The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 10

To Save Us All from Satan's Power

Aired Unknown Apr 29, 2001 on HBO

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    I liked the use of the flashbacks in this episode, I had no idea that BP was a mole for that long. Watching season one of The Sopranos I was a little fuzzy on what was going on with the show. The writers kind of just threw us into this world. After watching the first season I was better able to grasp the characters that they introduced and know what more was going on. It will be interesting to rewatch this show some day knowing that BP was always a mole, not just at the beginning of the first season. Aside from that - another very good episode from the writers of the Sopranos. Again, no Junior in this episode aside from his role in the flashback scenes. Let me tell you, I think they could get a lot more out of him to use him the way he used to be. I loved his part in the flashback, he looked like a diffrent man. Meadown and Jackie continue to get close and this is the second episode now that Tony has caught Jackie doing something that he isnt supposed to be doing. It will be very interesting to see what Tony does in the remaining three episodes if the acts that Jackie is currently doing continue. Overall though, I thought it was a very strong episode with a couple of issues of not adressing plot points that have been building.