The Sopranos

Season 1 Episode 8

The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1999 on HBO

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Christopher sitting at a table in Satriale's Meat Market drinking some coffee. The wall behind him has pig pictures. Christopher is staring into nothingness and remembers the voice of Emil Kolar telling him about his life in the Czech Republic. Kolar was the man that Christopher killed at the beginning of the show. Christopher hears the voice and starts to walk towards the back of the store. The room is starting to spin around and he sees Adriana eating a sausage that is held by someone's hand. When he calls Adriana's name, the face turns out to be Carmela. Christopher looks out the window and sees Kolar standing outside in a body bag looking very pale. Kolar also has a bullet hole through his head. Christopher is now wearing a blood-stained shirt. He takes Kolar's order and make him a sub sandwich. A frozen hand hands Christopher the meat that Kolar wants. Papers start to blow around the room and Kolar tells Christopher that he killed him. Christopher asks Kolar what he wants him to do about that. Kolar says that he wants to tell him something. He says that Christopher messed up and puts four pistol shells on the table. He tells Christopher he found three in his skull and one in the table. Christopher tells the frozen hand to get rid of the bullets, but it grabs a hold of him and won't let go. Christopher tries to pull free. Christopher was only dreaming. He wakes up covered in sweat over the nightmare he just had.

The next day, Christopher and Adriana attend a wedding. Tony and Carmela are over visiting Barese. His daughter, Melissa, was the one that got married. Tony congratulates Barese on the marriage and notes that Melissa looked beautiful on the altar. Livia comes up to see him and Barese calls her darling. Livia retorts that she's nobody's darling. Barese notes that Livia never disappoints. Livia asks Barese if he's still seeing his other women. Carmela pulls Livia aside so they can go see other people. Tony apologizes to Barese and notes that the older Livia gets, the worse she becomes. Barese tells Tony that he heard about some disturbing events that happened last night and he wanted to talk with him about them. The priest comes to see Barese and he tells Tony that they'll talk later.

The families sit around the table and start to celebrate with Melissa and her groom. Barese has the chance to talk to Paulie and Paulie hears about the federal indictments list from the FBI. Barese says that he found out from his contact that arrests will be made. Paulie asks when the arrests will be made. Barese says he won't know until the contact knows for sure. Tony and Pussy are also informed by Barese about the indictments. Barese insists that it isn't just New Jersey, but also New York that will be targeted. Altieri and Christopher also talk about the indictments and Christopher notes that he'll probably be taken down. Altieri asks Christopher why he's sure of that. Christopher says that he's in the group. Altieri notes that Christopher isn't a made man yet. Christopher admits that, but notes it will happen soon.

Tony, Paulie, Pussy, Silvio, Barese, Curto, Altieri, Palmice, and Junior meet together in a circle to talk about the indictments. Tony asks Junior if he has anything to say about this. Junior notes that they all see indictments hiding under their beds at night. He knows that people are thinking of running, but Junior insists that all he's heard are speculations. Palmice adds that it's only a rumor so there's not much to worry about. Curto states that it wouldn't hurt to lay low for awhile. Barese notes that they can't just close up shop. Curto asks Tony what he thinks they should do. Junior berates Curto for asking Tony and states that as boss he already told them the answer. Tony states that he agrees with Junior because if they run they'll be seen as guilty. Pussy notes he'll be low on cash because he gave $1,000 to Melissa and her husband. Tony says that he agrees with Junior and they need to follow his orders. Tony does suggest that everyone should do a little spring cleaning today. Junior says that was his next comment and the capos break. All of the capos get their wives and family members and states that they need to go home. Melissa is very disappointed that everyone is leaving.

