The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 4

The Fleshy Part of the Thigh

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 2006 on HBO

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  • Tony's back in action!

    With Tony being in a coma for so long there was a lot of character development of other characters. But I am really glad Tony is back on the show, without him it lacks a lot.

    This episode was good because it actually closed a sub plot that they opened in the same episode! I was relieved that Tony got to keep his benefits, and that I didn't have to wait and see till the next episode.

    I really liked the story with Paulie. Seeing him cry was not something I thought I would see. Hopefully more will come of what happens with the Barone kid he threatened.
  • Well done, Mr. Chase.

    I think I\'m beginning to see the trend this season of story arcs for characters around Tony. Vito, Eugene, Bobby, Silvio, and now Paulie.

    To begin wit Paulie, I found his arc to be a bit weird. I guess it goes with years of seeing Paulie as a subordinate or comic relief. I\'m not saying I didn\'t like his side story, but it was very awkward.

    Strong week by James Gandolfini, as he portrays a post-coma victim quite well. This episode dealt with identity, both Paulie\'s and Tony\'s. Having both the philosophical and the spiritual guidance coming at him, it will be interesting to see how much he appreciates life and those around him, both families.

    The deal with Johnny Sac and Tony is building up to one of many problems. It wasn\'t facilitated as smoothly as in the past, and power hungry individuals seem to be getting tired of being in the middle of things. In the preview, Tony talks about weakness and how his enemies see vulnerability. Phil appears to be getting weary of supporting John, and the same with Vito and Tony (kudos to Carmela\'s foreshadowing).

    Some nice little Chase tidbits:

    *Tony\'s hospital room view was the same as his hotel room.

    *The rap storyline was developed around rumors of 50 cent doing the same thing to spark his career.

    *Possible forshadowing with the look Meadow & Barone\'s son shared

  • Tony stumbles through the hospital and becomes friends with Hal Halbrook not to mention hanging out with a couple of rappers, Bobby offers to shoot a rapper in the thigh for publicity but misses and hits him in the butt and Paulie finds out his mother rea

    One of the more philosophical Soprano episodes, 'The Fleshy Part of the Thigh' has it's weaknesses but is consistently entertaining through-out the entire episode. James Gandolfini did a magnificent acting performance in this episode, but the real props go to guest star Hal Halbrook who hit it out of the park as Tony's neighbor in the hospital who seemed to have the best advice about life. Janice's old 'have you heard the great news, he is risen' boyfriend with narcolepsy returned with a creepy bible group leader to visit Tony because they were in the hospital protesting the firing of a nurse who refused to hand out birth-control pills because of his Christian beliefs. I liked the Bobby story line in the episode, and thought when he shot the rapper in the ass was absolutely hysterical! The rapper got on my nerves, and I really didn't like the whole Tony is enlightened now thing, like letting that SOB who took his money slide. This wasn't an outstanding episode, but it was consistent to the quality you expect of The Sopranos. My Rating: 8/10
  • All About Paulie

    After such an opening, I believed the current season could be one of the greats in tv history. I still carry some hope that the rest of the season may live up to early expectations but if the following episodes carry on the seemingly spiritual awakening we have seen tony have in 'The Fleshy Part of the Thigh' I fear that we may see the demise of the season and of the Soprano family in the show itself. This is the main reason why I have deemed this episode 'pivotal'. This is not to take anything away from the episode, it lived up to the Sopranos standard and Paulie's storyline took the character to another level.
  • "Back To Normal?"

    It is very clear that this episode of The Sopranos was of a much more familiar tone breaking free (for the most part) from depressing and dark images. Although this episode was more familiar in mood and setting, it seems to be symbolic of a façade of the “new” Tony. Tony appears to be back to his old self; however the talk about religion, philosophy and his near death experience may prove otherwise. This episode may not have appeared as riveting as the previous ones, but for those who have a keen eye, this episode is a set up for great things to come. This season I am noticing some drastic “emotional” character development in seemingly static characters, such as Paulie and Vito, which I love. I also found it very intriguing how Carmella boldly and ardently informed Tony about Vito and his off behaviour. The wind theme was especially interesting. I am captivated by the symbolism this season.
  • Ugh.

    Tony: I'm supposed to be dead, now I'm alive. I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

    Paulie: We, each and every one of us, are alone in the ring, fighting for our lives.

    Me: (barf)

    Commentaries on HMOs, W-2s, the meaning of life, dinosaurs and religion? Paulie Walnuts reduced to a sobbing wreck after he finds out his aunt is his ma and his ma is his aunt? Did I accidentally tiVo As the World Turns? There’s been so much soul searching and philosophical nonsense this season, I’m beginning to think that we may never see another person whacked again.

    Memo to Mr. Chase and company…I understand, you have a lot of "Very Important Things" to comment on, but here’s the thing…you only have a few episodes to get this thing going. For instance, we understand that the health care system is screwed up, we don’t need to hear what Tony has to think about it.

    And the whole Johnny Sacks thing is getting kind of stale. How many times are we going to get the discussions back and forth about what Johnny wants Tony to do?

    The only slightly amusing thing was Bobby shooting the rapper in the seat of his pants…you have to think that this is going to come back to haunt them at some point, right?

    And I'm glad the movie idea has been put to rest for's hoping it stays there.

