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  • I like the idea of using more than just talk shows even though I was a fan of Talk Soup too.

    I like Joel as the host even though he doesn't beat Aisha Tyler, because well look at her I mean she was hot and funny, and he is a dude.This guy is hilarious and is very with the skits and humor making fun of all the celebrities and everybody else who needs to be knocked down a peg. It's not just that he sometimes manages to get people on his show that he makes fun of alot like Teila Tequila, she was a good sport about it. I think he shows that these aren't mean spirited jokes but they are out of fun, alot of comedians you can tell use jokes as mean spirited propaganda and are basically used to force opinons on people, but Joel isn't like that. I think the show is well written and the stage hands or whoever it is that goes or there and has to make fools of themselves really add to the show and those guys should get a raise.
  • The only show you need to watch.

    Lets face it. The vast majority of television is bad. And it's only worse when a writer's strike occurs. Thankfully there's The Soup. A smörgåsbord of all things awful related to television, there's no need to sift through all that garbage anymore. The host, Joel McHale and his writers, watch more TV than thought to be humanly possible.. or healthy. Each week they present the worst that they could find, or bare to watch.

    The show itself is broken up into clever segments. "Chat Stew" is for talk shows, one of the most common to appear on the show is The Tyra Banks Show. "Reality Show Clip Time!" is another which is related solely to reality shows. There's also "Chicks, Man" which will focus on female celebrity news, something I'll get to later in the review. "Let's Take Some E!" is where Joel will discuss E!'s other TV shows, and each episode will end with the "Clip of the Week." It's basically the best of the best (or should I say worst of the worst) that they could find.

    The Soup will also dabble into celebrity news, most of the time sticking to what works best. And that's whatever Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton were doing this week. Guest stars frequent the shows set to make appearances at the expense of themselves, or rather as a sign of admiration for the show and its cause. There's also the occasional special, where an entire episode is dedicated to one genre such as infomercials, reality shows, or game shows.

    For someone like me who rarely watches television, The Soup is like a recap from the TV gods. Each week it presents you with enough laughter and wackiness to keep you coming back the next week. So remember, bad TV makes for good Soup!
  • If only it really could be a daily fix!

    I never watch Talk Soup when it was on. But, I accidentally tuned in to The Soup one afternoon and I laughed the entire way through. Joel Mc Hale is perfect in his role as the satirical host. He effortlessly pokes fun at all things entertainment. It cracks me up that he seems to have this serious distaste for Tyra! He almost always has something to say about her. His little live sketchlets are hysterical and the bits with he dog are so funny. It is 30 minutes of reality check served with a heaping bowl full of laughs. I look forward to Friday nights at 10:00!
  • Hilarious show that pokes fun at recent events/shows.

    I find this show very funny and entertaining in that it makes fun of the stupidity of celebrities, reality TV participants and even game show contestants plus other various television programs. After gathering some of the most outrageous, weird or just stupid clips from programming in the previous week, Joel McHale adds some sarcastic comments on the different clips or people that are clever and I find hilarious. This show portrays just how idiotic some American programs can be (epsecially alot of the reality shows) seeing that there are quite a few broadcasts that get featured nearly every week. This is a great show to watch when you just wanna kick back and laugh at the ridiculousness of the things airing on our TVs these days.
  • A entertainment news program that takes the mickey out of entertainment news programs - and celebs.

    The best show on E! is The Soup. Hot stuff Joel McHale takes us through the past week's most stupid/funny/unbelievable moments in entertainment. Regulars on The Soup are The Insider and Inside Edition for their often ridiculous human interest stories and celeb coverage, Britney's crazy antics, Joel's funny spoof of David Caruso and his sunnies from CSI: Miami and Tyra Banks because she loves herself and will do anything for a bit of publicity. They played the clip of Tyra telling the world how fat she isn't about 20 times and it was still hilarious. The show is broken up into segments, (Chat Stew, What the Kids are Watching, Lets Take some E!) skits and polls. Joel is very funny to watch and the show probably wouldn't be as good without him!
  • A show that gathers and makes fun of some of the funniest/stupidest moments in pop culture TV.

    Somewhat of a gem in an otherwise pathetic network; to any person, I would say give it a chance. Some episodes are hilarious, some need much better writing, but more often than not, it is very funny and entertaining. This show would be gold if for two reasons: 1) It was not on the effing E network, 2) the jokes were more scathing (in some cases) and less...lame (but like I said, only sometimes). Joel McHale is really funny, and hopefully will get a bigger and better career, because, in my opinion, he does deserve it. He hits the jokes well, and obviously has a good sense of humor.
  • A great show to look forward to on friday nights (especially if you have a dvr)

    This show is awesome. I love the soup and i love joel mchale (sp?). its the perfect show to watch when it is the weekend and you dont have anything to do and you can just sit back and have a good time with the soup! the jokes are hilarious and the writing is pretty good. the sketches are sometimes kind of wierd but its always fun to watch. this show is underappreciated too. more people should watch this becaues it re caps the week in tv and just makes fun of it which is awesome. i cant wait for this friday!
  • Joel McHale's comedic take on primetime television shows and more.