At the house, Carmela asks Tony if the FBI would really come to their house during the weekend. Tony says they'll be coming soon. Tony opens the vent in the hallway and takes bundles of cash out of it. He puts it in a bag. Tony tells Carmela to collect the rest of it. Tony gets rid of cell phones and notes that everyone's numbers are already in his head. Carmela starts to get really worried. Tony asks her what's wrong. Carmela says that she can't believe that this is happening now. Tony hands her some guns and notes that everything was going well for them. Meadow watches from the stairs to see what they are doing. Meadow goes into AJ's room to find AJ trying to kill a fly. Meadow tells AJ to turn his computer on because the police are coming to their house. AJ asks what the big deal is. Meadow states that it wouldn't be good if the FBI found the pornography on AJ's computer. AJ realizes that she's right and he starts to delete it. Downstairs, Tony tells Carmela to hand over her jewelry because they don't have receipts for them. Carmela says she's keeping her engagement ring and Tony is fine with that. At Pussy's house, Pussy burns some implicating papers.

At his home, Christopher sits down on his computer typing. His spelling and grammar are horrible. Everything he wrote is suddenly deleted and he yells out for Adriana to help him. Adriana notes that Christopher is still on the file and he must have deleted the text by accident. Christopher yells at the computer for its error. Adriana tells him to calm down. She tells him if he doesn't stop his attitude she isn't going to help him write his script. Christopher is writing a movie script. Adriana hits some keys and the text comes back. She notes he put it in buffer memory. Christopher asks Adriana what he thinks of the script so far. Adriana states that she can't give him an opinion every time he adds a new sentence. Christopher says he's starting with the dialogue over the story. Adriana sits down and notes he spelled managed wrong. Christopher realizes his mistake and fixes it. Adriana kisses him and says that he's her Tennessee Williams. Christopher doesn't want her to go anywhere and kisses her. Adriana notes to Christopher that she's never seen him apply himself like this before. Christopher says that he loves movies. He says that he doesn't want his knowledge to go to waste. He informs Adriana that he knows someone that works for Quentin Tarantino and that they told him that Mafia movies are always successful. Adriana notes that with the indictments coming in he should stop writing the script for a little while. She notes he did steal the computer. A phone call is made and it's Georgie from the Bada Bing. He tells Christopher to turn on Channel 6.

On the news, a woman reports that Prosecutor James Ricci has stated that a grand jury is investigating Mafia activities in New Jersey with possible indictments. Dr. Melfi is at home watching it when the news comes on. An author named Jeffrey Wernick appears on the show. The newscaster notes that for years the FBI has been stating that the Mafia is practically dead. Wernick states that the Mafia isn't what it used to be it isn't dead yet. He says that the government knows best in this situation. The newscaster states that among the charges are murder, hijacking, and money laundering. She asks if they know the names of the people that will be indicted. Wernick says that the indictments are sealed, but after the death of Acting Boss Jackie Aprile, he has heard that Junior has been made the new boss. Tony and Carmela watch at home as Wernick talks about the Sopranos having historic ties to the New York families. The newscaster asks about the murder charges. Wernick says that they will be focused on unsolved murders, including the execution of Soprano associate, Brendan Filone.

Christopher continues to watch this and notes that nobody in the family would have ranked Filone as an associate. Christopher is angry that Filone is getting a lot of attention when he was practically nothing and he's getting no recognition at all. He turns the television off. Christopher picks up the phone and dials Georgie. He asks Georgie if the news mentioned him at all. Georgie says that they didn't. Christopher hangs up.

