The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 20

The Blue Comet

Aired Unknown Jun 03, 2007 on HBO

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  • The end is near.

    Wow! Bloody episode. Now that's what you call an episode leading up to a finale. I can't believe Bobby got killed in a train store. But I thought it was fitting after seeing him wear an engineer's hat while playing with his trains back in the first episode of season six. Poor Sil, he's practically dead, too. I wished he would have been one that makes it. And Dr. Melfi quits on Tony, that was a surprise for me. Then the family goes into hiding, kind of made me think that they might end up going to the witness protection. And the last scene with Tony alone holding what looked like an anti-aircraft gun just builds up the suspense for the last episode. Damn! What else is there to say than it was one of the best of the series.
  • One of the most shocking tings i´ve ever seen on television.

    I couldn´t belive what i saw, this episode was probably the most shocking things i´ve seen on television, you think Leotardo is going to die, and when yu see it is the wrong person, you just want to scream into the television for them to not do it! But you can´t. Then Bobby´s death, you don´t have enough time to understand what hapens, and there is nothing you can do. Then Silvio i actualy didn´t think he wuld get hurt, but once again i´m verry shocked, then Tony and Pulie and sme other of cource has to flee to a safe house. This leads up to a wonderful finish, and i couldn´t wait for the next episode.
  • Who's gonna live?

    In this episode, the Sopranos brought something that it is always allding to. Murder on a mass level. Bobby B, the Goomar and her father, Sil being shot... You feel that everything is coming apart. Am I right ti think that Paulie will be the second in command. Tony does not trust Paulie and neither would I.
  • Great leadup to finale

    A very eventful episode that may have been different if New York's stupid henchman Coco hadn't have been inappropriate to Meadow in the previous episode. Burt Tries to convince Silvio to betray New Jersey and work for New York(this isn't found out straight away), as Silvio said" well, he got an answer" as he got thin wire and choked Burt to death. Paulie is put in charge of putting the hit on Philly Leotardo which fails miserably as the 2 italian immigrants who were ordered to hit Phil ended up killing a an old man (who they thought looked like Phil) and his daughter. In retaliation to the death of Burt and the near death of Coco, the New Yorkers put hits out on the top 3 managerial pople running New Jersey 1. Tony Soprano 2. Silvio Dante and 3. Bobby Baccalla. Bobby soon meets his demise after being shot about 50 times by two hitman from New York in a toy store buying a train set. Silvio is then preparing to leave The Bing with Pat Parisi as his driver when the two hitman arrive in a car as they are trying to leave, Silvio tries to get a gun from the back seat but gets shot a couple of times while Parisi runs away shooting at the Hitters, Silvio is now in a coma. So Tony asks his family to move to their newly bought holliday house while he and the rest of the remaining crew hide in a safehouse until things cool down...
  • A very exciting episode to lead up to the show's final hour.

    All-in-all this was definitely the most action-packed episode of the final Sopranos season. There was plently of murder involved (for those who watch the show for this purpose) with minor and major characters getting offed. As soon as Sil was shown giving Burt Gervasi an early exit, the viewer was able to tell that no one was screwing aroung this episode. In no time we saw Phil ordering hits on Tony, Sil, and Bobby, with the latter two actually coming to fruition. As soon as Bobby's phone was heard ringing to no avail, we all knew that it was over for the big fellow. He certainly recieved quite a grandiose going-out, what with the trains and the screaming store-patrons and all. It was somewhat sad to see him go however, as he was pretty much the only mobster who actually seemed like a good guy (as well as the fact that his children now have no natural parents). Sil did not actually die, but it does not appear that he will be making a comeback (also sad as he has always been one of my favorite characters). It was fitting that he was shot down in front of the Bing as that was his domain. Meanwhile, the counter-attack on Phil went horribly wrong as his goomar's father recieved the bullets intended for the NY leader, with the goomar getting pumped herself. The Sopranos has certainly never been known to spare the innocent characters. Aside from all of the physical pain there was plenty of inner pain as well. Because of AJ's botched suicide attempt, Tony was forced to not only drain his pool but take away his son's belts as well (him and Carm aren't playing around). Uncle Junior is finally out of money and going back to the slammer, which Tony has no sympathy for. And the good doctor finally drops Tony as a patient for good and quite cruelly to boot. Her actions did appear to be immoral as Tony said, although a person such as Tony can't really talk when it comes to matters of immorality. Dr. Kupferberg certainly proved to be as big of a pompous **** as he has always seemed to be.

