The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 9

The Telltale Moozadell

Aired Unknown Apr 22, 2001 on HBO

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  • It drives me nuts when they don't make a real episode...

    For me, Sopranos is most effective when the episodes are most than a series of events in the unfolding saga of Tony's life. I don't watch Sopranos to see a soap opera. I watch it for the episodes where I carry something away at the end of the episode -- a feeling, a question, a feeling of temporary closure.

    This episode didn't do that for me. It's one of the ones where you're watching and you're watching, and suddenly music is intruding onto the scene and then bam! Credits.

    I *hate* that.

    Yes, good writing. Yes, those hyperreal Sopranos characters. But would it kill them to make an episode out of it?
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    If you would have told me before the episode that Junior Soprano would not be involved in the episode I would have thought it would have been among the top five episodes of the season, but this episode was just missing something to put it up there with what I expect from the writing staff. I think Meadow and Jackies storyline has peaked and Im glad Tony is becoming a little more involved in whats going on. Im not a writer - but I dont think its odd that Meadow has had sexual relations with two people in a short time span. I think Im beginning to figure out her storyarch for season four or a little bit later in this season. The storyline with AJ was a little off in this episode to me. I dont mind it when they show us the family side of The Sopranos, but this one felt a little too forced if you ask me. Tontys relationship with the Mercades Benz lady is something that Im keeping an eye on. Tony has had flings before, but I am wondering why she is getting a multiple episode story arch unlike most of his other ones. Im starting to wonder if the FBI theme I was expecting at the beginning of season three might be coming back again in the later parts of the season with a big reveal. Solid episode overall, some of the drama was just missing.