The Sopranos

Season 4 Episode 10

The Strong, Silent Type

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 2002 on HBO

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  • Tony puts on an act, and asks around for Ralphie, after he "disappeared." Chris' problem gets worse, and after he gets beat up and mugged by street thugs and beats Adriana, Tony and family set up an intervention, that goes anything but smoothly. Fu

    Although it doesn’t match up to last week’s episode, this is definitely one of the best episodes of The Sopranos ever created. I found my favorite part of this episode was the expertly written intervention scene guest starring Elias Koteas that is both very realistic and very humorous. Also, Chris sitting on Adriana’s dog was very sad, and typical for a scag addict. I also thought the whole thing with Paulie keeping Tony’s Pie-O-My picture, and having Tony turned into Napoleon was funny, and at the end of the episode, no matter how much Paulie altered Tony in the picture, it still haunted him, and Paulie still felt like he was being watched by the boss. I also thought all the other capos and soldiers opinions on what really happened to Ralph was interesting and fun to listen to. Especially Albert “Ally Boy” Barese’s opinion on it, which refers to Tony being the one who got rid of Ralph, “What’s next, I get clipped for wearing the wrong shoes?” All in all, it was a great episode that reminded all of us just why we watch The Sopranos. Grade: A

    Ranking in season: # 3 / 13
    Ranking in series: # 13 / 65