The Sopranos

Season 1 Episode 8

The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1999 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Here appearing as a bakery customer, Joseph R. Gannascoli returns in season two in the recurring (later starring) role of Vito Spatafore.

  • Quotes

    • Christopher: (frustrated by his lack of progress writing a screenplay) Bought a scriptwriting program and everything.
      Paulie: My advice? Put that thing down awhile. We go get our joints copped, the words will come blowin' out your ass.

    • Larry Boy: Oh! Mama Livia. Como esta, my darling?
      Livia: Listen to 'im with that "my darling." I am nobody's darling.
      Larry Boy: This one here, she never disappoints ya, I'll tell ya that.
      Livia: Are you still seeing your other women, Lorenzo?

    • Bakery Clerk: You motherfucker! You shot my foot!
      Christopher: It happens.

    • Livia: (on Tony) Did he cheat on you again?
      Carmela: I try to do something nice. I come here to take you out. Right away you think I have some other agenda that I have to talk to you about. Don't flatter yourself.

    • AJ: Is it true that the Chinese invented spaghetti?
      Tony: Now think about it. Why would people who eat with sticks invent something you need a fork to eat?

    • Tony: I bet you're sleeping all the time.
      Christopher: It's the one thing I still enjoy.

    • Dr. Melfi: Every Italian boy bows down to the freckles.
      Richard: I married you.
      Dr. Melfi: Yeah, I was a mother figure.

    • Christopher: I don't want to just survive.

    • Livia: Who is it? I'm sleeping.
      Carmela: It's Carmela.
      Livia: Oh, come on in.

    • Richard: People like [Tony] are the reason Italian-Americans have such a bad image.
      Aida: I agree.
      Richard: Ask any American to describe an Italian-American in this country and invariably he's going to reference The Godfather, Goodfellas-
      Jason: Good movies.
      Richard: And the rest are going to mention pizza.
      Jason: Good movies to eat pizza by.

    • Richard: You know you can't treat sociopaths. [Tony]'s scum and you shouldn't help him with his bed wetting.
      Dr. Melfi: You have no idea who this man is and yet you call him scum.

    • Richard: An Italian male seeing a shrink. Let me guess, mother issues.

    • Carmela: I'm not giving you my engagement ring. This isn't stolen. Is it?
      Tony: No, who do you think I am?

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Tony rastet aus", meaning "Tony Snaps".

    • Music in this episode:
      "Summertime" by Booker T & The MG's; "Welcome (Back)" by Land of the Loops; "You" by The Aquatones; "Frank Sinatra" by Cake

  • Allusions

    • Bakery Clerk: You motherfucker! You shot my foot!
      Christopher: It happens.

      Goodfellas: In the movie Goodfellas, Michael Imperioli (Christopher) played Spider, a man who is shot in the foot.