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AIRED ON 3/12/2014

Season 2014 : Episode 11

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With this new satirical series, the E! Entertainment Network returns to a format they helped create with the popular '90s show Talk Soup. Only this time instead of just poking fun at talk shows, they're setting their sights on all things in entertainment, reality TV, pop culture, and politics.

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  • Revolted and will now boycott this show.

    Have to say this first: I once adored this show. BUT...

    is bad enough (and slightly disturbing in a SICK WAY) when those horrible pageant-parents give their children "gogo" juice, powedered-sugar-stix, sleepless nights, and whore make-up all for some low money prize on reality TV (I rely on The Soup for these clips as I cannot stomach the shows normally I LAUGH at the ignorance that Joel/the writers point out....

    BUT WHEN JOEL, THE WRITERS FOR THE SOUP, and the PRODUCERS for the show think it is acceptable to say a little girl will be giving "BJs for PIXIE STICKS" in her furture?!?!?! You guys are EFFING disgusting, vile, MONSTERS who are almost as sickening as the parents and perverts that engage in this crap. SHAME ON YOU, E! and JOEL, and especially you "writers". In the eternally appropriate words of Frank HOPE YOUR $H1T comes alive and EATS YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!moreless

    Ive watched this showed for ten years now and I never get tired of watching it. It always has something funny to make me laugh because I watch a lot of tv shows. Best clip show out there!
  • Not worth watching anymore

    Not worth watching anymore. I faithfully watched this show ever since it's beginnings as Talk Soup. I tried hanging on for the last two years, but it has become a complete waste of time to watch. It's not that there is any lack of material, it's that the writing and production sucks. Tosh.0 and TMZ prove that snarky mocking television programming definitely works. TMZ even does it daily. Whoever is running The SOUP is just plain incompetent and not funny. Joel is too busy plugging his piece of crap show Community. The soup itself is too busy plugging ever crappy thing under the sun. The recurring jokes (I'm looking at you Mankini) aren't the least bit funny. If a subject like the Kardashians comes up, the show tries to act like they're making fun, but they're really just kissing butt and plugging once again. This show is old, lame, and dead. Watch Tosh.0 or TMZ. You'll laugh much more often and much harder. They need to fire everyone on The Soup and start over. The format works, these idiots running it don't.moreless
  • Really miss Kinnear & Skunk boy

    With this new satirical series, the E! Entertainment Network returns to a format they helped create with the popular '90s show Talk Soup.

    JM's good too in his own right, Skunk boy was just irreplaceable-yet somehow they did it. biggest career mistake since Brian Dunkleman

    You can always catch Wipeout/ he shines there as well.
  • Most of you have no sense of humor!

    This show is hilarious! For those of you nit pickers who get offended so easily, get over it, its just goofing around. get a sense of humor and stop taking things so serious!

    News Briefs: Bro! TNT Renewed Franklin & Bash for Season 3!

    Plus: Elementary opens big, Greg Kinnear is returning to television, and Miley Cyrus as bank-robber Bonnie?

  • IT'S BACK!

    FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (September 15)

    On our list this week: White Collar, The X Factor, Damages, zombies in Wonderland, and more!

    • What clips should they have used?
      Too bad The Soup was only focusing on talk shows in the 90's because this clip, from The Lion King TV series, would've been great ...
    • lou?
      is he ever going to be on the show anymore. did I miss something with that? sorry if this was already talked about.
    • The Soup FanClub: SFC
      Feel free to join! Make your applicationlike this:I, Whizkid103, hereby declare I am an official member of The Soup fanclub. I pro...
    • Joel McHale Show
      Has anyone gone to see him in this latest tour he is on? He is coming to Minneapolis end of this month and I want to go see him. ...
    • It's Still a Felony!!!
      does anyone else crack up everytime they hear that no matter how many times it's been

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