AJ couldnt be a bigger retard he goes and gets Blanca's name tattooed on his arm. David Chase im ready for a sick season, Direct on!!