    O and I would be a really happy guy if we never saw Janice again. I’ve had my fill this season, let’s move on? Please?

    I’m gonna forget this one ever happened.
  • Very entertaining episode, especiall Paulie...exactly why I watch The Sopranos

    Although Tony is usually the main focus of an episode, Paulie stole the show with his performance and revelations of his life. Also a surprise ending in terms of something you didn't expect although very characteristic of Paulie's personality by far...had a better ending than this weeks episode of 24...
  • Tony recuperates in the hospital while meeting a religious speaker trying to get him to convert his ways.

    Aside from that and Paulie’s revelation that his real mother is a slut, and that his supposed mother is really his aunt, there’s nothing to write about here. Same old stuff except Johnny Sack rots away in prison while Tony, the big pig, wants everything for himself Meanwhile the fate of the sanitation business is still being decide. Pauli’es whining and crying at the end really show the character as he really nothing more than a two bit punk. Why hasn’t this idiot being whacked yet? Anyhow pretty average for my taste and no different than any other Sopranos episode with people being harassed and blackmailed to Tony’s liking. I don’t think he will convert to religion.
  • Predictions

    Ok, theres been some excellent reviews here so I won't cover the story line again. All in all a decent episode with some good twists.

    One thing I would like to predict is that the rapper who got shot by Bobby didn't realise that 'Fleshy part of the thigh' means ass and he is humiliated by where he got shot. I predict that a war between the mafia and the rappers breaks out in the next few episodes.

    All in all I wish the writers would concentrate on what we all seem to want: antics, voilence and mafia mafia mafia with a sprinkle of marriage and kids trouble. All I seem to think is "ok, we now only have 6 episodes left of this series" I even find myself watching the clock thinking "only 10 mins to go, I hope something great happens". I never used to feel this way with previous episodes..

    Come on guys, pull it together and give the viewers what we really want.... please.
  • Another good episode. Lots to think about.

    What is being set up here? Is Tony going to be born again? You might almost think that things are going this way with the way he is acting.

    Tony passed on shaking down the ambulance driver for 2 grand. When he gets out of the hospital he acts very out of character. Obviously he is not himself right now.

    However, Paulie is picking up the slack, being bvery mean to his "mother" and taking out some business on Jason Barone and telling him to "not tell Tony".

    There are forces at work here -- it is all very fascinating.
  • When did The Sopranos become Days of Our Lives?

    After a great premiere episode, I couldn’t be more disappointed with the way this season has gone so far, and “The Fleshy Part of the Thigh” was the worst of the bunch.

    Does anyone care about who Paulie’s mother is? Every episode she’s appeared on in the past I thought was just filler, now we are expected to invest our time listening to a soap opera about a nun who slept with a marine 50 years ago? Come on!

    This is an open letter to anyone involved with The Sopranos:

    Get it together… people have spent a lot of time patiently waiting for season after season, with this wait being the longest. And with all that time this is the best you could come up with?! One of the reasons for The Sopranos popularity over the years is the power and strength displayed by “the family”. So far we’ve seen Tony being shot by his senile uncle, acting Boss Silvio get’s hospitalized from a asthma attack, Paulie’s distracted by not knowing who his mother is, and Bobby’s making extra money by shooting struggling rappers in the ass. Wow… great writing!

    Absolutely terrible.
  • Tony is back to business (from a wheelchair)

    Its great to see Tony back in business collecting dumploads of money moments after arising out of the coma. However, this episode didnt really advance further in the storyline. As we finally see (my favorite character) Paulie figure out the truth of his real mother, we get to see past the tough side Paulie usually plays and a look at a more emotional side. The religious priests' attempt at turning Tony's life around was hilarious but it wasnt enough to put this one up as a great episode. It was basically an awakening to Tony as to what has been going on while he was in the coma. Also about how he needs the barone sanitation as a gateway to keeping the IRS off his ass.

  • Tony's first episode back in business, Carm & AJ reconcile, Paulie's life is turned upside down, and Tony thinks spiritually after his encounter. Tony also gets a scare seeing the reality of insurance company's and one of his legal sources of income may

    After some great episodes both full of action and full of symbology there had to be an episode to set some things up again. This was just such an episode. It had its share of action, but did a lot of setting up. A little time without Tony really showed on some of the guys and their recently acquired affinity to stray from the ranch a bit. Paulie & Vito definitely need to be reigned in, I think Paulie in particular might be getting into trouble soon. Vito is far more subtle (a trait Mr. Walnuts has never had). Paulie made Tony a liar tonight by taking action he knows Tony would not approve. With Tony, we see his dichotomy personified in the "leader" of a different world, the black Rap world. This leader is sharing hospital time and also was shot. In both worlds underlings suffer because of but unbeknownst to the respective leader. Tony's other hospital friends - a strange evangelical who almost convinces Tony until he takes it too far & a Rocket Scientist also influence Tony's "new perspective". The Garbage company story line had some intrigue with Tony seeing his reliance on the legal income for insurance purposes, seeing the strain on the NY vs NJ relationship, and showing us Paulie's actions. Paulie's bit about his Mother(s)/Aunt(s) is genius. Paulie's always placed such importance on his mother and her well being - this revelation shatters so much of his belief foundation. Great episode, look forward to seeing where they are taking the AJ thing, and what happens with Paulie & Vito.