    In the end, the whole family is forced to flee, hiding out until the final episode's inevitable consequences.
  • For Tony Soprano, the end could truly be near, but as the end comes, who will be left standing?

    So many questions, so much to take in. The Sopranos is nearing its omega, and as it does, I have a lot to say about the penultimate episode of this amazing series.

    Phil Leotardo's reasoning for wanting to take out Tony Soprano is not just irrational, it's a sign of hubris. He thinks that just because he spent 20 years in prison he's entitled to everything. All he does is whine and complain about his brother, his time in the can, Vito being gay and everything else. The fact that he believes that Tony has no respect for La Cosa Nostra is another indication that he is looking for any excuse to kill him and be done with it. He wasn't around when Junior tried to kill Tony. He knows nothing about Tony or what it's been like for him. Albie, his consigliere, knows that going after Tony, Bobby, and Silvio was a bad move, but Butch, being the idiot that he is, went along with it.

    Say what you will about Carmine Lupertazzi and Johnny Sack, but neither of them would've let it go this far. Carmine always showed Tony respect, and Johnny, despite Ralph's joke towards his wife, never let it get personal. Phil is, and he just wants to prove himself by killing Tony. It's obvious that Phil has no respect for the life he leads, and it the end, it may be his undoing.

    I have to admit, I'm worried for Tony's family. Carmela knew what she was getting herself into, Meadow has always kept the most distance from it all, and A.J., is just depressing to look at in general. Suddenly my own problems don't seem so bad.

    In the mob, things aren't supposed to get personal, but Phil has a knack for overstepping his bounds. I am afraid that Phil will take it too far, and, dare I say it, kill those who are blood family.

    Dr. Melfi really showed her true colors here. For seven years she didn't give up on Tony, even after Elliot revealed that study about sociopaths being enabled by therapy. Only when they're around friends, and he lets it out that Tony Soprano is her patient does she actually chicken out. I expected better from her, but now we see her as a hypocritical, pathetic quack.

    In the midst of all this, why do I get the feeling that, aside from the war between the two families, something surprising, even for this show, is gonna happen? Call me crazy, but is it possible that a face from the past will return?

    I doubt that anyone from Tony's crew will betray him. Paulie wouldn't, not after everything they've been through, but some things have been nagging at me. Why is it that Paulie was not named as a target? He's the Underboss of the family. Wouldn't it make sense? Then there's Patsy. You would think with all those bullets flying he would've been hit. Is it possible he's flipped?

    For once, we're going in blind. How will it end?
  • • Phil declares war! • Dr. Melfi decides to take a different direction with Tony • The body count begins. • A.J., A.J., A.J.! • Junior's broke. • Where’s Phil? • It’s time to bunker down.

