The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 19

The Second Coming

Aired Unknown May 20, 2007 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Tony attempts to repair the rift between New Jersey and New York; A.J.'s depression struggle continues; a New York associate crosses the line with Meadow

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  • AJ gets worse and worse.

    My Heartbeat must have been pretty high when AJ is sitting by the pool with a large stone in his hand, he takes a plastic thing and puts it over his head, and then jumps. Of cource he changes his mind when is is about to drown, and Tony comes to help him. God what love can do to you, it can make you happier than ever and suicidal. One of the last episodes, it is a verry good episode. Is there anything else to say? Not the best episode in the series but still one of the seasons best. End.moreless
  • There's no turning back from Tony's impulsive and violent outburst.

    Doesn't this episode really sum up what the show is really all about? In the end, it's all about family. Tony may be able to take insults or disrespect, but threaten his daughter? Well, you might as well have tried to kill Tony himself.

    There's really no turning back from Tony's impuslive and violent outburst against Philly's boys. It might have been better off to have just killed them both because no good can come of this.

    The question from this episode is really is Phil losing his mind, or does he have the authority/power that he thinks he does. To broker a peace deal and then turn your back on it? To not come out of the house? Phil grabbed the reigns of power violently and who knows if that means he'll gain or lose allies in the upcoming war.moreless
  • "Painful to Watch" but in a good sense with no hint of cynicism. Once again the writers hit the nail on its head, throw the dart right on the bull's eye, and . . . what other cliches to express how accurately they had written the unfolding story of AJ?moreless

    I will have to classify this as "Painful to Watch" but in a good sense, and without a hint of cynicism, because once again the writers hit the nail on its head; they throw the dart right on the bull's eye, and . . . what else? What other cliches to express how accurately they had written this particular storyline with regard to AJ?

    The seeds had been planted a few episodes back, when AJ, finding his grooves back when he met Blanca and fell in love with her and her son. When the love of his life deserted him, he fell into depression and did not have a clue on how to extricate himself out of it.

    But he was not without support: Meadow noticed the change in behavior, as well as Carmela. It was Meadow again who gave the foreshadowing about what might befall AJ if nothing was cared for (Meadow cited an example of a college student who showed similar tendencies before successfully committing suicide). The element of loneliness and hopelessness were conveyed accurately: first by the writing, and secondly, by the acting. When somebody is in depression, all he wants to do is to escape from the reality as far and as much as possible. The nights are hard because the darkness can be suffocating; but then the days are even harder because everything seems bleak. One wants to sleep but cannot sleep because of the many things that pass through his mind; but once he sleeps, he sleeps for a long time if he is lucky, although chances are, whatever sleep he gets is not ever enough because upon waking up, he is again confronted with the reality of life. Sooner or later, everything blurs and as cruel time continues to pass, he starts floating through life.

    In such state it is not a surprise to take whatever is wrong with the world and place the burden of the world on his shoulder. AJ saw the unfairness, the injustice, the cruel aspect and the futility of life. He was helpless in the face of his own relationship problem, but he was even paralized when facing the cruel reality of the world.

    And SNAP he did; but he did not really want to die. This was demonstrated by the length of the rope. For someone who comes from the Internet generation, if he were serious about doing himself in, he would have done research on how best to do it. After all, in a previous episode, when Meadow interrupted his Net surfing, it was shown that he had the capability to use the computer to find what he wanted. Remember a decade or so ago when a certain cult members drank some elixir or took drugs before shrouding themselves in Ziploc bags so that they would be suffocating but too "drugged" to release themselves? If AJ were serious, he could have taken an over-the-counter sleeping medication or any cough syrup with "soothing" effect before committing suicide. The ensuing blame-game was right on the mark, too, with Carmela saying that the "bad genes" must have come from Tony's side. Painful to watch, but true to life.moreless
  • "A.J., what the F*%k, swim to the edge"- Tony "I can't, my leg is stuck"- A.J (looks down)"What the f$%k did you do?"- Tony

    What can I say that hasn't already been predicted? A.J would attempt suicide that almost ended his life but couldn't because his stupidity prevented him from doing so. The depression just built up to the point where it was inevitable that he would attempt something like that. His breakdown in the therapist room for witnessing and participating in the beatdown of that black student was the best indication of something big coming up for A.J. The Meadow situation just escalated as well, now that she is following the footsteps of Carmela by getting involved with a Patrick Parisi. The chain of her getting involved with mafia members is creating a haven for her to defend the Italian mafia life for what it is and how it is perceived. Thus, becoming the future typical mob wife. Her decision not to continue with Law school is just the start of the end for Meadow. She has always been aware of the violence that looms over the family (possibly because of the hundreds of funerals the family has attended). The season has shown a decline in Tony's following due to him being more aggressive but it could be the beginning to an end. Now a vicious beating that leads to a curbing of one of Phil's top earners to the Soprano children being a prime target for retaliation. I respected Phil for a while during the first season he came out of jail then it declined, but now it has risen again. He makes a good point by stating that he went away and was silent for 20 years only to come back to being shat on. He does deserve his cut but only if he stays within his own boundaries. He is only out for what should be his, although that can sometimes means the development of a hungry power ego. My predictions for the next two episodes are that someone has clearly got to go. It can be one of Tony's right hand guys but I would say it would go farther and be someone related to Tony that has nothing to do with the crime family (possibly Janice). This would not only cripple the NJ boss to make irrational decisions about deals but it would also cripple him to give up everything he has. Only time will tell, but damn I love this series.moreless
  • I finally was able to watch Sopranos - "The Second Coming", and I was Blown Away. It was the perfect blend of story lines and had my heart racing. Beautiful script.moreless