Dr. Melfi and her son, Jason La Penna, are having dinner with Dr. Melfi's parents. Jason is talking about Italians and uses the derogatory term, guinea. Dr. Melfi notes that she has a patient that's Italian and wouldn't want to be called that. Dr. Melfi's ex-husband, Richard La Penna, states that he's probably seeing her for mother issues. Jason asks Dr. Melfi why he wouldn't want to hear it. Dr. Melfi's mother, Aida Melfi, asks her if the patient is in the Mafia. Dr. Melfi realizes she shouldn't have even mentioned it and tells everyone to change the subject. Jason still wants to know if her patient is in the Mafia or not. Richard is curious as well. Dr. Melfi notes to Richard he should know better than the others that she can't discuss her patients. Aida hopes that the patient is not part of the Mafia which was featured on the news. Mr. Melfi notes that she could always get the patient transferred to another doctor. Dr. Melfi doesn't say anything and notes to Richard that that would be something he would do. She says she remembers why they got a divorce. Dr. Melfi says that the patient is hers and won't just abandon him to an unknown doctor. Richard states that it's impossible to treat sociopaths. Dr. Melfi notes that Richard doesn't even know who her patient is and he is already making assumptions. Richard says it's people like that who give Italians bad names. Aida agrees with Richard. Richard further states that any American would reference The Godfather and Goodfellas when they think of Italians and a few will say pizza. Dr. Melfi tells everyone to let it alone and notes that she never said he was in the Mafia. Richard continues to berate Italians and states that they'll never see an Italian president. Dr. Melfi says that it isn't her patient's fault for that. She yells at Richard for his inconsideration and tells him that if he wants to defame someone he should look to celebrities for that. Richard says he's only saying what people see when the media labels Italian-Americans as gangsters. Jason remembers that the Anti-Defamation Deal was started by Joe Colombo, a famous mobster. Richard says that a study showed that at its height, the Mafia only had 5000 members and yet the tiny, insignificant fraction casts such a dark shadow over 20 million hardworking Americans. Jason notes that Mafia movies are classic in American cinema. Mr. Melfi notes that Richard has a point about the Italians and the Mafia and notes that the Irish never complained that Westerns portrayed them as rustlers and gunslingers. The family finally quiets down and eats.

At his apartment, Christopher smokes a cigarette and looks at the computer screen trying to figure out what else to write. He gets a call from Tony, who tells him to get down to the Bada Bing to help them. Christopher says he's busy, but Tony tells him he needs to drop what he's doing and come down. Christopher relents and hangs up.

At a butcher shop, Christopher buys some food for the men. Christopher pulls a number and waits his turn. He waits while the other customers are served. It's finally his turn and he steps up to the counter. When he does, a large man named Gino steps into the store. The clerk asks Gino what he wants. Christopher is angry and notes that he is next in line. The clerk tells Christopher that Gino was in line and only went out to get gas put in his car. Christopher asks if he is allowed to go out, have sex with the clerk's sister, and then come back on Saturday and come to the front of the line. The clerk says that he is allowing Gino to go first. Christopher tells the clerk he's in no mood for this. He says he's next and tells the clerk to get him some pastries. The clerk ignores Christopher and asks Gino what he wants. Christopher is angry and Gino tells the clerk, Doug, to let Christopher go first. Doug states that Christopher doesn't make the rules in the shop. Gino relents and tells Doug his order. Christopher tells Doug that if he touches one piece of bread before he takes his order he'll wish he was working at McDonald's. Doug curses at Christopher and Christopher tells Gino to come back in ten minutes. Gino leaves. Doug asks Christopher what he's doing. Christopher pulls a gun and Doug panics. Christopher asks Doug if he looks like a wimp. Doug insists that Christopher is tough. Christopher tells Doug he can be honest with him. Doug insists that Christopher isn't a wimp. Christopher asks Doug why he would give him a hard time and talk to him like he's nothing. Doug says he's sorry. Christopher tells him to get a pastry box and fires a round into the floor to prove he's serious. He tells Doug to fill it up with the different pastries he wants. Christopher fires another round and tells him to move faster. Doug fills up the box and hands it to Christopher. Christopher tells Doug that the next time he sees him he'd better show respect. Doug promises that he will. Christopher shoots Doug in the foot to prove his point and Doug screams in pain. Christopher nonchalantly walks out of the store.

At the Bada Bing, Pussy wishes that the FBI would just come if they are going to arrest them. Tony notes that with the way the news was talking it looks like they're going after Junior's crew and not theirs. Silvio notes to Tony that he had a really good plan on how to deal with this. Christopher arrives and Tony notes that he is late. Christopher slams the box down on the pool table angrily. Tony asks Christopher what the problem is. Tony tells Christopher that this isn't the time to be acting like this with a possible indictment. Tony orders Christopher to take Georgie and sweep the bathrooms for FBI bugs.