    I’ll tell you this here and now we’re going to miss this show when it’s gone, so savor the moments we have left because as of Sunday June 10th 2007 The Sopranos officially signs off of HBO. Well as this episode ended there was a lot hanging in the balance for Tony and company, and with only one-hour left to complete the story the question that looms on everybody’s mind is who will live, and who will die? Personally I don’t see Tony dying but a family member, and I’m talking about his immediate family, not the mob family but there he may also suffer further losses as well though I doubt it. Let’s get down to the show and see what’s what. Phil, what are you doing going after Tony and his boys, if there’s one thing the Godfather taught us it was this, “It’s not personal, it’s business”. It’s all about the business in the mob, Carmine Sr. understood this, and albeit with the exception of the Ralphie joke, so did Johnny Sack. Phil is making this personal and his rationale is irrational. His Consigliore knows this but what more can he do as Phil is determined to create a headache nobody needs, and Butchie is a joke, a thug that gets off on this stuff he’s a devoted yes man and nothing more. Tony’s interaction with FBI Agent Harris was good, and the thing I always liked about Harris is that his character has never been pretentious, or cocky towards Tony he’s always been straight with him over matters unlike other Agents. Agent Harris showed good character even after the small words with Tony by warning him of the hits put on him by Phil. Giving the fact that Phil declared war on Tony, Tony should’ve used his own guys to do the hit to ensure the hit was done right, but I guess you could make an argument in favor of bringing in hit men from Italy, and technically it wasn’t their faults given the similarities between Phil and his gomors father, nevertheless I think using his own guys would’ve been better. A.J. it’s time to grow up, and get it together now I know that depression is a serious issue yet what brought on the depression, the loss of his fiancé who called off the engagement after that it was down hill. One thing about A.J. and Meadow’s upbringing that differs from Tony’s is that they were insulated from Tony’s mob life, intentionally insulated, and they were given the best of opportunity’s to go in any other direction then the direction Tony took. So I don’t buy the theory’s that some may hold that Tony’s mob life would have been the main influence with this it just doesn’t fit, but that’s my opinion that’s all and since I’m always right with the exception of when I’m wrong that opinion should be taken seriously, or not. Sliding over to the dinner party with Melfi and friends I was sickened at her Dr.’s revealing the information concerning Tony as Melfi’s patient, but what was worse then that was Melfi after 7 years of treating Tony cutting him off the way she did. Not only did Melfi bend to peer pressure, but for her to abandon a patient based on a single study as well as the aforementioned peer pressure, and the way it was done was as Tony stated “Immoral”. Watching that scene was painful when considering what Tony was feeling being cut down and kicked out in a way that probably wasn’t reflective of the Psychiatric community of Doctors, it was just plain wrong. Now I know that there are those who’ll say that given Tony’s past actions so what if someone treated him like this, but I disagree because this was the person that had Tony’s ear more then anyone else, and this was the person Tony trusted and was most open with. Melfi gave no thought to the matter but just acted on it in one fell swoop cutting ties to a patient that she’s been treating for 7 years, and more so acted as though she was taking a stand against him which was completely unprofessional. I read in an article that most of the Psychiatric Medical community were applauding prior to this episode the way Tony’s Psychiatric care was portrayed and how the show most reflected the reality of it, but not so with this episode between dinner, and Melfi’s cutting Tony off the way she did they were pretty much dismayed by it. I also read were the rule of thumb is to give 1 month to every year you’ve been treating a patient if you plan to discontinue the treatment, so enough said on that other then I’m curious to see how that plays in the last episode because I’m thinking that isn’t going to be the last scene between Melfi, and Tony. Next on the agenda is Uncle Junior and the fact that he’s broke. Janice came to Tony in earnest and I’m certain that she’d hoped Tony would’ve thawed on the issue by know considering that Junior didn’t intend to hurt Tony, but Tony just won’t get past it and see his Uncle was suffering with dementia. This is one area that bothers me with Tony because Junior was showing signs of losing his memory and forgetting who was who, or what they were talking about, and yet Tony stays disturbingly indifferent to his Uncle’s plight which is bad on Tony’s part. Tony getting mad because Bobby felt sorry for Junior was pathetic and childish considering all the years Bobby took care of Junior it’s only natural he would have compassion for Junior, and Booby also realizes that Junior shooting Tony was due to Junior’s gradual loss of his mental capacity, and not intentional. I hope that this issue is addressed between Junior and Tony in the last episode because it really needs to be a storyline with a definitive conclusion, and hopefully for the best. Next we get to the hits and first up after the botched hit on Phil is Bobby, and I for one will have too say that I really liked Bobby who wasn’t your typical mobster but really a nice guy at heart who showed that when the opportunity presented itself he stepped up in this last season, and proved himself to be the potential heir to become boss after Tony. Would it have made a difference if he would’ve answered his cell if he took it with him, maybe but probably not since it was apparent they’d been following him? Bobby went out hard and violently, they shot the big guy up before he went down, it was sad to see his character go like that. What’s worse is the future of his children with Janice because when you think about it most of these guys that go out are at least survived by their wives but these lost both their Mom several seasons ago, and now their Dad. Silvio’s getting shot leaving the Bing was disturbing because if you know they were out to get you why would you put you pistol in a case in the backseat? That made absolutely no sense on his part, and in doing so he never had a chance. The worse part is Silvo being left in a comma, and more then likely they’ll pull the plug on him once it’s said he won’t ever come out of it, but what if there’s a wild card there and does pull out of it? Why not just have him die and that be the end of it? Why have him in a comma? Could be a set up for an emotional scene with ending Sil’s life, and maybe Tony will be there for it, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Tony and the crew go into hiding, but first Tony must take care of his family, and the scene with him and A.J. is priceless. First Tony tells Carmela the bad news and sets her in motion to get what they need to get away from the house and away from Tony until things are safe again, but first Tony has to get A.J. moving. Tony goes up to A.J.’s bedroom kicks his friend out and tells A.J. the bad news unfortunately A.J. isn’t coping with it to well and after a few moments which Tony tries too show patience that quickly ends when A.J. begins to have a breakdown. Tony being, well, Tony has “all he can stand cause he can’t stands no more”, Popeye for those scratching their heads at my quote, and Tony yanks A.J. out of the bed drags him to the closet and tells him too get packed. Afterwards Carmela and the kids head over too see Janice, and Tony and the crew go to a safe house to bunker down until Sunday June 10th, 2007 @ 9:00PM. EST. where we will presumably pick up where the action left off. I don’t know if anyone noticed but in the scene where Tony and crew comes into the safe house, there is in the corner left side of the TV screen in the living room a cardboard cut out of Silvio Dante, take a look at it again you’ll see it there, and why it’s there I don’t have a clue. We’re left with Tony holding his birthday gift from Bobby lying on a bed facing the door. I am excited to see the series finale, and sad as well to see the series come to an end, but it’s time has come I suppose let’s just hope that David Chase will give it a fitting end. I’m certain there’ll be plenty of people that’ll be satisfied with the end, and plenty who won’t but that’s been part of the brilliancy that’s gone behind making this show is its true unpredictability. Least we soon forget it is David Chase’s story, and that means from beginning to end it’s his to tell. This episode was great and they did a wonderful job setting up the stage for its conclusion yet I have too wonder how definitive of a conclusion we’re going to get, it may not be the one that we would generally expect, but I’m certain it’ll be interesting. As for my predictions on who lives and dies here it is: Tony lives, Pauley lives, Phil dies, Butchie dies, and possibly a few others from the New York crew probably those that took out Bobby and Silvio, a member of Tony’s family probably Meadow or Carmella dies, but no one else from Tony’s crew dies. Little Carmine takes the reins from Phil’s death and makes the peace, and Tony may decide to take a back seat and put someone else in as day to day boss sort of the same way Brando did in “Godfather I” after his recovery, and put Michael in as day to day boss as Brando became consigliore, although I’m a little up in the air over that but it would make sense after the devastating losses to Tony he may decide it’s time to take it easy, but we’ll see on that one. Who really knows other the David Chase these are but speculations, and opinions that I give so like everyone else we’ll just wait and see. Take care.

