The Sopranos

Season 1 Episode 8

The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1999 on HBO

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    I think the show has finnaly gotten back on track, with this episode focused around Tony and the rest of his crew under FBI speculation. The episode also mentioned something about there being a mole within the group, which makes for some interesting speculation as Season 1 draws to a close. I think Uncle Junior finding out about Tonys therapy was interesting - as he clearly wasn't happy about Tony telling everything about his life to someone Junior doesnt know about. I think that the fact that Jennifers (therapist) family has a connection with an Italian-American man (her ex-husband) was interesting and think he might come into play later on in the season as someone who may even work for Tony and his crew. Christopher was used a lot in this episode and really made his star status on the show known. He doesnt know why he hasnt been recognized in the community yet, but he finnaly gets his name in the paper after shooting a man in the foot at a bakery. Solid episode this time around as Season 1 comes to a close.
  • No deaths this episode but still great to watch.

    Intelligence gathering works for the good guys and bad. In this episode its no different, we get to see how one little piece of new hits the mafia in different ways. First off you see how Christopher is freaking out on how he is not mentioned in any way. The way Tony stresses about being arrested or not. The like code words they use for looking bugging devices "everyone should start fumigating" You then see them use electronic bug searching gear. Even digging up old bodies. In all I like this show and now with more FBI involvement its really getting interesting.