    Why would any one watch a television show that only serves to make fun of other more popular shows? There are a smorsgand of answers but the one that pops into my head is: because it is fabulously hilarious! Joel McHale's look at television makes things that normally wouldn't be funny, but would be serious, seem ridiculous and hilarious. One example is a clip from CSI: Miami, where he made fun of an especially serious moment where a character was giving a speech something about how dangerous life was. Normally I'd take that sort of thing for granted, but watching the Soup it seemed hilarious. Another much ridiculed show- one of my favorites- America's Next Top Model, makes everyting that already seemed ridiculous even more so. Always funny and entertaining, the Soup is good enough to overlook the ridiculouness of the situation- watching tv to learn about tv.
  • a show that has recaped what has gone on during the week and then makes fun of it.

    The Soup is a show that has hilarious entertainment reports. This is one good show that E! has came up with. The Host Joel McHale will not let anything stop him from saying his mind. This is where I watch on Friday nights to see what has went on in the celebrity world and see Joel's response to it. They run jokes over and over agian but they serioulsy never get old, like Oprah Vay Jay Jay. Now that was funny. I suggest that people tune in to watch this show every week, and I promise it will always deliver and make you laugh your head off.
  • You need to watch this show. Every. Week.

    This is the best entertainment-related show ever. It is absolutely hilarious and Joel McHale is an amazing comedian. Some of the running jokes are the best (Whoopi. / Oprah's Va-Jay-Jay / Pickle-Licking Girl / Beary the BiPolar Bear / Good Morning Good Morning [etc] / So many other things) I love watching this show every week, it's a shame it's only a half hour long =[ But yeah, props to E! for making at least ONE great show on their network =] We love you Joel McHale! (And I don't have enough words to make this 100 words I do)
  • funny...

    I'm not a fan of comedies or shows that make fun of other things, but The Soup is halarious. The host is just funny. He does a great job hosting and he is just....funny...I can't think of any other way to desrcibe him. He seems like a little boy that crack jokes about everything. Anyways, the show makes fun of talk shows and a lot of reality shows, and it's really funny. He says everything we're thinking when we watch reality shows and talk shows. I love how he makes fun of CSI: Miami and the other regular shows he makes fun of. Anyways, this is a really funny show and it's definately worth watching.
  • Entertainment reporting at its best

    Joel Kills me on this show.Its what all entertainment shows should stive for. Its funny, witty and informative with just the right amount of disrespect and cheek. No topic or person in the public eye is off limits. If it happened in tv land its game.From Oprah's Vajayjay,Whitney and Bobby ,Tony Danza's show all the way to Tyra banks's two shows that provide the show with great moments to take the mickey out of. Watch the show long enough and midweek you'll find yourself watching tv and thinking man Joels gonna have a field day with that.And you'd be right every time!
  • "Off the Wall" FUNNY! Nothing like a good Joel McHale! What a guy, eh! Still not Canadian. The Soup! On FRIDAYS!

    Joel McHale makes TV so much better. Nothing like siting back and wtching some guy make fun of Lindsay, Paris, and everyone else in half an hour! What a crazy crazy world! Chat Stew, Reality show clip time, Oprah's va jay-jay, and of course...the clip of the week. All those and more...MORE can be on The Soup. I also like teh fact it went from Talk Soup to The Soup! What else can i say. How bout some filler words. Here we go: The Soup The Soup The Soup The Soup The Soup The Soup The Soup The Soup The Soup The Soup The Soup!
  • Hillarious!!!!

    The Soup on the E is simply the most hillarious tv show review/comedy on the face of the planet! Thats right. This show is so funny that every time I watch it I can't help but laugh, and laugh, and lugh some more. Its so funny, that I laugh to my stomach and drop to the floor! I tell ya, u seriously will get stomach ache after u stopped laughing! I can't get enough of this show! The host, Joel McHale is extremely funny and is great at making fun of celebrities, talk shows, talent shows, and even tv commercials. U SIMPLY GOT 2 WATCH THIS SHOW!

    *lol*~ "is there any job Ryan Seacrest doesn't have!"
  • Funny stuff.

    I love this show. My family and I used to watch talk soup. Then this started and we fell in love with it. The Soup brings tons of humor to every day things such as the news, television shows, and commercials. This is by far my favorite show on E! nothing else even compares. The only thing that I wish would be more people watching it. From my school, only me and my friend watch The Soup. So it is very under rated for that detail. So if you need something funny to watch Friday nights at ten, watch The Soup.
  • "The Soup" is a rambunctious satirical review of television programing with the comedic wit of host Joel McHale.

