The Sopranos

Season 5 Episode 1

Two Tonys

Aired Unknown Mar 07, 2004 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Tony, now separated from Carmela, takes a romantic interest in Dr. Melfi. Carmela is forced to call Tony for help when a wild bear keeps visiting their home. Johnny Sack sees an opportunity for advancement when Carmine suffers a stroke, while new parolees readjust to life on the outside and Janice adjusts to married life with Bobby. Christopher and Paulie face off when Christopher is constantly stuck paying for dinner.moreless

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  • Season 5 Premiere - Tony is still on the outs with Carmela, Carmela and A.J. have bear problems at the Soprano residence, relations with Chris and Paulie bittter, and Paulie and Chris end up a restaurant waiter. A lot of mobsters get realeased fromoreless

    Not bad, for a season opener. It was a little slow, but had to be, to introduce a new season. It broke some ground, by having Tony try to date Dr. Melfi, and the Soprano house get invaded by a wild bear. I also found it funny the feud between Christopher and Paulie, over Christopher having to pay for dinner. Robert Loggia’s character seems like he’s going to take the place of Ralphie and Richie before hand, and be a pain in Tony’s capicolla filled ass. I predict a large part for Loggia in this season. The best moment of the episode was when Christopher threw a rock at the restaurant waiter for talking smack to him, and the waiter went into an epileptic seizure, so Paulie shot him! That was hysterical! Although the episode moved slow, I think we are in for some real treats this season.

    Overall Grade: A-

    Ranking in season: # 12 / 13

    Ranking in series: N/A (season still in progress)

Robert Loggia

Robert Loggia

Feech La Manna

Guest Star

Maryam Coppersmith

Maryam Coppersmith

Sophia Baccalieri

Guest Star

Allison Dunbar

Allison Dunbar

Nicole Lupertazzi

Guest Star

Dan Grimaldi

Dan Grimaldi

Patsy Parisi

Recurring Role

Leslie Bega

Leslie Bega

Valentina la Paz

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Carl Capotorto

Carl Capotorto

Little Paulie Germani

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Little Paulie is using the Soprano's bathroom, he is reading the issue of TV Guide that covers the new season of The Sopranos.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Tony: Look, you and A.J., you check yourself into a hotel until this whole thing blows over. Here's $1,200 on top of our original agreement.
      Carmela: I'm not going to a hotel.
      Tony: Why not?
      Carmela: I don't want to break Anthony's routines.
      Tony: He'll get a kick out of it. It's an adventure. God knows he loves room service.
      Carmela: I'll give him room service—the end of my foot.

    • Paulie: (recounting events from "Pine Barrens") So we open the fuckin' trunk. This suffocatin' Russian cocksucker pops up. He's still alive!
      Christopher: We lead him through the snow. This asshole's shiverin'. I mean he's wearin' fuckin' pajamas and slippers in, like, 8° weather.

    • Feech: Know what the biggest change is for me? Broads shavin' their bushes. I went over to Silvio's, it's like the Girl Scouts in there.

    • Tony: (to Dr. Melfi) Forget the way Tony Soprano makes his way in the world. That's to feed his children. There's two Tony've never seen that other one...That's the one I want to show you.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Although credited, Steve Buscemi and Frank Vincent do not appear in this episode with the exception of photographs.

    • Music in this episode:
      "Heaven Only Knows" by Emmylou Harris; "Band of Gold" by Freda Payne; "Bichu Rap" by Thierry "Titti" Robin; "La Mia Serenata" by Jimmy Fontana; "Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye; "Take it or Leave It" by Jet

    • Robert Loggia joins the cast as Feech La Manna. Although this is the first instance where we see Feech on-screen, viewers may remember that his name was mentioned on two prior occasions. Richie Aprile brought him up in "Toodle-Fucking-OO" and Ralph Cifaretto mentioned him in "Amour Fou" In both instances, Feech's name was brought up in connection with the executive game. Feech would try to reclaim his game from Tony later in the season.

    • Jamie-Lynn Sigler is now credited by her married name Jamie-Lynn DiScala.


    • Commenting on danger, Tony says "this ain't little house on the fucking prairie." He refers to Little House on the Prairie, the NBC drama about life in the 1800s on the old frontier, starring Michael Landon.

    • Tony comments on Feech's tan, asking him if he'd been to Earl Schieb. Earl Schieb's is a famous auto-painting outfit.