    Peace To All.
  • Yes, no, no, no, no.....

    We all knew something was going to happen. I just wanted it to happen to Phil's side, not Tony's. I was so glad that Phil was going to get it, but then not. Thing is, if they wanted to do it right, they should of done it themselves, if Phil ended up dead, everyone knows who put the hit on him anyway. It's quite sad to see the characters we have grown to love get killed, but as I said, we knew one day it would happen. One thing for sure, I really hope Phil gets it in the end, and not Tony. It would be nice to see him take off somewhere and retire with Carm, but I'm thinking with the life he leads, probably not.
  • This episode may go down as one of, if not the best of the entire series. There wasn't one false note in the episode with the actor, writers, and director delivering an absolute masterpiece.

    I've been out of love with this show for a long time, partly because of the wait time between seasons and partly because I couldn't stand the characters any longer. I understood where David Chase was taking us but the storylines were so dull and the characters had become so repulsive that I was glad to see this series end just so I wouldn't have to bother watching anymore. However, after last night's episode, I think it's time to give credit to the amazingly talented people that have contributed to this show. I can't think of one thing that I was upset with last night. The story was great, the acting subtle and so realistic, and the direction . . . I can't actually remember anything this ambitious or thrilling in a long time on TV. I'll probably short change the technical aspects of the show, but I know I owe a big apology to the actors on this show. They must be truly great for me to be repulsed by their characters and yet feel so deeply when tragedy befalls them.

