The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 4

The Fleshy Part of the Thigh

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 2006 on HBO
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The sale of Barone Sanitation is complicated by a son who doesn't get how things work. Tony has a discussion about religion and dinosaurs with an evangelical. Paulie learns a shocking truth about his upbringing. Bobby helps a wannabe rapper gain street cred.

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  • Tony's back in action!

    With Tony being in a coma for so long there was a lot of character development of other characters. But I am really glad Tony is back on the show, without him it lacks a lot.

    This episode was good because it actually closed a sub plot that they opened in the same episode! I was relieved that Tony got to keep his benefits, and that I didn't have to wait and see till the next episode.

    I really liked the story with Paulie. Seeing him cry was not something I thought I would see. Hopefully more will come of what happens with the Barone kid he threatened.moreless
  • Well done, Mr. Chase.

    I think I\'m beginning to see the trend this season of story arcs for characters around Tony. Vito, Eugene, Bobby, Silvio, and now Paulie.

    To begin wit Paulie, I found his arc to be a bit weird. I guess it goes with years of seeing Paulie as a subordinate or comic relief. I\'m not saying I didn\'t like his side story, but it was very awkward.

    Strong week by James Gandolfini, as he portrays a post-coma victim quite well. This episode dealt with identity, both Paulie\'s and Tony\'s. Having both the philosophical and the spiritual guidance coming at him, it will be interesting to see how much he appreciates life and those around him, both families.

    The deal with Johnny Sac and Tony is building up to one of many problems. It wasn\'t facilitated as smoothly as in the past, and power hungry individuals seem to be getting tired of being in the middle of things. In the preview, Tony talks about weakness and how his enemies see vulnerability. Phil appears to be getting weary of supporting John, and the same with Vito and Tony (kudos to Carmela\'s foreshadowing).

    Some nice little Chase tidbits:

    *Tony\'s hospital room view was the same as his hotel room.

    *The rap storyline was developed around rumors of 50 cent doing the same thing to spark his career.

    *Possible forshadowing with the look Meadow & Barone\'s son shared


  • Tony stumbles through the hospital and becomes friends with Hal Halbrook not to mention hanging out with a couple of rappers, Bobby offers to shoot a rapper in the thigh for publicity but misses and hits him in the butt and Paulie finds out his mother reamoreless

    One of the more philosophical Soprano episodes, 'The Fleshy Part of the Thigh' has it's weaknesses but is consistently entertaining through-out the entire episode. James Gandolfini did a magnificent acting performance in this episode, but the real props go to guest star Hal Halbrook who hit it out of the park as Tony's neighbor in the hospital who seemed to have the best advice about life. Janice's old 'have you heard the great news, he is risen' boyfriend with narcolepsy returned with a creepy bible group leader to visit Tony because they were in the hospital protesting the firing of a nurse who refused to hand out birth-control pills because of his Christian beliefs. I liked the Bobby story line in the episode, and thought when he shot the rapper in the ass was absolutely hysterical! The rapper got on my nerves, and I really didn't like the whole Tony is enlightened now thing, like letting that SOB who took his money slide. This wasn't an outstanding episode, but it was consistent to the quality you expect of The Sopranos. My Rating: 8/10

  • All About Paulie

    After such an opening, I believed the current season could be one of the greats in tv history. I still carry some hope that the rest of the season may live up to early expectations but if the following episodes carry on the seemingly spiritual awakening we have seen tony have in 'The Fleshy Part of the Thigh' I fear that we may see the demise of the season and of the Soprano family in the show itself. This is the main reason why I have deemed this episode 'pivotal'. This is not to take anything away from the episode, it lived up to the Sopranos standard and Paulie's storyline took the character to another level.moreless
  • "Back To Normal?"

    It is very clear that this episode of The Sopranos was of a much more familiar tone breaking free (for the most part) from depressing and dark images. Although this episode was more familiar in mood and setting, it seems to be symbolic of a façade of the “new” Tony. Tony appears to be back to his old self; however the talk about religion, philosophy and his near death experience may prove otherwise. This episode may not have appeared as riveting as the previous ones, but for those who have a keen eye, this episode is a set up for great things to come. This season I am noticing some drastic “emotional” character development in seemingly static characters, such as Paulie and Vito, which I love. I also found it very intriguing how Carmella boldly and ardently informed Tony about Vito and his off behaviour. The wind theme was especially interesting. I am captivated by the symbolism this season.

Turk Pipkin

Turk Pipkin

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Ron Leibman

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Craig muMs Grant


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Jerry Adler

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Paul Schulze

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Frances Esemplare

Frances Esemplare

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Paulie pulls up to Green Grove to confront Nucci, his Cadillac is covered with raindrops. When he steps out, the car is completely dry.

    • The Ojibwe saying pinned next to Tony's bed: "Sometimes I go about in pity for myself and all the while a great wind carries me across the sky."

    • Aaron Arkaway was wearing a shirt regarding his participation at a vigil for Terri Schiavo, a severely brain-damaged women at the center of court disputes over whether her husband should be allowed to terminate her life support, claiming that was her wish if she ended up in such a state.

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    • When EMT Rudy Diaz protests that he did not steal money and that in going through Tony's wallet for an insurance card he "was only doing [his] job," Tony replies, "they heard a lot of that at Nuremberg." The war crimes trial following WWII were held there, with several Nazi defendents claiming their atrocities were only done on the orders of others.

    • Tony calls fellow patient, and scientist, John Schwinn, "Mr. Wizard," referring to the same-titled show that starred Don Herbert performing science experiments with teenage assistants.

    • Paulie tells Nucci that he was her "goose with the golden eggs," referring to the folk tale of the man who has a goose that lays golden eggs, but gets greedy and kills the goose to get to the gold inside, only to discover there isn't any.