    "The Soup" is a rambunctious satirical review of television programing with the comedic wit of host Joel McHale.

    The show is an exploitation of the silliness and absurdity that is current television. It is what one expects. Cerebral it is not, but neither are the shows reviewed. There is, however, a comedic wit in editing, clip choice, juxtaposition, prop.s and more.

    Viewers will laugh at news of celebrities, shrink upon realizing that they actually what some of these shows, and gloat at excerpts of shows they chose not to watch.

    Joel McHale makes the show. His timing is perfect. His presentation makes the sketches.

    "The Soup" is a guilty pleasure for those night's when nothing is on and you have had your fill of the real world.
  • Pure stupidity, pure genius.

    The pioneer of this genre was the always fantastic Talk Soup with Greg Kinear. That changed through the years and finally after many hosts was canceled. It was a sad day. Luckily, the soul of Talk Soup was resurrected and put into the body of Joel McHale and called The Soup. The pure madness was somehow concentrated even more for the totally attention deficit individual. In the new show are absolute pearls of pure genius. My personal favorite is the Myopic Satsquash character. Or who can forget Jewbacca? It also shows the complete insanity of television in 10 second clips. Personally, I love how they expose the stupidity of daytime talk shows. Not even Barbara Walters walks away unscathed. So, overall, a fantastic show that is pure magic.
  • The Soup on E! Entertainment hosted by Joe McHale

    I don't reccomend it. Joe McHale is very obnoxious and kind of a (sorry to say it) Ryan Seacrest wannabe?!?! It hits some hot subjects in Entertainment news, I'll give it that but aside from that, you're really not missing anything if you haven't watched this show! I had never really heard of it before either. To be totally honest, the show sucks and it's definitely a waste of time. And what's with Joe McHale thinking he's hip, hot stuff? Reality check please? I'm a critic, and as a critic it is my job to seek my opinion to the public, and as I said, 'The Soup' really reaks!
  • I want some soup

    This show is f-ing awsome! I watch it every Saturday night, before SNL comes on, but lately, when SNL is in it's off season, I watch this. I really love the whole making fun of pop culture things. haha. I am obsesed with those little clip things they have, like 'Oprah's Va-jay-jay' and "A visit from Oobi' Now is it just me or is oobi really really creepy?? lol, but besides from that, I think it's a great kick butt show, that needs to be an hour long instead of only a half hour a week, that would be amazing
  • I love The Soup. It's funny. Period.

    I really love Joel, he is really funny!!Every Friday, I sit down on my couch and watch The Soup! I love how he makes fun of celebrities! This show makes me laugh so much! I especially love El Clipos Magnifico, I especailly love the one they showed this Friday, about the Drive By Gaying! That was so funny I was rolling around on the floor, clutching my stomach!! And I think The cop marrying Tessa was really retarded, and I love how Joel said, "What a twist!" LOL! I love Mankini and the indestructable Cheerleader! I love how they come to life after a week! Anyways, I love the Soup!
  • No one is save from the irreverent comments of Joel Mchale. Hollywood Is just a big joke. Yeahhhh.

    This show is great and hilarious. Joel McHale is the best Soup host ever! I loved when they do all of those ingenious sketches is jut a big joke and no one is save, he even makes fun of Mexican soaps, genius! And hearing constantly different shows that are so embarrassing never gets old. Good job E for creating this show.
  • Nice!

    I do remember "Talk Soup" and the other incarnations of this show -- and many hosts have gone on to become household names. "Talk Soup", began lampooning they myriad of talk shows that were filling the airwaves, then just evolved into "The Soup". This incarnation, "The Soup" is lampooning talk shows and more on television and makes no doubt that this host will also go on to become a national name too.

    What a good advancement of the series. Joe has come to make this program his own and it's silly, tragic and fun all at the same time. You chuckle, you laugh, you wonder - what the heck is on TV and in many cases you're so interested you find yourself wondering - what is the channel of the clip he's currently lampooning? The addition of the 'live' skits to enhance or further explain the show clips are funny. At one point in the series I started to wonder: What if Joe got the part from Ryan Seacrest on "American Idol" - boy would THAT show be even more entertaining! He's that engaging.

    The clips chosen form all the television fare are just to "die" for. And that's the highlight of the show: how much TV has to offer - no matter where it comes from..and WHY?!?!??! Definitely a great show for lampooning our favorite past time of watching TV and what is on when we may be looking at something else more worthwhile.
  • 4 words... deliciously sarcastic and funny

    This is just a great show. It attacks funny situations in Hollywood like Brittney's hair shaving incident, and a bunch of other things. This show is just so funny. I always laugh at the jokes. Joel Machale does a great job at making everything a lot funnier than it actually should be. Take for example, a midget falling while walking a horse. Not all that funny, but Joel Machale can make ANYTHING FUNNY! He must be a new species of human with a special gene that makes you have the cappacity to have a comeback to anything. I fell like I'm rambling. Whatever. I would HAVE TO if there wasn't a 100 word minimum ~cough~ ~cough~.
  • The soup makes fun of tv shows from the recent weeks.

