The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 17

Walk Like a Man

Aired Unknown May 06, 2007 on HBO

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  • Best Chris performance ever

    Paulie and Chris are at each others throats after Paulies cousin steals his father in laws drills twice in a row and Chris pushes him out a window. Paulie in retaliation rips up Chris' yard with his car doing donuts in the yard. Chris reveals in this episode his hatred towards tony and that he never respected adriana getting whacked after he got her of his life for tony, when paulie and chris make up at a bar paulie says an insensitive joke about his daughter and him and everyone at the bar is laughing including tony (who Chris momentarily stares at) which shows Chris is crushed and tony had pulled his final straw and gets out of there. He goes to J.T to open up about how bad he feels towards tony and everyone with everything thats happened and being happening but because chris is drunk J.T doesn't care for Chris' feelings and tries to get him coffee, when Chris says that he is trying to open up to J.T, J.T says Chris your in the mafia, so chris says fine and looks like his about to leave J.T's apartment but then he pulls out a gun and head shots his only hope to getting better. The episode ends with a great sony be the Los Lobos called the valley and chris putting an old dead plant that gun run over back in its pot and fixing it before going back inside. In other stuff A.J is really upset about his breakup with Blanca, good stuff but the chris story is more important to me.
  • The first superb episode in the last season.

    This was the best episode of the season so far. Little Paulie gets puched out the window by Christopher. And of cource Paulie gets pissed and destoys Cristophers garden. A.Js girlfriend leaves him and he becomes seriously depressed. The episode was both shocking and funny, and entertaining as most of the best Sopranos episodes. I wouldn´t realy consider this as one of the best, but with no doubt a superb episode. When it came out it was the best so far in the season, as i said before. And this was the start of the superb last episodes of the last season.
  • Little Paulie starts stealing hardware supplies. Christopher goes too far. Paulie gets his revenge. JT meets his end. Fate awaits all of them...

    I was surprised with this episode because to the looks of it from the previews, I thought it was going to be an action episode, like Pine Barrens, but I was wrong. This episode sets things up so it could go down well in "Kennedy and Heidi." I didn't actually have a grudge on Christopher in this episode, even after what he did to Little Paulie. Little Paulie was being stupid, and he shouldn't have messed with a guy like Christopher. So when he gets thrown down to the ground from the second story floor of a house, I wasn't surprised at all.
    Paulie gets his revenge as well by brutalizing the garden at Christopher's house, which had a lot of money put down to it, but when the two reconcile, Christopher takes it the wrong way and in the end, Tony is always caught in between. I feel sorry for him, seriously.
  • I am writing this review late, having already seen the two episodes that follow this one. From this perspective, it is impossible not to see the events in this ep in a totally different light. They are essential elements in the looming series conclusion.

    Reexamining this episode after seeing the two subsequent installments, I am blown away by the intricate way this series is pieced together.

    Events are carefully foreshadowed and dramatic tension is built up for seeming ages and then- this show delivers like no other. Some things we see coming, others come from nowhere (goodbye, JT!), but they always pack a visceral punch.

    Chris's arc takes a definite turn here, as does AJ's. Both of Tony's "sons" are in deep trouble. Speaking of trouble, Tony is on dangerous ground as he offers some information to the Feds that could come back to haunt him later.

    And Paulie throws a hissy fit that is one of the must-sees of the entire series! Enjoy...
  • Tony and Carmella have a brewing problem in AJ brooding over his ex. Tony has a larger problem brewing with Christopher and somehow its appears that Paulie is the ignition to what may explode later.

    AJ spoils Tony's good morning with sad face and short answers epecially when Carm asks if he wants breakfast. AJ can't shake it off. "She's the best thing to happen to me" is his response to them when Carm tries to cheer him up. But once AJ leaves the room Carmella confesses to Tony " I can't that I not relieved Tony, you know with the culture conficts. Tony isn't exactly enjoying this but kind of sighs with the prospect of seeing more of AJ teary. The crew is invited to Christopher's for a cookout which begins a rift between Chris and the rest of them. Tony wants to know why Chris is never around the "Bing". When explains the girls are "cokeheads" and the "cold ones" in the fridge are too much temptation for him Tony lets him have it "this is a hands on operation.
  • Finally some exciting action.

