The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 9

The Ride

Aired Unknown May 07, 2006 on HBO
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An announcement from Christopher surprises people. Paulie's cost-cutting at an Italian street fair comes at its own cost. An old-school heist invigorates Tony. Carmela is given reason to doubt that Adriana 'disappeared.'

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  • Imagery symbolism

    There were some very interesting recurring themes in this episode which seem to be propelling us into the last three shows of this part of the final season. The most obvious theme is the one of Boredom. We all knew that Tony would eventually come to terms with his \"every day is a gift\" motto versus his normal way of doing business. He talks of this frustration with Melfi in this episode and shows how he is struglling with this new concept. Boredom is also evident in Christopher\'s falling off the Wagon.

    Also, and more importantly,We have the Recurring Autmn symbolism and the inevitable downward spiral that the show will take before we get to the finale. As Tony and Christopher are basking in the spoils of their surreptitious thivery (a cure for Boredom) Tony talks about the smell in the air and Christopher concurs saying it reminds him of Halloween. (christopher is about to take off is figurative mask and give in to his primal addictions) They then give us what we all have been waiting for-they dealt with Adrianna\'s death. Autumn is also referenced by Carmella at the Fair when she notes how cold the weather is getting (also note that this is right before she sees Adrianna\'s mother which ignites her suspicions). And in the final scen we are left looking at pauly through and open window with some autmn leaves in the foreground. The writers are clearly telling us that we are heading into the winter of the series and colder more brutal times are ahead. With Adrianna\'s Death, now coming back to haunt Tony, Christopher giving into his old demons, trouble with the New York Family, and Vito (the trigger man on Jackie Jr.\'s murder) having a Gay\'ol time in New Hampshire, it seems like everything is coming to a head. Might that vision of Tony holding his niece one of the final moments of joy we see?

    Teh show has always been about Tony making peace with his job and his real family. It seems like after the shooting he was taking a step away from all of his usual sins (Not cheating on Carmella, having people from outside the family Kill Rusty, denying his involvement with Rusty\'s Murder to phil etc..). When all his sins come to the surface and Carmella and Meadow end up seeing his Seemy underbelly (imagery again!) Tony will either fully embrace his innate sociopath or give in to his Father/husband obligationsmoreless
  • "You should really go and see something about your problem. Like a narcotics annoymous clinic or somethin"- Chrissy

    What an episode tonite, everyone is outta control. Bobby is getting a little power hungry and Janice's manipulation is at the root of it yet again. We can definetly see Janice trying to get Bobby up to a position under Tony which can only mean "two things" (More Money and more Respect). Sadly but it was pretty inevitable that Chrissy would get hooked, back on that crank, due to his weakness that makes him equal in intelligence to A.J. I would like to thank the director for the job well done on the flashback scene of the moment Chrissy came to confess to Tony about Adrianna. That made Adrianna fans happy everywhere, however i could care less cause she deserved to go. Also for the hilarious part of where we first see Chrissy struggling to restrain himself from using heroin but ends up using anyway and does nothing at the carnival for hours.

    Carmella's run into Adrianna's mom just opened up some new wounds as to Carmella finally getting the full picture as to the lies that run throughout the family about "missing friends and family members". I predict her doing things on the "sly" as a form of spite against Tony for keeping her out of the loop. Paulie now realizes he has no one to go to besides his mom and may look at things differently from now on and may rid of pettyiness. But then again thats what we love about Paulie. Bravo David Chasemoreless
  • The Sopranos: Episode 74: "The Ride"- Thought it was action packed from what I can see in the previews... but it was still a great episode. (Spoiler Alert)

    At first, I thought \"The Ride\" would be an episode filled with gunshots and fighting from what I could see from the previews. Even though it was more about character development, it was still a good episode. Tony and Christopher realize that they have a great bond with each other. Carmela questioning about what happened to Adriana and Tony convincing her that Christopher didn\'t kill her. Christopher getting married to Kelly (who we are introduced to for the first time and which was kind of sudden) and her pregnancy. Christopher taking heroin again. Paulie developing conflict with Bobby after the ride incident. Paulie\'s biopsy determining if he\'s got prostate cancer. I thought that the Virgin Mary appearing to Paulie and him returning to Nucci was funny. \"The Ride\" was another great episode of the sixth season. Still, there are three episodes left for more greater episodes.moreless
  • WOW Terrific

    An announcement from Christopher surprises people. Paulie's cost-cutting at an Italian street fair comes at its own cost. An old-school heist invigorates Tony. Carmela is given reason to doubt that Adriana 'disappeared.'The heroin injection scence with Christopher is my favourite scene in the whole series and it is very sad at what has happened in chris' life. Chris has had bad feelings towards tony since adriana La Cervas whacking and the guilt of her death ( along with a lot of other things) drives him back to his addiction.