In the bathroom, Georgie checks for FBI bugs. He tells Christopher that he hopes everyone will be alright despite the indictment. Christopher asks Georgie if he's worrying about him. Georgie notes that Christopher's name wasn't even mentioned on the television. Georgie does note that when they said Filone's name, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Christopher is angry about them playing up Filone on the news. Christopher notes that he was the one that brought Filone into the business. He adds Tony wouldn't have known about Filone if he hadn't introduced them.

At Green Grove, Tony honks at Carmela before she goes inside. Carmela is visiting Livia in her room. Livia is glad to see that she isn't a snooty woman named Mrs. Ryan from down the hall. Carmela tells Livia that she's taking her out to brunch. Livia asks Carmela what is wrong. Carmela asks Livia why something always has to be wrong when she sees her. Livia asks if it's about Meadow and notes that she eats like a bird. Carmela tells Livia to relax and insists that nothing is wrong. Livia notes that Carmela arrived unannounced and she's supposed to assume that nothing is wrong. Carmela sarcastically apologizes for just showing up on a nice day to take her out. Livia says she doesn't want to go out. She asks Carmela if it's about the indictments coming up. She states that John was able to handle those problems, but she doesn't think Tony is able to handle it. Carmela can't believe the way Livia is acting. Livia notes that they just saw each other at the wedding. Carmela notes this is time for just the family to spend time together. Livia asks Carmela if Tony is cheating on her again. Carmela notes that she is trying to do something nice for her and she thinks that she already has other plans and an agenda to tell her about. Livia says that she'll throw an outfit on. Carmela and Livia get in the car and drive to a restaurant. Tony sees them leave and he goes inside Green Grove. Inside, he hides the guns and the money that he kept at home in side of a box of shirts and a cookie tin.

At therapy, Tony tells Dr. Melfi that he might not be at their next session. Dr. Melfi notes that Tony told her that he's planning a vacation, but he's not sure when he's going. Tony says that is right and adds he may never go. He says that there's a strong possibility that he could go on vacation. Dr. Melfi asks if his vacation has anything to do with the developments on the news. Tony doesn't respond. Dr. Melfi says that if he doesn't show up for a few sessions then she will assume that he is on vacation. Tony tells her that he'll contact her as soon as possible.

Paulie visits Christopher at his house. Paulie sees that the house is a mess. Paulie thought that they were going out tonight and notes he has two women in the car and Adriana's at her mother's house. Paulie asks Christopher what is wrong and he notes that Christopher's been acting weird. Christopher doesn't answer. Paulie tells Christopher he ran into their friend, Billy Cracciolo, today and was told that cops in Nutley are looking for a man that blew off a clerk's toe for no reason at Russo's Bakery. Christopher asks Paulie if Tony knows he did this. Paulie says that he doesn't and asks Christopher what is wrong. Christopher tells Paulie that he's been working hard on a movie script and he only has nineteen pages done. Paulie asks if that's a lot or a little. Christopher says that he read a movie script is supposed to be about 120 pages. Christopher thought that the computer would help him. Paulie asks Christopher if he is writing about the business. Christopher says that he's only suggesting fictional events. He tells Paulie that he bought a scriptwriting program. Paulie suggests to Christopher to let the script alone for a while, spend a night with the girls, and then he'll be able to write like magic. Christopher asks Paulie if he's ever felt like nothing good would ever happen. Paulie says that he did, and nothing ever good happened. He asks what the point is. He notes he's alive and surviving. Christopher tells Paulie that he doesn't just want to survive in life. Christopher says that in movie writing books that every character has an arc. Christopher says that everyone starts out somewhere and then they do something until something is done to them that changes their life. He says that is a character's arc. Christopher wants to know where his arc is. Paulie still doesn't understand everything about a character arc. Christopher tells Paulie to think of Keanu Reeves in Devil's Advocate. He describes that Reeves' character is a lawyer that gets turned on by money, power, and the Devil. He says that his wife leaves him in the movie because she realizes he is not the man she married. Christopher asks if he sees the arc. Paulie is starting to understand. Christopher states that Reeves was on the bottom but made it to a point where his life changed. He asks Paulie where his arc is. Paulie tells Christopher that those movies are all make-believe characters. Paulie admits he doesn't have an arc and notes his high points were serving in the Army and some in prison. He says he also ended up have a wiseguy, but he's content with life. Christopher says he doesn't have an identity and notes that Filone has an identity despite the fact that he is dead. Christopher notes he killed Kolar and nothing happened to him. He states he hasn't moved up a notch. Christopher says he only has Kolar haunting him in his nightmares every night.