    So I do realize that this is the last season of Sopranos' and they have to tell a story at the end, but the last 2 episodes were quite boring, and this one finally had what's been missing since this season started. Some action, some nail biting scenes, etc... The only thing I love to hate is that anybody, I mean anybody, could be wacked, just like that. Even Paulie talking to Christopher, either one of them could pull out a gun and whamo, gone. I do feel sorry for Christoper, he is trying to do better, but killing your AA sponser (or previous one), doesn't look good on your 12 step program. And A.J., I think he's starting to become like his father, maybe getting ready to take over the family business.
  • Getting back to being good again!

    Over the last few seasons I’ve been very critical of The Sopranos. I think my main reason for this was I loved the first two seasons so much and wanted to see them get back to that kind of show. Well in this episode it looks like they make have. Tony was back in therapy threatening to leave, Chris and Paulie are back at each other’s throats, and The Soprano family sat down and ate dinner together.

    It really was a well done episode. There was plenty of tension in the whole Chistopher\Paulie battle. It kept you on the edge of your seat wondering if one would kill the other. Also watching Chris meltdown after having a drink and eventually kill his writer friend was very well done. For just a moment after he yelled at Chris “You’re In The Mafia!” you thought Chris might break down and give it all up. But when he turned and killed him I thought it was perfect. One storyline that interests me is the hinting that A.J. may be turning into his father. As much as I like the idea, I wish they would have started this up a while ago. If they are going this route it’s going to be hard to pull of with only a few episodes left.
  • The best of the second half of the season...

    I've been pretty hard on the show so far with the past few episodes because nothing really vital has happened, only small thing have occurred to move the storyline towards the ultimate goal of the finish line...Now, they seem to be moving in the right direction...It looks like they're moving Robert Iler out of being a whiny little baby into a man, but they should have done this storyline a few seasons ago, not doing it with 4 shows left. Paulie of course had some classic lines in this episode, and another great performance by Tony Sirico, it was also very funny seeing him driving all over Chris' yard.
  • "Foreshadowing Tony's downfall."

    I loved this episode. I am not one who has been dissapointed with this season's episodes. With the exception of the third episode (the Pauliepalooza), I believe Chase has returned to what makes this series great, character development.

    I am not one who wants to see a Sopranos movie after this season is over. I want this to be the end of the book, but I also don't need the book to end in a blaze of glory for Tony. I just want to see some type of charcter resolution, some type of acceptance of his fate. "Is this it?" He asks Melfi.

    And that's what I hope he understands, "This is it. This is the life you have chosen and it is a life of crime."

    Tony is slowly sinking back into a deep depression this season as he watches his son fall apart, his gambling losses mount up and his relationship with all his extended family members begin to fracture. Christopher, who has always been the best character on the show, has even opened up the possibility that he may be the reason Tony goes down. A plot possibility which need not be followed through, but would actually make sense. He still regrets the loss of Adrianna, and he has this Hollywood glam idea of the federal protection program. (As an aside an interesting development would be for Chris to try and turn Tony in but instead the feds nail Chris and leave Tony alone as a favor for his help on terrorism Also, for all his faults, the Feds may realize they are better off with Tony in charge of the mob. With all his faults, Tony really does prefer a "low violence and reasonable" approach to organized crime. Chris is a loose cannon). Meanwhile Carmela is beginning to have to face up to the fact that the man she married truly is a monster, and what does that make her? The Bride of Frankenstein? Is she any less of a monster?

    That's probably the one point I want resolved before the end of this series. Chase doesn't need to hit us over our heads with it, but I would like some clarification about Carmela. How far will she go for her famly? Is she willing to acknowledge that she is an accomplice in her husband's lifestyle, an enabler? Will it change things if she finds she has to cover up for one of AJ's "violent" exploits. Seeing AJ come home with blood on his hands and Carmela helping him wash it off might be a fitting finale.