    The other stuff on this episode is usual good sopranos stuff but you don't really remember that well after i happens. Overall top episode for season 6amoreless
  • Great view into the bonding experiences of Tony and Christopher.

    As for the episode, it was another brilliant delve into Tony Soprano's life, his family and his "family." Notice the episode transition. One week we see A.J's banality as the son of Anthony Soprano, family man. This week, we see Christopher's strugging futility as being Tony Soprano, mob boss's son.

    The point of tonight's episode has a unique focus. The acceptance of maturation and owning up to the pressure of your patriarchmatriach. Christopher has in a flash married, started a family, and built a house. And in that same time frame, he has sunk back into addiction. Why? Because deep down he hates the fact that he has to own up to Tony Soprano. He resents the pressure of having to have that giant house, the great kids, the influence and respect. But he risks everything to keep that lifestyle and stay on that path. Remember when Adriana confessed to him about her FBI involvement? He was seriously considering tagging along with her until he saw Joe Schmoe and his mullet. From his script writing, his movie adventures with Ben Kingsley, and Adriana, he has had outs to the life that Tony expects him to have. Tony wants Christopher to be his "family" son, and wants A.J. to be his regular family son. It's going to crash and burn, badly.

    Carmella won't find out about Adriana in reality. I predict she will have a dream sequence similar to Tony's dreams and her teaser in "Members Only" talking to Ade. She has to realize that both Tony B. and Adriana disappeared within two days from one another.


Frances Esemplare

Frances Esemplare

Nucci Gualtieri

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Lenny Venito

Lenny Venito

James "Murmur" Zancone

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Julianna Margulies

Julianna Margulies

Julianna Skiff

Guest Star

Angelo Massagli

Angelo Massagli

Bobby Baccalieri, Jr.

Recurring Role

Arthur J. Nascarella

Arthur J. Nascarella

Carlo Gervasi

Recurring Role

Carl Capotorto

Carl Capotorto

Little Paulie Germani

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Lost while returning from Pennsylvania, Chris and Tony wonder why they're heading towards Pittsburgh, and if they've "crossed route 62 yet." Pennsylvania's portion of U.S. Route 62 is in the northwest corner of the state, and even if lost, they would not have come in contact with it coming from New Jersey.

  • QUOTES (5)

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music: "Flash and Crash" by Rocky and the Riddlers; "All Right Now" by Free; "Midnight Rider" by Buddy Miles; "Viva Il Vino Spumeggiante" by Beniamino Gigli; "A Chi (Hurt)" by Fausto Leali; "Dolphins" by Fred Neil; "Noi Vogliam Dio" by We Love God; "Pipeline" by Johnny Thunders; "Cinnebar" by Tipsy; "Red River Rock" by Johnny and the Hurricanes; "Johnny Oslo Schottische" by Myron Floren

    • Though credited, Dominic Chianese does not appear in this episode.


    • Tony confronts Paulie on his lax attention to safety after the ride accident and says to him, "you're doing a heck of a job, Brownie."
      This is the same thing President Bush said to former FEMA director Brown in the early days after Hurricane Katrina.

    • Christopher refers to Tony as "bad lieutenant." Bad Lieutenant was a 1992 film starring Harvey Keitel as a cop with a number of serious vices.

    • After mentioning that Liz La Cerva thinks Christopher killed Adriana, Carmela says that Christopher has "a history of being free with his hands," to which Tony replies, "oh, that makes him O.J.?" He's referring to former NFL running back O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole, and her companion, despite DNA evidence strongly linking him to the crime. He was later found liable in a civil trial.

    • Tony tells Carmela that because of the 'break-up,' Christopher's become "Scott fuckin' Peterson" in the eyes Liz La Cerva. Scott Peterson was a California man convicted of killing his pregnant wife, Laci, just before Christmas and dumping her body in San Francisco Bay.

    • Christopher refers to the large house he intends to buy for he and Kelli as "stately Wayne manor." This is the phrase that Bruce Wayne's estate is often referred to as in the Batman universe.