The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 20

The Blue Comet

Aired Unknown Jun 03, 2007 on HBO



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  • Quotes

    • Phil: Historically, Carmine always said the Sopranos are nothing more than a glorified crew. Plain and simple—we decapitate and we do business with whatever's left.

    • Sil: Burt let me know the other night, he's been playin' both sides of the fence with New York.
      Tony: Burt?
      Sil: Measures were taken.

    • Tony: Missin' sessions, unfortunately, is part of my condition.
      Dr. Melfi: What do you know about your condition? You miss appointments because you don't give a shit.

    • Phil: Anthony Soprano has no respect for this thing. He's never been in the can, not really. He's a guy who stepped over his own uncle to grab the big seat—his father's brother.
      Albie: Please, huh?
      Phil: I'm embarrassed. I let him come to the hospital last Christmas, and I took his fat, fuckin' hand in friendship.

    • Phil: (speaking about the Jersey crew) Listen to me. They make anybody and everybody over there. And the way that they do it is all fucked up. Guys don't get their finger pricked. There's no sword and gun on the table.
      Albie: Phil...
      Phil: No, Alb- either it has meaning, or no meaning!

    • Tony: (to A.J.) Pack a bag! And you won't need no resort wear or sandals either!

    • Silvio: Paulie said he wants it known. It's on him. He takes full responsibility. But that he didn't do nothin'.

    • Tony: (to Sil, talking about one of the strippers at the Bing) Where the fuck you been? Krista fell off her shoes last night. We had to call an ambulance.

    • Phil: Five fucking families, and we got this other pygmy thing over in Jersey.

    • Paulie: I lived through the 70s by the skin of my nuts when the Colombos were goin' at it. There ain't a bigger cocksucker than Phil Leotardo.

    • Butch: Three pops, within a tight time frame. 24 hours, so there's no chance for them to hit back. Top three guys.
      Petey B.: Paulie Gualtieri?
      Butch: No, management. Tony Soprano, obviously. Plus Silvio Dante and, we think, Bobby Baccalieri.
      Ray- Ray: That mortadella's number three? He used to be Junior Soprano's driver!
      Albie: And you used to sell laser printers out the back of your Crown Vic.

    • Dr. Melfi: The new big thing these days is called "Psychodynamic Therapy", combined with Anafranil.
      Tony: Who?
      Dr. Melfi: A medication.

    • Bobby: Obviously, truth is, a fuck like Phil, appeasement doesn't work.

    • Phil: There are no scraps in my scrapbook.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Ein tödliches Hobby", meaning "A Deadly Hobby".

    • Music: "We Belong Together" by Robert and Johnny; Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni; "Sympathy" by Keith Jarrett; "When the Music's Over" by The Doors; "American X" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; "Nuages" by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli; "You Remember" by Madder Rose; "Ramblin' Rose" by Nat King Cole; "Running Wild" (extended instrumental) by Tindersticks

    • Though credited, Dominic Chianese and Michael Imperioli do not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • At the psychiatrists' dinner party, when Dr. Kupferberg says the answer to the mystery person that Jennifer treats is "a female opera singer and gangster" he then scats the first few notes to the Final Jeopardy! anthem from Jeopardy!

    • Dr. Elliot Kupferberg refers to Tony as "Leadbelly," a reference to Huddie William Ledbetter a blues musician known as "Leadbelly" who spent time in prison.

    • The Italian Opera, Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni, was used in the soundtrack for the finale in Godfather III where NY boss Michael Corleone's enemies get murdered. The same music was used in this episode as the wheels of NY boss Phil Leotardo's murder spree are put into motion.
      It's also used during the scene at Nuovo Vesuvio where Tony, Silvio and Bobby are having lunch. The opera was used heavily in Martin Scorsese's 1980 boxing film Raging Bull. Tony and Silvio, upon hearing the music, start boxing in slow-motion, re-enacting the famous fight scenes from the film.

    • Tony, referring to his planned rejection of Bobby for siding with Junior, says it's "Exile on Main Street" for him, the title of a 1972 album by The Rolling Stones.