The next day, Christopher talks with Pussy. He tells Christopher that nightmares of the murder victims happens. He tells Christopher that when he kills a few more people he will sleep better. Pussy remembers one person that haunted him for months. Christopher thinks that Kolar is trying to tell him that he screwed up when they buried him. Pussy says that is ridiculous and asks why Kolar would tell him that he's in danger when he killed him. Christopher asks Pussy what they did wrong that night. He notes that the gun was stolen so it can't be traced back to him. He says they should go see.

Georgie and Christopher go under a bridge where they buried Kolar. They find Kolar's body where he buried it. Christopher is a little disturbed by the fact that Kolar was clean shaven when he was killed and now he has a beard. Georgie says that he read somewhere that that happens to dead men. Georgie also notes that Kolar's fingernails are like a woman's. Georgie runs to go throw up. Christopher tells Georgie that they'll bury Kolar's body at Pine Barrens so nobody will find him.

Richard and Dr. Melfi look at a property that they own together. Dr. Melfi doesn't think that they should sell it, but Richard notes he could use an infusion if they're going to support Jason in college. Dr. Melfi notes that during their marriage, she and Richard always saw things differently. Dr. Melfi says she never saw their place as an investment and she always thought they would build a house. Richard asks if they're going to sell the property. Dr. Melfi says they'll do it for Jason. She tells Richard she doesn't want to hear that he took some other woman on a cruise with the money. Dr. Melfi notes that Richard always liked the Irish girls. Richard reminds her that she he married her. Dr. Melfi says that she was a mother figure unlike the others. Richard asks Dr. Melfi if she's citing that he hates his heritage as an Italian-American. Dr. Melfi says that with everything that goes on in the world he is still trying to protect the dignity of Connie Francis. Dr. Melfi adds that Richard is so worked up about her patient and he has no effect on Richard at all. Richard states that the patient is a criminal and he thinks that later the meetings will go beyond psychotherapy and she will discover just how evil of a man he is.

Tony waits outside of an alley for Christopher. Tony gets in the car with Christopher and Christopher apologizes for being late. Tony hits him in the face and asks him what's wrong with him. Christopher tells Tony that he hasn't been feeling good. Tony states that he's not concerned about it and tells Christopher to drive. Tony tells Christopher that he found out about him shooting Doug in the foot and is mad that Christopher has made things worse in an already horrible situation. Christopher thinks Paulie told Tony. Tony tells Christopher that doesn't matter and notes the description of him and the car matches the police report. Tony then saw Georgie coming into the club with vomit all over and he finds out that they were digging up a body he buried three months ago. Christopher tries to explain, but Tony tells him to shut up. Tony tells Christopher that doing things the way he has is going to get him caught. Christopher states that he doesn't want to get caught and he won't. Christopher states he was worried, but Tony tells him to shut up. Christopher asks if he can explain things to him. He tells Tony that the regular life has become too hard for him. Christopher wonders if he has cancer like Aprile. Tony is incredulous, but Christopher says that his body has been changing for awhile now. Tony asks Christopher if cancer pops into his head often. Tony wonders if Christopher is depressed. Christopher states he isn't depressed. Tony tells Christopher he might have a serotonin problem. He says he saw it last night on a television program. Christopher states that he's not taking Prozac. Tony asks Christopher if he ever thinks about suicide. Christopher says he's never thought about that. Tony says suicide is never the right option for anyone.