    Anyway, great show, great story, great acting. As a writer, once again Chase is king.

    (And even if you didn't like this episode, name one more consistently well written show on television!)
  • A well written episode, that kept me interested from start to finish. Most important the characters seemed believable and were true to their personalities, something the show has struggled with alot this season.

    Finally a really good episode. This was the best one so far this season. It was well written and kept me interested from start to finish. AJ's character was interesting for a change. Little actual mob stuff happened. Tony made a bit of a deal with the feds concerning some possible terrorists. Chris killed someone in a rage attack. Chris is falling apart again basically. Tony seemed back to his normal self, which made last week's episode look that much worse. All though this episode was very good, it still doesn't take away from the sloppyness that has plagued this season. Characters have been very inconsistent, especially Tony and the storylines have been all over the place and there has been no sense of pacing or continuity. I feel like everything is just going to explode in the finale.
  • OK, you now prove you can write and show us a good episode, why did you give us 2 terrible ones and one that was average. Get with it, you have only a few more until the end and now you give us something decent.

    While the episode was a classic old style one, I feel that that HBO and David Chase owe us an apology for the junk he has give us in the 4 previous episodes.
    I honestly do not care if AJ or Meadow is happy. If you want to give us a throw away scene show Meadow naked or running around in her undies, not having her whining at the breakfast table and AJ mooning over some girl.
    Let's have some good old fashioned mob stuff. We got some this week but they are still wasting precious moments in the final episodes with AJ crying because he got dumped. Tony had it right, let's go to the Bing.
    As for Tony thinking he passed on the screwed up gene and Christopher getting the junkie gene, they could have another year on those issues. But let's get down to facts and wrap this show up with honor and dignity, something the producers and writers have not show us in the 4 previous weeks.
    I think AJ will go back to school, take over the sports betting as a boss, spend time doing the horizontal mombo with any one and start him on the road to the big seat.
    Meadow will marry some liberal heart lawyer and move to Utah.
    Phil will get wacked but not the way he should, with an exploding baseball bat carefully placed for maximum damage, and when it blows up, his homophobic head will also blow off.
    Paulie will get his from someone, and hopefully Janice will do something that the Russians or someone will put us out of our misery and take her out.
    And somehow Tony will move to Florida or Arizona and retire on his pension from the garbage haulers and the profits from his house.
  • Great episode - renewed my faith!

    I was really impressed with this episode, in just about every facet. The acting, which is always excellent, was in top form. But the reason why this episode is my favorite thus far of the second part of Season Six is the writing.

    The episode reminded me how of I felt as I watched new episodes during the first 3 seasons of this show. Followers of this show are all eager (and desperately hoping) that this incredible show ends on a high note. This episode may be the first in a string of wonderful episodes that wrap up the series.
  • Very good episode, probably one of the best of 6.2

    I thought tonight's episode, much like last week's had the central conflict we've been looking to enjoy. Like last week with Phil and Tony, this week we continue from "Stage 5" the conflict between Tony and Chris, while we learn where Chris felt things were poisoned between him and Tony, it creates more tension, as we learn at the end of the episode where he's talking to the writer. It's a shame this wasn't the next episode after the one where Tony and Chris hug after the event for Chris' daughter because this would of been a great follow up, but unfortunately we had to wait about three weeks for this. Excellent episode, just wished we got to see Phil, but by the look of next week's previews, that question has been answered. I think we saw a little too much of AJ tonight, and unless this has some foreshadowing about events to come, I think they are wasting their time with dealing with AJ. I want to see more conflict between Phil/Tony and Chris/Tony and less of the lesser stuff with AJ. There are only four episodes left and it looks like later then we expected, but things are on track and we are getting to the points were interested. Will we ever find out about the DNA evidence with Bobby and the first episode of 6.2? I'd be curious to see what goes on with that. See you after next week's episode.