The Sopranos

Season 5 Episode 9

Unidentified Black Males

Aired Unknown May 02, 2004 on HBO



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  • Quotes

    • Meadow: Vito Spatafore is a married man. I seriously doubt he wants to kill you.
      Finn: Maybe he wants to fuck me and then kill me.

    • Silvio: So accordin' to Johnny Sack, the kid's brains were splattered all over the seat.
      Paulie: Joe Peeps? Couldn't have been too much to clean up.
      Little Paulie: I heard the hooker he was with it in the chest. Must have been silicone everywhere, too.

    • Meadow: There are options in life. Isn't that what you always told me?
      Carmela: You have options; I have a lawyer.

    • Carmela: I want what I am entitled to.
      Tony: You're entitled to shit!

    • Meadow: Haven't you ever thought beyond being dependent on some man?
      Carmela: It's so simple for you, isn't it?
      Meadow: It's simple for everybody who isn't expecting things to be handed to them.

    • Christopher: I can multi-task, Adriana. I'm not a fucking retard!

    • Finn: Why do we want to be in New York anyway?
      Meadow: It was supposed to be fun, remember?

    • Tony: I'm bending over backwards tryin' to stay neutral, and you're out there like a fuckin' free agent?!

    • Tony: Have a drink.
      Johnny Sack: I don't want a fucking drink.
      Tony: Have one anyway.

    • Tony: You know, sometimes what happens in [therapy] is like taking a shit.
      Dr. Melfi: I prefer to think of it more like childbirth.
      Tony: Trust me. It's like taking a shit.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Altes Leid, junges Glück", meaning "Old Grief, Young Luck".

    • Music in this episode:
      "Believe Me" by The Skyliners; "Bichu Rap" by Thierry "Titi" Robin; "Choker" by Fire Ball Ministry; "Get Fucked Simply" by Drawbacks; "If I Were a Carpenter" by Bobby Darin; "Luminosa" by Craig Chaquico; "Slave" by Munk

  • Allusions

    • Little Carmine's speech, "The fundamental question is, 'Will I be as effective as a boss like my dad was?' And I will be. Even more so. But until I am, it's gonna be hard to verify that I think I'll be more effective," is purposefully similar to comments made by George W. Bush prior to becoming president.