The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 14

Stage 5

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 2007 on HBO

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  • This episode has set the tone for some key characters, and The New Jersey & New York Mob Family's future dealings with each other.

    Okay this week’s Sopranos gave us a little more insight into what’s to come, and needless to say it appears Christopher and Tony are set on a collision course with an outcome that will leave only one standing. My thoughts are that Christopher doesn’t have many episodes left, and that he will not be the one standing. This week there are two prevalent themes that are showcased one being the death of Johnny Sack and The New York Mob, and the deterioration of Tony in Christopher’s relationship. With two episodes down and 7 left I expect soon that things are going to start to heat up. Sadly we find that Johnny Sack has only three months left because he is dying of lung cancer, and given the amount of cigarettes he smoked it’s of little surprise. Although seeing Johnny Sack in such a bad condition was surprising given all the years that we’ve seen him in top form as that prototypical gangster it was sad to see him go out like that. Next we skip over to Christopher’s new film “Cleaver” which is a horror film that the main character was obviously based on Tony, and the problem is that Tony fails to realize that the portrayal of him is not necessarily good, so Carmela opens Tony’s eyes to the fact that it’s not a positive portrayal of him. Carmela further points out to Tony that this is basically a fantasy revenge film, in which Christopher uses a boss similar too Tony right down to the bathrobe. The wise guy seeking to kill the boss with a Cleaver to the head exacting revenge, and in the film the boss has an affair with the attractive girlfriend which is a throwback to season five when Christopher had thought that Tony and Adriana had an affair which resulted from gossip after Tony and Adriana had a car accident in the middle of the night on a back road while Christopher was out-of-town. This incident resulted in Tony almost having to kill Christopher after Christopher drew down on Tony, and shot up Tony’s car as well . Though at first Tony found the movie entertaining, that is only until Carmela made him aware of the negative image that was portrayed of him, and then Tony became deeply disturbed. Tony in therapy had expressed to his Dr. the sadness that he felt realizing that this is how Christopher sees him. So she tried to see if Tony may be just reading too much into it, when Tony told her that he’s been in therapy too long, and that at this point he understands the subconscious. So pretty much no matter what is said he is now convinced Christopher subconsciously feels this way about him, and it hurt him that after all this time this is how Christopher feels towards him even with all they’ve been through together. Tony has been grooming Christopher to one-day take over the business it’s obvious that that isn’t going to happen unless something drastically changes over the next episode or two. But it’s doubtful at this point that Tony is going to take any positive look at him, and I believe Christopher will be one of the major characters that don’t make it. Christopher’s become a threat to Tony it’s obvious in Tony’s mind now, and Tony’s not one to ignore threats so close too home. There are a number of scenarios that could play out in Tony’s mind with Christopher that weigh against him. One is the fact that Tony had Adrianna killed, no matter what Christopher loved her and has brought up many times too Tony the sacrifice he made for him. Tony could see Christopher still harboring hatred towards him because of that. Second Christopher is wrapped up in the movie business now so Tony may feel that his head is no longer in the business, and that Christopher no longer makes that his priority, remember it was brought up that Christopher never comes around the Bing no more. Thirdly last season Christopher lied too Tony about that woman he was seeing on the side that Tony was interested in, and only came clean about it after being seen with her, having lied repeatedly to Tony prior to that. Fourth the relapses with drugs is one that if he is caught, and Tony finds out how deep his relapses are well that is definitely a big issue that’s been addressed in detail right before Christopher went to rehab with the consequences of him totally relapsing again. The fact that Christopher has a wife and kid could also make him more of a liability if caught with drugs or something big that would worry Tony that Christopher would flip with the Feds. Big P. Bonpensiero you recall after being caught and facing serious jail time flipped. He was a long time member of the Mob that wired up for a while before being caught by Tony, and then was put down by his closest friends Tony, Paulie, and Silvio. Tony weighing all these issues, and convinced Christopher subconsciously feels the way he does makes a serious case against Christopher that puts him high on the endangered mobster list. As it stands Tony no longer sees Christopher as the future to run the family anymore, that’s been made pretty clear at this stage, so it’s just a matter of how he’s going to go. The only thing that could save him is if he gets wind of his status and flips before he’s gotten too, although I don’t think that’s going to be the case there is always that remote chance. Unless Christopher goes out as part of some retaliation against Jersey by New York, that also could be a remote possibility. This brings up the next big thing, New York and Phil, who doesn’t see retirement in his near future now. After having a birthday party for his deceased brother, who was killed as we remember by Tony’s cousin in season five, it appears to have opened up old wounds again so that’ll factor into Phil’s decisions when dealing with Jersey. With the death of Johnny Sack near the end of the episode the power vacuum went into play and with one hit, as well as Little Carmine declaring his intentions to not be throwing his hat in, but retiring out quietly with his family, Phil seems to have grabbed hold of the reins with both hands declaring business as usual is no more. With that declaration all bets are off, a new day has come for how New York does business, and I’m guessing this will lead up too a clash of New Jersey and New York. They’ve chummed the water with this episode and I suspect the frenzy too start in the very near future. Take care. Peace To All.
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