    I'm sure there are comparisons to The Godfather flying around the internet this morning, and they are richly deserved. The direction was more ambitious and thrilling particularly in the train shop with Bobby, although the last scene with Tony was moody and haunting. It's the images more than the words that I took away from the show last night and those images are hard to shake. I can't say that I'm surprised at how The Sopranos family is unraveling - David Chase isn't exactly subtle with the foreshadowing. The most shocking part, and maybe this is a personal revelation, is that I cared. I cared deeply what happened to these characters and I even cried at the death of one of them. I don't know how next week can top this, but if it's even half as powerful we're in for a brilliant series finale. I apologize if this review is vague, but I thought it would be good idea to keep it spoiler-free for those who are going to wait out the last season on DVD.
  • In my opinion, one of the best episodes in the entire series and definitely the best episode of this season.

    As soon as the episode started I knew I was in store for an awesome story that would leave me wanting more. I didn't want this episode to stop. Bobby...dead. Silvio...shot and helpless in the hospital. Tony...on the lamb, concerned for his friends and family but more concerned about himself. Tony as he should be. Tony as he was in the beginning. He has a safe house and big gun in which to protect himself. He also has a good group of guys who all (it seems) are there to protect their chief, their boss. This lead into the series finale was perfect. Next week it is going to be "kill or be killed" for sure.
  • Right off the bat we start off with Silvio taking care of some business and then BOOM.

    The game is on. Phil gives the order to take out Tony and his "management". A plan that has unfolded so far as according to plan. Bobby goes down in one of the best scenes of Sopranos in its' history. The train store was the perfect place to lay his character to rest. I thought the sequence with the train tumbling over the edge was a perfect conclusion to the scene.

    Silvio's death, on the underhand, was unbelievably under rated. His death was horrible. The first shot that hit him was in the back and to me that is disrespectful to such a great character. He just seemed to die helplessly, not honorable. Finally, I hate to see the guys in hiding. Phil proved to be a worthy opponent with his plan against the family. By getting out of town before Tony even had a clue, was genius. I hope the best for Tony and company, but this is the sad end.
  • Silvio's death...

    If Silvio had to die, this was the best way. A simple, dignified grunt to indicate the pain of being shot. I was happy that he got to die with some tough-guy dignity. Someone had to die with their dignity.

    That being said. This is an important scene for The Sopranos. Melfi denies Tony at a crucial point due to a recent study and A. J. reveals himself as a total puss. Tony reveals that he is willing to survive at all costs. Bobby reveals his true calling. Paulie... well, who can say where Paulie's loyalties lie at this point.
  • Say It Ain't so Silvio!

    This was the best episode ever! I have seen them all and this one was absolutely edge of your seat entertainment! I don’t know where to start… Bobby is gone, probably karma due from all the guys his dad whacked. Silvio just might end up making it I think or should I say I hope. The bullet he took in the side is the one that’s going to be a problem the other two he can survive from. By the way they shot Bobby 14 times! Janice may think Tony had Bobby whacked because of the last conversation they had. Hopefully not but maybe… we will have to see next week. So I guess Phil was already out of town when they ordered the hit like Tony said “they never had a real shot at him.” If they don’t whack anybody else please let it be Phil! I can’t stand the guy! With the crew under attack Tony sure could use old Feech right now and Furio too for that matter! I can’t believe that it’s all over next week… R.I.P. Bobby B. Silvio you gotta pull through you might be able to get rich off the memoirs or something! I can’t wait to see the writers try and top this episode!
  • Tony in the middle of a full fledged war. The Sopranos at it's finest. Coppola would have been proud.