    AJ's storyline is, less just say...a drag. In my opinion, it seems to be way over done. I mean as soon as we see AJ look into the pool, we all said "Suicide Attempt" in unison. But this episode was special because through his storyline we were able to dive deeper into the emotions of the family. The scene in which the family "delivers" him to the "Observation Unit" of the Hospital was very touching, I loved Meadow's support for her mother. The short scene with Tony and the guys was hilarious though. The conversation about doing drugs was fun to watch. Then AJ interrupts dinner.Then Tony meets with Phil about the asbestos ordeal. Man Frank Vincent did a great job with that scene. He played the ultimate son of a b*tch. You hated to see Tony not get what he wanted, but we loved watching Phil be a smart ass. I loved the Meadow/Coco storyline. I thought he had made a big mistake when he beat up the first guy, but when he said what he said to Meadow, I knew he had bitten off more than he could chew. (lol). Tony proved that he still shouldn't be messed you better not cross that line. I died laughing when the restaurant manager said, "Get a mop". By the end of this plot twist Phil reminded me of the annoying kid in the neighborhood that owned the basketball. He was a brat but you have invite him. But in reality Phil might be more crazy than Tony.

    This episode just screams KILLER finale,it should be GREAT. I cannot wait, but even I may become "depressed" when I realize NO MORE SOPRANOS. What a drag. I look forward to seeing how the big picture looks when it is complete.moreless
Michael Countryman

Michael Countryman

Dr. Richard Vogel

Guest Star

Cara Buono

Cara Buono

Kelli Moltisanti

Guest Star

Armen Garo

Armen Garo

Salvatore "Coco" Cogliano

Guest Star

Matt Servitto

Matt Servitto

Agent Dwight Harris

Recurring Role

Peter Bogdanovich

Peter Bogdanovich

Dr. Elliot Kupferberg

Recurring Role

Michael Kelly (V)

Michael Kelly (V)

Agent Ron Goddard

Recurring Role

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    • Little Carmine: (admonishing Tony about his beef with Phil) This alteration you had with him... you're at the precipice of an enormous crossroad.

    • Tony: This is gonna sound stupid, but I saw at one point that our mothers are... (pauses) they're bus drivers. They're-no, they are the bus. See, they're the vehicle that gets us here. They drop us off and go on their way. They continue on their journey. And the problem is that we keep tryin' to get back on the bus, instead of just letting it go.
      Dr. Melfi: That's very insightful.
      Tony: Jesus, don't act so surprised.

    • Phil: You want compromise, how's this? Twenty years in the can I wanted manicott', but I compromised, ate grilled cheese off the radiator instead. I wanted to fuck a woman, but I compromised, jacked off into a tissue. See where I'm goin'?

    • Dr. Vogel: You think your feelings about Blanca in any way relate to this African boy?
      A.J.: She's not black. I mean... she's pretty tan.

    • Tony: This asbestos. I thought about your offer. What do you say to 15% plus we forget about the balance of what you owe me for the vitamin truck?
      Phil: First off, it wasn't an offer. It's my position: 25%.

    • Phil: This is business, Anthony.
      Tony: Yeah, I know. But I'm talking to you here on a human level. There's a limit. C'mon, Phil. A point where business bleeds into other shit. Feelings make things financially unfeasible.
      Phil: Charles Schwab over here.
      (Phil's men laugh)
      Tony: So that's it. No leeway, no compromise, just stupid fucking jokes?

    • Dr.Vogel: You must have seen fights before. Your friends beating up the African kid—why do you think that has been impossible to shake?
      A.J.: They had my back after all that shit with Bianca. You know, they care about me.
      Dr.Vogel: Did you try to stop the beating?
      A.J.: I'm one individual. What could I do?

    • Dr. Melfi: Could've been a cry for help.
      Tony: Aren't you listenin'? He did cry for help. He's lucky I came home and heard him.
      Dr. Melfi: I meant the botched attempt. On some level he may have known that the rope was too long to keep him submerged.
      Tony: Or he could just be a fuckin' idiot.

    • Tony: We did peyote.
      Silvio: Come on.
      Bobby: Really?
      Carlo: Bobby did mushrooms once. Stuffed mushrooms—a whole fuckin' platter.
      Bobby: Fuck you.

    • Tony: I'm depressed.
      Carmela: I'm telling you, don't you start now.
      Tony: What does that mean?
      Carmela: It means what it means. I have enough on my plate; I don't need you adding to it with your bullshit.
      Tony: "Bullshit"? It's an illness... and it's fuckin' hereditary.
      Carmela: Thank you, I know. I am intimately familiar with the Soprano curse.

    • Paulie: Ask me, it's all these toxins they're exposed to. It fucks with their brains. Between the mercury in fish alone, it's a wonder there ain't more kids jumpin' off bridges.

    • Carmela: You've been playing the depression card until it is worn to shreds, and now you've got our son doing it!

    • Tony: When I was in Las Vegas, I took peyote. Curiosity, I don't know.
      Dr. Melfi: You were searching for something.
      Tony: Well, I saw some things. Not things, per se, hallucinations. Roger Corman shit.

    • Paulie: I got dosed with acid once, back in '68. I was with your dad and them at the Copa. Fuckin' B.O.A.C. stewardess put it in my drink. Jerry Vale started singin' and I look over, your Uncle Jun's got laser beams shootin' out his eyes.

    • A.J.: Fine. Bury your head in the sand.
      Tony: How about I bury yours in that fucking wall instead?

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