    This show is really great and I think 25% of celebrity gossip intake comes from this show and it's funny when they make fun of the weird reality shows and this show is probably a rival against vh1's "best week ever" which is also a good show.This show also makes fun of American Idol,but I have no problem with that.:-)
  • It never lets you down.

    This is an amazing show that every single time makes me laugh so hard. It's my personal favorite because there are always fresh jokes and it never gets old. Although i have been fan of The Soup for less than a year i love it and i think that all the video clips are so funny. Every time i watch the program i have a good time i believe Joel is amusing and funny and so are the writers. My favorite character of the show is the indestructible cheerleader and my favorite parts are Danzitions and Reality Show Clip Time.
  • The Soup is a funny clip show that pokes fun at almost everything that was popular during the week. Joel McHale's style and jokes keep the show funny 100% of the time! It's on every Friday at 10:00 p.m. on E!

    I absolutely love this show! If you love to laugh, then I recommend this show to you! Everything about it is funny. From the host, clips, and reoccurring characters, all the way to the funny chihuaha on the show. This show gets a perfect 10 in my book! So you should definitely watch this show. If you like the show Best Week Ever, then you'll probably like this show as well. It's one of the best! If you don't have time to watch the full show you should at least try to find some clips from it on the internet, because it's extremely funny and at the same time it's cool.
  • If you don't like it you have no soul.....

    Can't get enough funny smart and points out the obvious. Joel is too funny and i say this show is awsome on so many levels. They make jokes that go too far and you don't notice it . While watching this you will laugh almost all the time. This show is good for girls cuz of the celebs, its good for the guys for the a dude and i watch this show This show is awsome and once again too funny. Way funnier than dane cook...oh did i just say that out loud? So the soup it is more funny then dane cook...good enough foe opinion don't care if you like it.
  • Whitney Houston says....

    The Soup, the lastest incarnation of "Talk Soup", originally hosted by Greg Kinnear, Jim Henson, and Hal Sparks, takes the show to a new dimension.

    Well, not really. They make fun of chat shows, TV shows, telenovellas, news, reality shows, and even shows from Japan. Effectively, the writers of this show Tivo EVERYTHING and then watch it for any sort of clips they can use on the show. It's great. And the show has grown, like that rash you should have looked at.

    Joel McHale has managed to land spots on the Tony Danza show (quite the Danzition), one news show where he showed up as Darth Vader, and as of last week he was a celebrity taster on Iron Chef America. (A few seasons ago, he was actually a secret ingredient!) 'The Soup' has had people come on and do guest spots, such as Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica (I've never seen Joel so excited) and E! personality Ryan Seacrest (chicks, man).

    But I'm afraid that Joel is getting to be too popular, and we'll lose him as host of the show soon. But that's OK. Greg Kinnear made it big, I'm sure Joel will do so as well. And if they need someone to read cue cards, act snarky, and hold a miniature chihuahua until it "sings", well, I'm your man.
  • This show pokes fun at what is going on in celebrity news or whatever was on tv. Joel Mchale does the show every friday night at 10:30pm on E.

    This show is hilarious if you want to see someone make fun of the news you should watch this. if something big happens there is always a way it is made fun of, for example when Tom cruise and Katie Holmes got married it showed all the people outside of the castle and they changed the things people were sayin to make it funny, or the allways make fun of the way laguna beach ends and shows them getting hit by a meteor or bus. So what im saying is this show is hilarious and everyone should watch it, and if you want to get a kick out of the news just turn on E.
  • The Soup has Joel McHale poke fun at pop culture and at what\'s going on with the world for the week.

    I adore The Soup! I\'ve watched it for around a year or so now and I watch it every single Friday night at 10/9 Central on E!.
    I think that The Soup is just overall a brilliant show,and I find it hilarious every single week!
    There are so many winning elements of this show. First of all,the host:Joel McHale. Every week,Joel tries to keep a straight face while delivering jokes that target celebrities,reality tv shows,events,and popular culture in general.
    Second of all,the running gags,and there are many of them. From the PT Cruiser Lady to a Whitney Houston line to Hamwinkies,there are many overall running gags on The Soup.
    And third (and last) of all,the segments from Chat Stew to What The Kids Are Watching to What The Old People Are Watching to The Hollywood Access Extra Inside Entertainment Report to the one-time only segments (and I can\'t and I won\'t name any of them,but there are many).
    To conclude this review,I think that The Soup is a super-funny show,and I recommend this show to anybody and everybody!
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