    Since many reviewers have already depicted the show's plot, and unmasked what is done in this episode, I will not do the same. I will try to look at it from a different angle, the look of the one standing in the middle, and trying to put all the things that have happened in the right perspective. I will only deal with the "business" side of the problem. So, at first one thing that was strange for me to hear is that hits that Phil Leotardo, the Caporegime of the NY Crew, orders are aimed only at three people, the so called "management" of the Soprano Crew, and that one of them is Bobby Baccala. Well, he may be management, but I always thought that Paulie Gaultieri was that too. Looking at the Soprano Crew tree, Paulie should be the actual underboss of the operation, the one running Tony's old crew. Therefore, he should be the one to hit too. But nevermind. So, after the episode, we have a situation that the "acting" boss of New Jersey has lost his second-in-command man and a trusted friend, the Consigliere of the Family, Silvio Dante. That alone is a terrible blow to a Caporegime. And then Tony loses his third-in-command Bobby Baccala. These two blows are sometimes enough to cripple a family into submission. That is the exact thing that happened to Corrado Jr. when he was in a war with Tony. He lost his Consigliere and a third man, and the war was over. So, the cards on the table look grim for Tony. He is left with Paulie, who is an underboss and a captain, Patsy Parisi, who is also a captain, and some huge bald guy, who is nothing but a big clay pidgeon. If Tony died, who the hell would be in charge of this motley crew ? I dont know. Maybe Chase doesn't either. I only hope that Phil Leotardo ends up dead. That would be the only thing that could wash the sour taste in Tony's mouth after loosing Silvio. And it would please the majority of the fans. Now, when the showdown is nigh, I hope that Tony, and Chase too, lookup the "Art of War" of Sun Tzu and find the solution that would end this destructive conflict, and reinstall Tony as a Capo di tutti Capi. In short, we need a "Godfather" ending. The Coppolaesqe ending.
  • ...and then there was one.

    Amazing episode, that sets up the series finale amazingly. I wasn't a big fan of the episodes early in this second part, but that's why they're writing it, and they know what they're doing, and everything is melding together very well.

    The scene where Bobby gets killed is simply incredible, it's one of the most nerve wracking scenes I have ever scene, it was shot so tremendously...It had the tension of that you know what's going to happen, and he doesn't. That scene was a masterpiece, and it will go down as a defining moment...Alan Taylor better get nominated for an Emmy for this episode, just for that scene.

    Silvio is now in a coma, he's pretty much dead...The scene wasn't as good as Bobby's scene, but it was very good, and it was still shocking.

    With those two deaths, it finally sunk in that this show is about over. Next weeks will be incredible, and I can't wait for it.
  • Edge-of-your-seat suspense the entire way through! Things are coming together simultaneously as they fall apart. What will the finale hold?

    This episode was thrilling the whole way through. Knowing that in any scene, at any moment, Tony could get popped. After all, on a show as unpredictable as this, nearing its end, anything can happen!

    At this point, I will not be satisfied unless Phil Leotardo is six feet under by the end of next week. I mean it!... I will accept nothing less from the finale. The icing on the cake would be if Tony himself whacks him in a showdown, but I doubt it comes to that.

    Also worth noting, is that the relationship between Tony and Dr. Melfi has finally fallen apart. This has been foreshadowed for the past couple months, so it wasn't that surprising. By the way, I agreed with Tony that Melfi was morally out of line "firing" him during his time of crisis with AJ. Honestly though, it's too bad this breakdown didn't happen earlier in the series. I always considered the therapy to be the most boring aspect about the show.

    Overall, I rank this episode in the top five, which is saying a lot! More important though is what happens next week. I hope the finale is really something special, for the sake of fans and especially those of us who have tuned in loyally since it debuted over 8 years ago (and waited patiently during those long 18 month hiatuses).

    June 10, it's going down!
  • This episode is so perfect it almost offset my pain at knowing we will have to say goodbye to the best series on television in one short week. The key word in that sentence is almost. This Thing Of Ours is too good to let go. Nothing will ease that pain.

    The inexorable march to the End of All Things continues. Agent Harris asked "Are you ready for the Rapture?" I don't think I am.