At the Soprano residence, AJ is playing the Nintendo. Tony comes downstairs and asks him if he even heard the doorbell. AJ states he was in the middle of a game. Tony is angry and notes that he'll be in the middle of the street if he doesn't wise up. Tony opens the door and it's the FBI. Tony notices they came in through the backyard and Tony asks why they would do that. Agent Dwight Harris tells him that the gate was open and he introduces himself and Agent Driscol. He asks if they can come in. Tony asks if he has the option to say no. Agent Harris tells Tony that they have a search warrant, but they know that he has children. He states that he didn't want to traumatize anyone by breaking down the front door. Agent Harris offers Tony the chance to tell his children that they are coming in. Tony thanks them and goes to tell them.

At the doctor's office, Dr. Melfi looks outside in the waiting room to see if Tony is there. He is not in the waiting room and she returns to her office.

FBI Agents start to look all over the house for evidence. Tony tells Agent Harris, who is looking under his couch cushions that he can keep any loose change he finds. Agent Harris thinks that Tony might be bribing him. Tony tells Agent Harris that if he tells him what they're looking for he might be able to save them some time. Agent Harris says nothing. Meadow notices that the agents are taking her computer and notes that she has an English paper to write. Tony asks why they're taking the computer. AJ yells after the agents that took his computer that all of his programs better be on the computer when they return it. In the kitchen, everyone hears something smash. Carmela runs into the kitchen to see what the commotion is about. Another agent, Frank Grasso, has dropped a bowl onto the floor. Agent Grasso apologizes for breaking the bowl. Agent Harris asks Carmela how much the bowl costs. Carmela says that she only wants Agent Grasso to clean it up. Agent Harris tells Agent Grasso to clean up the mess he made. Tony knows that Agent Grasso is Italian and he scolds him in Italian. Agent Grasso reacts badly to the comment and Agent Harris has to keep them separated. Agent Harris promises Tony they'll be out in a few minutes.

Later that night, Tony notes that he understands the FBI are doing their job, but they're making him angry. Carmela notes that Agent Harris wasn't that bad. Tony insists that Agent Harris was the worst of the bunch and his behavior was part of the act. Tony thinks Agent Grasso also broke the bowl on purpose. Carmela thinks that he was just a klutz. Tony also doesn't think that it's a coincidence that they sent him. He thinks that if Agent Grasso wasn't Italian he would have been back at the office. He thinks that Agent Grasso is searched every night before he leaves. AJ asks why that happens. Tony says it's because Grasso is Italian. Tony wonders if Agent Grasso thinks he'll make it to the top by arresting other Italians. AJ notes they have a vowel on their last name. Tony tells AJ to always be proud of that. Carmela asks AJ if he knows an Italian invented the telephone. AJ didn't know Alexander Graham Bell was Italian. Tony is angry and yells that Antonio Meucci invented the telephone and Bell stole the patent. Meadow asks Tony who invented the Mafia. Meadow says she heard it was Charlie Lucky Luciano that organized the Five Families along Lucchese, Gambino, Bonnano, and Profaci. Tony asks Meadow if she has something to say to him. Tony says that she likes history. AJ tells Meadow not to talk about it. Carmela asks AJ if he knows that John Cabot was Italian. Meadow notes that AJ probably doesn't even know Cabot. Carmela states that Cabot discovered Canada. Tony adds that the Bank of America was also started by an Italian. AJ remembers that the first American saint was Italian, Mother Cabrini. AJ asks Tony if the Chinese really invented spaghetti. Tony asks why people that eat with sticks would invent a food that they need a fork for. Tony says that more Italians fought for the United States in World War II than any other ethnic group. Tony says that he won't even talk about Sacco and Vanzetti. Carmela tells AJ that the men were innocent, but were executed because they were Italian. Tony can't help but add Francis Albert.

