The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Apr 01, 2001 on HBO

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  • As my mother says, "Ralphie. . ."

    I was wrong about Ralphie. His sadism goes beyond Richie's and into Ramsay Bolton territory. This was a strong character-development episode for the series's vilest character.

  • Couldnt Finish the Episode

    I hate this episode. Dont get me wrong I love the sopranos and I know the violence etc is necesary for the show. But I knew it was inevitable that Raulphie would go skitz with the young stripper. As soon as he started to hit her I had to turn it off. Way too hard to watch. I turned it back on to see her dead and it was extremely upsetting. A little too far for me. I like the way Soprano stuck up for the girl but in the end I think he learnt a lesson from this.

  • Review

    I thought it was the best of the season so far, though the ratings on this site seem to want to disagree very heavily. I think a lot of people had problems with the scene where Ralphie kills his pregnant 20 year old fling. I really think this is going to advance the Season Three Ralphie theme and set the plan into motion. Season Three is still lacking a central theme, but Ralphie has been a very quiet addition to the cast thrown in there to stir up some problems. Loved everything that was going on in the Bada Bing in terms of writing. We got to see all of the Soproano crew and watching them all deal with the death of the girl as well as Tonys emotional reaction was really well done. The scene was brutal and made me cringe, but being reminded that it was a television show in the end made it a positive part to the episode. Everything with Noah and Meadow was pretty strong in this episode. We get to see Meadow getting really close to someone, only to have him break her heart. I thought the actor that played Noah did a terrific job in this role in this episode and all of the episodes that he was in. I really felt Noah and Meadow connect and when they broke up it had an effect on me. Shows how good the writers are at doing there job. It will be interesting to see if the intimate scene the two had will come back for a dramaic swing in a future episode.