    Those who watch for the whackings won't be disappointed (although you may not like WHO is being whacked). The tension is ratcheted up to an all-time high. I literally ground my teeth throughout much of this episode. A pivotal door closes on Tony, perhaps forever. And the final showdown comes into sharp focus. Who will be left standing? I have no idea. I know that I want it to be the underdog Jersey crew. But it is a testament to the brilliant writing of this series that I trust the ending, whatever it may be, will prove satisfying, and worthy of this monumental series.
  • Things are starting to come to an end for Tony Soprano

    Paul gets angry with Tony for everything he has done and has set up a hit to take out his whole crew. A cop tells Tony about this and he warns his crew and tells on the people to set up a hit to kill Paul. They fail to kill Paul and kill some ukrianian family and kills a guy that looks alot like Paul. During this time Dr. Melfi gets rid of Tony as patient because she thinks she is enabling him and his lifestyle. Bobby goes to a store to pick up a train set for his kid, but during that misses a important phone call that could have saved his life. While in the store he gets shot over 10 times and dies. Tony comes home to see his wife and tell her the Bobby is dead and that his family should go in hiding just in case they come after them. Silivo and another guy from Tony crew are parked outside of the Bada Bing, while Pauls crew comes after them shooting. They shoot through the window and get Silivo in the arm and his body the other guy goes running with barely a scratch on him. After this incident, Silivo is in a coma, and the rest of Tonys crew go into hiding somewhere else,with weapons ready for war. This episode was completely accomplished compared to the other episodes this season has been having just in time for the season to end! This episode makes me anxious to see what will happen next and rise many questions. Like will Tony die? Will his family die? Just any questions that has to do with who is going to die in the series finale.
  • Silvio eliminates a problem. Meanwhile Phil Leotardo completes the plan to kill Tony. Dr. Melfi is given hard evidence that shows Tony is "conning" her during his sessions.AJ meets an old friend while at the rehab and is released.

    Silvio finds that someone is playing both families and then kills him. The scene is short but brutal and sets the tone for the rest of the episode. We then see the meeting between Phil and his crew. His assertion is "we kill the head and deal with whats left". The targets are Tony,Silvio, and Bobby. Phil says this should have done long ago. He then reasons that all the hits that his crew asorbed. But the one thing he streses is the "Vito" thing, that Tony harboured a gay On the Jersey side Tony sees the FBI agent who tells about the plans Phil has in store for him. At the "bing" Tony tells first Silvio then Bobby his counter plans for Phil.The is bring someone from over seas to do the job. Problem is the job gets passed along until it gets to Paulie who then passes it along. Well the two hitmen kill the wrong man and Tony orders that everyone be told so watch out. Bobby never hears the warning because his cellphone is in his jacket when it rings. He is looking a model train when he gets hit with the first shot. Silvio and his aide are leaving the "Bing" when the they are hit. Sivio takes a bullet and his aide runs. Tony tells Carmella she has to take the kids and leave. Tony takes the rest of his crew and hide out with Tony sleeping with a M16.
  • What a lead in to the final episode next week!

    I'm in awe over this episode. It broke my heart to see Bobby go, but it's all a part of the life of course. I really hope Sil pulls through, he's a log time favorite. It's hard to visualize it all coming to an end next week, but they are tying up the loose ends gradually, what with Melfi closing the door on Tony. And I have to say, I was very amused with Tony's handling of AJ upstairs when it was time to get going. It's about time AJ had a dose of reality. I can;t wait for next Sunday, it could go so many ways!
  • How costly mistaken identity truly is...

    Wow. What an episode. I am still 'mourning' (and I'm sure I will be for a while) the deaths of Bobby and especially Silvio, who I never though would end up dying. This episode has tremendous writing, acting and plot development all leading up to next week's SERIES FINALE. Alone, though, this episode was marvelous. A lot happened throughout this episode - Phil makes a decision to 'go after' (and by that, I mean killing) what he perceives are the three leaders of the Soprano crime family: Tony Soprano, Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri, and Silvio Dante. Tony receives word of the planned attacks, and makes a move to try and beat Phil to the punch. But mistaken identity on the part of the idiots from 'the boot' ruined everything. Phil, the genuine 'stool sample' that he is, appears to have won this battle. Come next week, we will find out who wins the war.

    Rest in Peace, Bobby and Sil - you guys were both tremendous assets to this show.