The Sopranos

Season 4 Episode 9

Whoever Did This

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 2002 on HBO

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  • The Ballad of Tony and Ralph

    I have to tell you that as much as I love this episode, I don't quite understand the motivation as to why Tony was so quick to exterminate Ralph. Granted, they didn't hit it off in the beginning and there was always some kind of arm's length camaraderie between them. Ralphie was a great earner and even included Tony in Pie's winnings when he wasn't expected to...and then of course from that time forward he WAS expected to. Ralph did it begrudgingly, but he always seemed to respect and admire Tony and continue to prove how good and loyal he was. And then we have the emotional scene with Tony and Ralph over Ralph's son almost being killed by an arrow to the lung. We actually felt Tony giving of himself to Ralph. And even in his pain, he still brought in the money. So, when Ralph answered honestly that he had nothing to do with Pie's death, I was confused to Tony's reaction as being so violent. Was this a latent hostility that took what Tony felt was the death of an innocent for him to realize? I guess I could see Tony beating the crap out of Ralph to an inch of his life, but to knowingly strangle him to death didn't ring true. If Ralph died in the heat of the argument in which he is suddenly killed would make sense. But for Tony to seemingly be so methodical was not the dramatic choice I would have preferred. I will say that the drama that followed was series classic. So if any good came out of that scene, it was everything between T and Christopher that followed.
  • spoiler and spoiler free opinions

    Spoiler free review

    \"Whoever did this.\" is one of the best episodes of the season, a season that got lots of crap from people, in fact it\'s one of the best episodes out of the entire show. Usually the best episodes out of any show come at the very end and near end, but this episode of the sopranos delivered the unexpected and the intense. For starters there\'s a lot of focus on Ralph, and it must be his finest hour ever on the show. Pantiliano was exceptional, no he\'s at his best ever. This was a big surprise, especially because it was the 3rd disc in the set, and you just don\'t see these things coming.

    Spoiler included review

    What a giant surprise, seeing how I saw it on the 3rd disc of the DVD set and you usually don\'t get these kind of episodes until the last disc. Like mentioned before this episode is mostly on the focus of Ralph, and his final hour couldn’t be better. He nearly looses his son which was something else we never really knew. He breaks down and he is completely unbelievable. This leads to a small mystery when the stables are burned down. A heart broken Ralph and Tony’s dead and favorite winning horse leads to each other releasing their angers on each other. Season 4 may have been lesser on the mob hits but they were more personal. This is big surprise and it leads to even more story plots that could follow Ralph\'s murder. I guess one thing I didn’t enjoy wasn’t from this episode but the way Ralph\'s friends besides from the crew feel. Such as what will happen to his kid, when does he find out.
  • Junior falls down a couple of steps at the courthouse and gets knocked out, Tony's horse gets killed in an arson, Ralph's son gets shot in the chest with a bow and arrow set and gets on life support, Ralph tries to re-examine his life then Tony strangles

    Finally, after eight episodes, The Sopranos has returned to the beautiful quality it was since the very first season. First of all, a lot of interesting events happened in this episode, most of which is going to have a profound affect on the four last episodes of the season. First of all, Ralph’s son, Justin (whom we never knew existed) gets hospitalized for taking a archery arrow in the chest, when he was fooling around with his friend. Ralph is a mess about it, and his kid may not live. But, even before that, to get back at Paulie for telling Johnny Sack he made fun of “shamu’s fat ass”, Ralph makes a call to Paulie’s mother at green grove, posing to be a police detective, and tells her they found her son sucking a boy scout’s d*ck, and they also found a gerbil in his rectum. The funniest scene ever created on The Sopranos - Period! Paulie’s mom is so upset they have to put her on pills to sleep. Paulie gets so furious, he asks Tony’s permission to whack Ralph, Tony doesn’t give Paulie permission seeing as though Ralph’s a good earner. I found Junior faking Alzheimer’s for a government psychiatrist, so they think he’s certifiably insane, was hilarious. But just when everything is going good for Tony, he gets a call about Pie-O-My being burned to in a fire, thinking it was Ralph, he goes over to his house and confronts him. They get in a huge entertaining fight including eggs, a frying pan, raid, and a butcher knife, that ends with Tony choking the life out of Ralph. Later, he calls Christopher to help dispose of the body. They cut Ralph’s body into pieces, and put his severed head in a bowling bag. You also find out Ralph wears a toupee. On top of it all, Tony confronts Chris about his problem. It all ends with Tony waking up in the Bada Bing after disposing of Ralph, and looking for Christopher. But where is he? Getting high is my guess. Although not the best episode ever, it was definitely the most mind-blowing, rip-roaring and racy episode ever in Sopranos history. Joe Pantoliano needs an Emmy and Golden Globe for his astounding and haunting performance and Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess (the writers) are geniuses. Grade: A+

    Ranking in season: # 1 / 13
    Ranking in series: # 6 / 65