The Sopranos

Season 5 Episode 3

Where's Johnny?

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 2004 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Feech begins to overstep when he moves in on Paulie's landscaping deals. Tony worries about Uncle Junior's mind when Junior wanders around his old neighborhood searching for his long-dead brother. As the hostility in New York intensifies, Johnny Sack dispatches the Leotardo brothers to send Little Carmine a clear message.moreless

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  • Lorraine Calluzo gets threatened by Phil Leotardo from Johnny Sack, Junior gets lost and wonders around his old neighborhood, Johnny Sack's conflict with Little Carmine continues, and Tony doesn't want anything to do with it.moreless

    In the best episode of the season so far, Junior surprisingly takes the spotlight. The episode primarily focuses on him having a fight with Tony, and then wandering the streets alone, lost, looking for Tony’s father who has been for twenty-something years. Obviously, it becomes clear Junior is becoming senile in his old age. The friction between Tony and Junior is very exciting, but at the end of the episode where Junior sheds tears when Tony tells him he loves him, kind of seemed a little on the sappy side. Another exciting event, is the mock on female Capo Lorraine Calluzo pulled off by Johnny Sack’s right hand man Phil Leotardo. Phil ties her up, duct tapes her mouth, puts a phonebook up to her chest, and shoots through the phone book with a revolver. Just when you think she is , and hear the gunshot, Phil acknowledges the bullet only made it to the ‘R’s’ and next time, “There would be no next time.”, unless Lorraine kicks up her points to Johnny Sack instead of Little Carmine. In the shocker of the episode, Lorraine Calluzo begs for her life, by pleading with her attempted hitman by saying, “I’ll suck your s, please don’t kill me!” In the end, it’s an excellent episode, that could’ve been better if it had a different ending.

    Overall Grade: A

    Ranking in season: # 5 / 13

    Ranking in series: # 28 / 65

Hilda Evans

Hilda Evans


Guest Star

Robert Loggia

Robert Loggia

Feech La Manna

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Louis Mustillo

Louis Mustillo

Sal Vitro

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Danielle Divecchio

Danielle Divecchio

Barbara Giglione

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Dan Grimaldi

Dan Grimaldi

Patsy Parisi

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Frank Santorelli

Frank Santorelli


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • While wondering around his old neighborhood, Junior sits on a bench and looks up at a water tower in the shape of a bottle at a nearby building. The building Junior is staring at is a Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer brewery which closed in 1985. When the brewery was in operation, the tower had a Pabst label affixed to it. The brewery was demolished approximately two years after the episode aired, but efforts were made to preserve the beer bottle/water tower.

    • The television show that Uncle Junior confused for showing him and Bobby Bacala was HBO's own Curb Your Enthusiasm, specifically the season 2 episode, "The Doll".

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Sal: Fuck off, I'm busy.
      Feech: You want me to "fuck off?"(savagely beats Sal) How about I fuck off all over your fucking face you fucking mutt?!?

    • Bobby Jr.: Dad, can I go with you?
      Bobby: No.
      Bobby Jr.: Can Janice go and we can stay here?
      Bobby: What'd I tell you about being impolite?

    • Dan: (paying 'protection') I got most of it.
      Lorraine: Let me ask you a question, Dan. Say I'm some big nigger standing here instead of a woman—you still gonna tell me you got "most of it?"

    • Tony: (to Janice) I was stuck with our headcase mother while you were off dropping acid and blowin' roadies!
      Bobby: Roadies?!?

    • Paulie: What do you know? You were in the can for 20 years.
      Feech: Which entitles me to earn.
      Paulie: Which entitles you to shit. In my book, you get points for staying out of the can.

    • Uncle Junior: He never had the makings of a varsity athlete.

    • Junior: I have a car!
      Wanda: You want a date? I'll give you a half-and-half in the back seat.

    • Tony: (to Bobby) You want more responsibility? Start with controlling your wife.

    • Bobby Bacala: I'm happy to do it. It's just that 40 minutes I spend at Rite Aid's getting some stool softener that was on sale.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Starting with this episode, Danielle DiVecchio takes over the role of Barbara Soprano from Nicole Burdette.

    • Music in this episode:
      "Earth, Wind, Water" by Metro Music Productions, Inc.; "Homespun" by DSM Producers, Inc.; "Hypocritical" by Methods of Mayhem; "I Know You're There" by Jedediah Parish and Gravel Pit; "Journey to Chung King" by Non-Stop Music Library; "Let Your Love Flow" by The Bellamy Brothers; "Sirius" by Alan Parsons