At the office, Dr. Melfi asks Tony if she'll see him next week. Tony says that he doesn't see why not. Dr. Melfi tells Tony that she still has to charge him for the missed appointment. Tony asks why. Dr. Melfi notes that they agreed to that on their first meeting. Tony says that he explained why he missed. Dr. Melfi tells Tony that they need to respect their agreement. Tony asks Dr. Melfi if it would have been different if he was hit by a car and missed because of that. Dr. Melfi notes that Tony wasn't hit by a car. Tony is impatient and tells Dr. Melfi to answer the question. Dr. Melfi says she has no answer to that question. Tony takes cash out of his pocket and throws it on the table. He notes that this has always been what the therapy was about. Dr. Melfi states that she doesn't understand his comment and she also adds that she doesn't appreciate him making her feel afraid. Tony says that he doesn't appreciate feeling like he poured his heart out to a call girl. Dr. Melfi asks Tony if he sees her like that. Tony says that he didn't until now, but he believes that Dr. Melfi doesn't care at all about his situation. Dr. Melfi tells Tony that the visit will be shown as paid on his next bill. Tony is fine with that and leaves.

At Green Grove, Livia and Junior listen to a horrible comedian. Livia asks Junior what's been bothering him. Junior says he has a lot of headaches and aspirin won't cure them. Junior thinks that there is a rat somewhere in the Mafia. Livia asks him if Tony knows about it. Junior says that he doesn't and notes there isn't much any of them can do but sit back and wait. Junior asks Livia not to let Tony know because he's under enough pressure as it is. Livia agrees with him and he thinks that Tony is telling his psychiatrist it's all her fault. Junior asks what she meant by that. Livia tells Junior that Tony has been seeing a psychiatrist for awhile now. She notes that nobody really knows what he says to her. Junior can't believe that Tony would see a psychiatrist. He asks Livia if she said anything to Tony about this. Livia says that she hasn't said anything. Livia adds that she doesn't want to see any repercussions fall on Tony because of this. Junior doesn't know how to take in all of the information.

At his house, Christopher is lying in bed when his phone rings. Christopher just lets the answering machine take it. Christopher's mother is talking on the other end and asks him to pick up the phone. She knows he's home and she's worried about him. She says that the Star Ledger mentioned his name in the newspaper. Christopher hears this and gets out of his seat to go check it out.

Dr. Melfi, Richard, and Jason meet with Dr. Sam Reis for therapy. Dr. Reis asks Jason how he's doing. Jason says he's moving into a smoke-free dorm. Dr. Reis asks how he feels about things. He asks Jason if he's concerned about the Italian that Dr. Melfi is treating. Jason says that he doesn't care. Dr. Reis tells Dr. Melfi that she should drop the patient. Richard states that after their last session Dr. Melfi finally admitted that the patient showed a different side. Dr. Reis asks Dr. Melfi how she felt. Dr. Melfi states that she felt frightened and revolted. Dr. Melfi asks them when they became too afraid as psychiatrists to get their hands dirty. Jason notes it's what Dr. Melfi gets paid for. Richard asks Jason if he want to see his mother get hurt. Jason states that Richard always behaves like that. Dr. Melfi is angry because Richard wants her to drop the patient on account of the stigma it brings the family. Dr. Reis suggests that Dr. Melfi refer the patient to a therapist that can treat Mafia depression. Dr. Reis starts to laugh, but nobody else finds it funny. Dr. Reis realizes that Dr. Melfi has a personal and professional dilemma to deal with. Dr. Reis says he had a few dark sheep on his mother's side of the family and cites someone named Lepke. Jason asks who that is. Dr. Reis says that Louis Lepke Buchalter was a murderer for hire. Dr. Reis says he had some tough relatives.

Christopher stops outside of a newspaper bin. He puts a quarter in and pulls out The Star Ledger. He opens it and is able to spot his name among the list of people that are rumored to be associates of the DiMeo Crime Family. Christopher is happy to see that he got recognized. He takes all of the newspapers out of the bin and puts them in his car. The episode ends with Christopher driving away happy that he was mentioned in The Star Ledger.